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quarta-feira, 19 de abril de 2017

A vossa própria Cortadora, DIY Laser CNC! E 16 modos de bem imprimir em 3D, uma Impressora 3D por 75 Dólares, outra, económica E rápida, e mais outra, enorme, mais um Órgão-Caixa de Música!

Em vez de gastarem uma Fortuna, apostando, às cegas, numa Cortadora Laser CNC Chinesa, que parece barata, até terem de pagar as Tarifas Extorcionistas da Alfândega, façam mas é esta pequena maravilha, que fica por menos, e é algo que vos vai ser bem mais ùtil...

Make Your Own High Quality CO2 Lasercutter! With Touch Control!MichielD99 
Hello everybody
About a year ago, I wanted to buy a CO2 lasercutter to make my workspace complete. One problem was that lasercutters aren't cheap, especially not for hobbyists who want a large cutting area. Of course, for that price you also get awesome software and customer support when you buy a lasercutter, but I only turned 17 when I started this project and I just didn't have that money. That is why I built my own machine. I had already made a machine like this, so I thought: "Why not do it again?". Of course this one wouldn't be made out of MDF sheets.
I made this machine together with my friend Thibo as it was our integrated project for school (we are in our last year of industrial sciences). He focussed on the research about lasers and cutting with a laser, because it's amazing that you can cut objects just by using light. I focussed on building this machine. In this instruction, there will only be talked about the lasercutter itself. This is a full step by step instruction on how to build your own lasercutter! I've included every file you need for building it in this instructable.

Imprimir em 3D, não sai sempre uma maravilha...
Mas isto ajuda!
16 maneiras da vossa impressão saír bem, e económica, e resistente, cortesia da all3dp, a aior parte grátis, todas uma boa maneira de não perderem a paciência, com as vossas pobres Impressoras, que não têem culpa...

16 Best 3D Slicer Software Tools for 3D Printers (Most are Free)
Anatol Locker 
Do you want to get the best results from your 3D printer? Here are the best 3D slicer software tools – most of them are free.
At the end of this guide, we answer some essential questions about 3D slicer software:
  • What does a 3D slicer software do?
  • Why is a 3D slicer software so important?
  • What separates a good 3D slicer software from the bad?
  • What are the best 3D slicer settings? 

Uma Impressora 3D de qualidade, por 75 Dólares, é o que propôe Tarkun Gelstronic, neste seu projecto, e uma Impressora de qualidade:

Man Creates a 3D Printer for Under $75 - And you can too!Monica Aderholt  
It was just last week that we saw the cheapest assembled 3D printer become available to consumers around the world. That was when New Matter’s MOD-t 3D printer launched their Crowdfunding Campaign. Priced at $149 for the first 500 backers, $199 for the next 500, and $249 for the rest, it proved that 3D printers could be cheap enough for most consumers to at least consider purchasing.
One man, by the name of Tarkun Gelstronic has taken this a step further. He put himself out on a mission to create a 3D printer for less than $100. What he came up with was really quite amazing.  Gelstronic didn’t just want to create any 3D printer that he could; he wanted to create a quality 3D printer that could print in multiple materials and include a heat bed.

Uma Impressora 3D enonomica E rápida, ora aí está algo de muito bom... Até a 1 Metro por segundo!
Não será para qualquer um para construír, mas por isso mesmo, é completamente expansível e flexível, vejam se é para vocês.

Cheap 3D Printer Pops Out Parts With Blazingly Fast Speed
James Mulroy 
The ORD BOT is a simple 3D printer platform kit that uses an extruder to "print" 3D objects, just like the Cube or the MakerBot. However, unlike the MakerBot, the ORD BOT can only print using one color at a time (for now, anyway). But what it lacks in color it gains in speed: Its print speeds exceed 400mm per second and can reach up to a whopping 1 meter per second. This is considerably faster than the MakerBot's output speed of 33mm per second. The ORD BOT comes with two different print areas with the largest, called the Hadron, being about 200 square milimeters.
Now the ORD BOT isn't for just anyone--it's made with serious makers and DIYers in mind. This platform kit is just that--a platform: You have to provide your own electronics and build the whole thing from scratch (this does make it highly customizable and flexible), but according to a spokesperson at the ORD BOT booth you can order one with the electronics included for about another $200. 

40, por 40, por 40 Cm de Volume de Impresssão, é muito bom!
Vejam o Instructable desta, com vídeos e tudo:

D Printer - Working Area 40x40x40cm
Thomas Workshop 
Hello everyone, in this project I want to show you how to make a 3D Printer.
I always wanted to have a diy 3d printer. The easiest way to make it is print frame parts and coonnect it with aluminium profiles or somethink like that. But I didn't have acces to any 3d printer. So, I used my cnc machine to make all nessesery parts and when 3d printer was almost assembled I printed plastic parts whitch were hard or imposible to make on cnc machine. And now i have a 3d printer with working area around 40x40x40 cm :)
I made a video and step by step instruction how to make it.

E terminamos esta viagem pelo Mundo 3D, com este encantador Órgão, que é uma Caixa-de-Música, ou será, Caixa-de-Música, que é um Órgão?
De qualquer maneira, é uma Engenhoca porreira de montar e admirar:

Four Whistles Version 2gzumwalt 
Four Whistles Version 2 is my first attempt at a "calliope" (well, sort of calliope) design utilizing the primitive knowledge I gained from the original Four Whistles Instructable ( Not being a musician and being "slightly more than hard" at hearing, while it may not sound like it this model is attempting to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb" using a balloon to power the whistles and a hand crank to power a cylindrical sequencer.
In order to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb", I incorporated four whistles in the design of this model, each controlled by one of four air valves. Each of the air valves are controlled by a rotating cylinder containing small 2.5mm "bumps" that activate the valves in the correct sequence (the "cylinder sequencer"). In order to minimize air loss and maximize play time, I designed the valves with a 3 degree preload (to increase the compression of the valve gaskets on the valve body valve plates), designed the valve "axles" using a virtually airtight membrane with torsion bars, and as a last defense against air leaks, used clear silicon caulk to seal the valve body assembly (see below). The caulk is not necessary, but will assist in producing a marked improvement in the models performance.

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