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quarta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2016

Uma dobradeira sem soldadura! E como guardar Componentes, os 4 números para a Impressão 3D, uma Forja de carvão, e um Contador Geiger!!!

Uma dobradeira, para dobrar Chapa Metálica em Ãnguloscertos, e sem maus resultados, nem dedos golpeados, é uma necessidade, mais cedo, ou mais tarde, para qualquer Engenhocas...
E assim como aqui vêem, é sem sequer recorrer a Soldadura!
É bom.

Simple Sheet Metal Brake: No Welding

I love working with metal, but I've always struggled to get perfect 90° bends. Generally, I'll stick the piece to be bent in the vise and smack it around until it's bent. Since it almost always bends crooked, I end up rebending - and generally just making a mess of it.
For my next project I was going to need to bend some cardboard, which inspired me to first tackle a bending brake. Since I knew I would end up bending things much harder than cardboard in the future, I designed the brake to handle thin aluminum and steel.
Inspiration for the design came from several other DIY brakes, such as this one by Improbable Construct and one by the Youtuber JDCD Design. Since I don't have easy access to a welder (and also try to avoid welding as I'm not terribly great at it), I modified the design to make it weld-free. 

Ter uma data de Peçinhas ou Componentes electrónicos, ou ambos, e gastar uma eternidade a procutrá-los dunas latas, é uma trapalhada, que só se evita...
E aqui está um Móvel mesmo feito para isso:

Electronics Components Storage

Alex in NZ 
Electronics is great fun, but you do end up with lots of different types of components which need to be stored individually.
I kept mine in a series of small plastic divided cases (Tactix brand), but the cases themselves were getting a bit out of control.
I liked J-Po's cabinet design but my cases had slightly curved edges which meant that they would not be held securely by the method J-Po had used.
Jesper75 had built a cabinet for the same style of cases, but I didn't want to have to cut, paint and fit the number of shelves which I would have required.
The requirements for my solution were to have as little space between the cases as possible and to use timber which I already had.
I decided to use aluminium extrusion to make holders for the cases, and since it would have been annoying to fit these once the carcass was assembled, I also decided to finish the surface before assembly. Unusual, and probably not an experiment which I will repeat, but a method which worked "well enough." 

Cortesia da Sculpteo, há 4 números que devem sempre ter em conta, para produzirem uma boa Impressão 3D, e aqui seguem, para terem sempre um bom resultado final, sem desilusões nem desperdícios:

Never fail a 3D Print again: the 4 key numbers of 3D printing 
Missing faces, bad quality, printing rejection and production delay? When you design and send your 3D file for 3D printing, some issues can happen frequently. But don’t worry! If you keep the following 4 numbers in mind while designing, these issues can be easily corrected before you 3D print or order on a 3D printing service.
Which are those key numbers for 3D printing?
1-   The number of polygons
2-   The size of your 3D file
3-   The dimensions of your product
4-   The number of volumes and parts in your file 

E que tal, uma forja, com Carvão de Churrascada?
Ora aí está algo de acessível, e empolgante para qualquer Geek Engenhocas que se preze, e ainda por cima, algo que pode-vos fazer ganhar uns cobres, nas horas vagas...
Por isso, cá vai Instructable!

Charcoal Grill Forge: Become a blacksmith on the cheap

To me, backsmiths are freakin' badasses. The roar of the fire, and the ping on the hammer striking glowing metal; it's almost mystical. They are legendary figures that have been around since the Romans, manipulating the elements to create long-lasting, useful and desirable stuff. Since the industrial revolution and modern technology, this has become a lost art.
However, this is one hell of a survival skill. I'll show you how to make a forge on the cheap to get started. I encourage you to try it out.

Para ainda serem mais radicais na nobre Arte da Engenhoquice, (e sabe-se lá se não vai ser preciso, um dia), não há como terem o vosso próprio Contador Geiger.

Mais que não seja, para terem a certeza que a Tralha sem nome que vão apanhando, NÃO é radiactiva...


E até vem com uma explicação simples de como os Contadores Geiger funcionam, por isso, é também um Projecto Didáctico.

Simplest Geiger Counter

Have you have ever wanted to test the radioactivity of your smoke alarm, or have you ever wanted to be extra prepared for that nuclear apocalypse that is always being spoken about? If you have, then this instructable is for you. In this instructable, I will show you how to build a very simple and cheap Geiger counter that can be built with salvaged parts and still get the job done. The video below will compliment this instructable with a verbal explanation of all the steps. Lets get started! 

sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2016

Botões virtuais! Mais de 100 Projectos com o Arduino(!), Uma Gravadora Laser 5 Estrelas, Software portátil, e soldar sem Fumos

Podem agora aumentar as funções da Realidade Virtual...
Com Botões!
E cá está como o fazerem, e ainda com Links para obterem o Software para a mesma Realidade Virtual:

How to Augmented Reality Tutorial: Virtual Buttonsmatthewh8 
This tutorial is geared towards beginners so you won't need any prior experience with AR, Unity, or Vuforia. The video above goes through everything step by step. Overall, the video shows you how to implement virtual buttons with the augmented reality Vuforia SDK in Unity. This tutorial shows you how to create a zombie scene on top of a fiducial marker and then play a walking animation when your hand goes over the virtual button. Upon trying to figure out how to use these virtual buttons I quickly found that there is not much information online. I hope this video helps some people!
All you need to follow along is a computer with a webcam.
As far as software you will need Unity the Vuforia SDK: for watching!

Cortesia da Autodesk Circuits, vocês nunca mais se vão fartar do Arduino, não, com estes mais de 100 Projectos, desde Óculos de LEDs, até como fazerem o próprio Arduino, numa placa Breadboard!
E também vem com um link bacano, desta vez, para o Electronic Lab...

100+ Arduino Projects
Autodesk Circuits 
Whether you are just beginning or have extensive experience with Arduino, there is something here for everyone.
In the Electronics Lab, you can prototype and design before you build a circuit in real life. The lab also allows you to program and simulate any Arduino code in the editor.
If you've made something cool using Arduino, share it. We'd love to see it! All you have to do is post a link to your circuits design or Instructable on social media (Twitter, FB, Instagram) and mention us @adskcircuits. 

Isto é que é qualidade!
Já antes mencionei, e analizei, com Dicas, a Neje, que é uma máquina capaz de vos iniciar nas maravilhas da CNC, mas isto...
É outra coisa!
Maior, mais robusto, modular, vale bem o preço mais elevado:

How do you usually represent your ideas, through drawing, taking photos or engraving it on your favorite objects? This Mini XY Laser Engraver, a perfect combination of Makeblock metal beams, stepper motors, a MegaPi and an engraving laser head, allows you to engrave everything you want. Compared with XY Plotter (with Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack), Mini XY Laser Engraver is much more portable but of the same capabilities. 

Uma grande dica, mais uma, dos nossos amigos da apometron downloads, uma carrada de Software Portátil, que se pode pôr numa Pendisk, e andar por todo o lado com Programas que são capazes de seintalar emqualquer PC!
E isto, num Download Grátis...
Muito bom!

winPenPack: Portable Software Collection 
winPenPack is a project that aims at collecting the most frequently used and most popular open source applications made portable, so that they can be executed without installation from any USB Flash Drive or Hard Disk. The winPenPack suites offer a wide range of portable applications like office tools, internet tools, multimedia tools, development tools, security applications and other frequently used utilities. Everything you need, completely free, open source and portable!

Eu adoro electrónica, mas odeio soldar!
Eu, e a minha Rinite Alérgica, e saber que "fumar" Chumbo, dá cabo da Saúde a qualquer um...
Por isso, um ganda "Bravo!" para este Projecto, que não só vos tira o fumo debaixo do nariz, com, com Carvão Activado, não espalha esse fumo pelas vossas salas!

Solder Fume Extractor With Activated Carbon Filter
For years I've endured soldering without any ventilation. This is not healthy, but I got used to it and didn't care enough to change this. Well, until I got the chance to work in a lab of my university a few weeks ago...
Once you've experienced the huge benefit of a solder fume extractor you never, ever want to solder without one again.
I didn't wanted to invest much money or time, though. This design is simple yet pretty, can be build within an hour and is student-budget friendly. But most importantly: The air is not just pushed around, but cleaned through an activated-carbon filter. It has a "suction range" of about 20cm and can handle even gross amounts of fumes from additional flux. 

quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2016

Pinball! E uma Bancada para a Serra de Esquadria, uma Forja a Propano, uma Plotter com Sucata, e fundir Latão!

Isto é um daqueles Projectos que qualquer um pode dizer, "Porque é que não pensei nisto?" Uma ideia que arranca um sorriso ao maior dos Melancólicos, uma Máquina de Flippers, ou Pinball, para se montar em casa!

PinBox 3000
Cardboard Teck Instantute 
Customizable cardboard tabletop pinball game system and Gamechanger playboard expansions. Tilt the Future!
The excitement of pinball arrives to your tabletop, with a do-it-yourself maker spirit where users can design and craft their own game, or play one of our own designed games in our Gamechanger series. Made in the USA with recyclable materials. 

Uma Serra de Esquadria, não se arruma como uma de Tico-tico, mais espaço é necessário, mas para ambas, aqui vai uma bela ideia para terem um trabalho sem entraves, e organizado!

Miter Saw WorkbenchTiger Island Handyman  
Here you will find my new miter saw workbench. This is Shanty-2-Chic's design and it is great. I modified a few measurements to fit my saw and changed the compartments a little on the top. You can find the full instructions on Shanty-2-Chic's website.

Ora aqui está uma bela Forja a Propano, que será tanto um gosto a fazer, como a usar, é que uma Forja, dá sempre jeito a qualquer Engenhocas que se preze!

How to Make a Propane Forge
In this Instructable I show you how to make a high efficiency propane forge. I have made a few forges so I have a good idea how they go together but I will give reference and credit to Ron Reil and his designs, that is where I learned how to build them over 12 years ago.
This forge can be used for knife making, blacksmithing, glass making or anything else you can think of that requires heating up stuff to a really hot temperature.
I have access to a welder so I was able to weld some parts together for this forge but if you don't have access or know how to weld, an option is you can braze the parts together or be creative and bolt things together. 

Para construírem uma Plotter a partir de Sucata, o que é uma maravilha, sigam as Instrucções aqui abaixo, e vem com Vídeo e tudo:

How to Make Mini CNC 2D Plotter Using Scrap DVD Drive, L293d Motor Shield & Arduino
this a mini CNC 2D plotter made from old DVD drive and L293D motor shield very cheap but intresting 

Fundir Alumínio, é canja, mas quase 1 Kg de Latão... 
É outra coisa!
Pois este nosso amigo conseguiu, e aqui segue como se faz: 

Brass Casting - Got Nice Ingot
In this short article, if I can call notes about my humble experience an article :) I'd like to show how I casted 614 gram (1 lb. 5 oz.) round brass ingot. For many people who start melting and casting metals, it can be hard to melt brass, bronze, copper after for example, lead and aluminum. The main problem is high brass melting point.
That’s why I had to upgrade my blowpipe before melting and casting brass. It was a real challenge to exceed 900 °С (1652 °F). 

segunda-feira, 5 de setembro de 2016

Vídeos! Micro-gravadora Laser Neje, Dicas E Anàlise, como adicionar Legendas no Youtube, e como queimá-las nosvídeos!

Custou a chegar, mas já cá canta! 
Eis uma pequena máquina, para grandes sonhos, isto é, para angariar fundos para máquinas maiores, com exemplos, e não só conversa...

Neje Micro Engraver; Unpacking, Installing, Verdict. Micro-gravadora Laser Neje, Dicas e Anàlise

Here's how to unpack, set-up, and start engraving with a Neje 500 mW Micro Laser Engraver. also, some examples of engravings I've made, and my Verdict on the machine.

See the Video, it has English Subtitles.

Aqui vão a minha Anàlise, e Dicas, sobre a Micro-gravadora Laser, da Neje, vejam o Vídeo, e exemplos de gravação, embaixo: 

Continuando nos Vídeos, eis como eu inseri as Legendas no Vídeo este Programa Grátis, o AegisSub, muito fácil de aprender, e conseguem ter um aspecto profissional...
E vem em versão Windows, OSX, e Unix!
Depois de estarem satisfeitos com a Legendagem, gravam como .srt, e importam para o vosso vídeo, no Youtube, e já está!

Aegisub is a free, cross-platform open source tool for creating and modifying subtitles. Aegisub makes it quick and easy to time subtitles to audio, and features many powerful tools for styling them, including a built-in real-time video preview.

..Mas se quizerem que as Legendas lá fiquem, permanentemente, gravadas no próprio Vídeo, eis como o fazerem, com este Programa, Grátis, e que até já o podem ter no Computador, instalado, pois é, o VLC faz muito mais do que só exibir vídeos...

How to hardcode subtitles with VLC media playerMagic Monk
a.k.a. Subtitles not showing up after hardcoding in VLC fix.