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terça-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2014

Sapatos para circuitos! E o Desmancha-Palletes, e um Aspirador para a Oficina.

Sapatos para circuitos!
Mais própriamente, sapatas, para as bases dos vossos Circuitos Electrónicos, da LittleBits;
Adesivas, Magnéticas e Hook&loop, vão ver como é:

Lenha de borla! Ou, com jeitinho, Madeira para sabe-se lá que Móveis ou ouros fins?
Eis como fabricar o vosso Abre-Palletes, e pouparem as vossas mãos, e ferramentas:

Simple Prybar for pallets
This is a simple prybar made to break pallets, while saving more of the wood.
This project will require one length of 1" square tubing, 1/8" wall, approximately 6' in length.

Welding machine.
Hacksaw or other tool to cut tubing.
Wire brush or other tool to prep surfaces for welding.

Eis um Aspirador Cyclone, para vos limpar a lixarada na Oficina ou Garagem, e o que é melhor, fazem-no vocês mesmos, e em Madeira que arranjam lá por casa!

Wooden, Cyclone Seperator Shop Vac
broken board

tired of changing your shop vac bag right when you are in the middle of needing great suction.

A cyclone separator is what you need.

made from scrap timber and a few shop fitting.

I've put up with only cleaning the most essential parts of my shop as I did not want to fill my shop vac bag, Now I find I'm looking for things to suck up. I'm enjoying a dust free shop for the first time in years, my lungs are thanking me and so is my hip pocket.

quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014

Emachineshop, Omerod, e as Workshops da FabLab EDP

A Emachineshop pode-vos permitir um mundo de opções, na fabricação de peças, e ainda, vos permite, não só encomendar, como ter um programa CAD de borla!
E um programa onde podem especificar os Materiais, e as Espessuras, a partir de Listas bastante completas, que já vos dão uma ideia concreta do preço dos material e do trabalho a ser feito...
Agora, observem, como podem mandar fazer uma peça que precisem, apenas a partir duma foto:

Create custom metal and plastic parts through our ONLINE machine shop!
Why waste time with conventional machine shops and waiting for quotations? Reduce your total time up to 90%. Inventors, businesses, contractors and universities have created thousands of custom parts in a wide variety of materials. Get started today by downloading our free CAD software.

Eis aqui como correm as coisas, depois da montagem duma Omerod, uma Impressora 3D de montar a partir dum Kit, e até que ela imprima alguma coiusa,  relatado por um Engenhocas, como nós, Andrew Back, no Blogue da DesignSpark:

RepRap Ormerod Commissioning and First Print
Andrew Back

Commissioning, adjustments, axis compensation and a first print.
Upon completing the construction of the Ormerod I started to go through the process of commissioning the printer. However, I ran into a couple of issues and then ran out of time due to other projects.
Having recently picked up where I left off, it quickly became apparent that there have been numerous updates to firmware and documentation — which made everything go a lot smoother this time round.
Replacement Duet board The Duet controller board that shipped with some of the earliest kits had an assembly error that meant that they needed to be plugged in to both the power supply and USB, and as such could not operate without a PC connected and with simply a network connection. Thankfully, RepRapPro offer a board swap service for those early kits and I decided to take advantage of this.

Mas onde é que eu já vi isto?
No FabLabEDP!
Peguem em 800 euros, e vão lá, que vos dão o Kit, e vos ensinam, numa Workshop, como montar a Impressora, que vão levar para casa!
Topem-me só as caras destes Engenhocas felizes!!!

"Fablab" is a short term for “Fabrication Laboratory”, or, like some people prefer to call it,, “Fabulous Laboratory”.
The concept was developed in the Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) of the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT), through a course named How to do (almost) anything, lectured by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld.
A FabLab consists of a set of digital fabrication tools for rapid prototyping, such as milling machines, laser cutter, vynil cutter machines, electronics workbench, computers and programming tools, supported by open source software. This is a concept created for the community, based on "Learn by doing" education, providing the ideal environment for invention. The projects are conceived in 2D (in the computers) and get real in 3D (by the machines). What kind of things you can do in the Fablab? Almost anything, it is your imagination that rules! Currently the labs include computer controlled machines with spatial resolution down to microns, and electronics that have time resolution in microseconds...

quinta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2014

Abrahão na Televisão, Littlebits tem Bredboard, uma multi-ferramenta que cozinha, e uma Mota a Diesel, para Engenhocas!

José Romeiro Abrahão, Advogado, Escritor, Inventor, meu amigo, e Colega da Irmandade dos Engenhocas, foi entrevistado sobre o seu livro, e podem assim assistir à explicação do Método Sotai de Auto-Defesa, Método que, ou não apareceria neste Blogue, é bastante inovador, em vários aspectos, como por exemplo, informa-vos do enquadramento legal dos actos de auto-defesa, e dos direitos dos Cidadãos de se defenderem, e em que condições...

Quem Somos

Ensinando ao público em geral a ter uma atitude preventiva frente a violência, ajudando as pessoas a terem uma melhor qualidade de vida e capacitar tanto o cidadão comum, quanto o profissional na área de segurança a reagir da forma correta, após identificar e avaliar uma situação de risco.

Engenhocas de  toda a espécie, a LittilBits volta à carga, com esta incrível Placa, estilo Breadboard, mas que desafia a Gravidade, sim, podem montar Circuitos em qualquer ângulo! 
Ninguém tinha pensado nisso!

mounting boards
Mounting boards come 2 to a pack and allow you to keep your circuit intact and move it around with ease! Simply snap together your littleBits circuit and press the feet of your modules into the holes of the mounting board.

*Hold your circuit upside down, vertically, and carry it from place to place without it coming apart.
*Four holes in the corners allow you to permanently mount your circuit to any surface, project, or permanent installation.
*Mounting boards can be used individually or tiled to accommodate circuits as large as you can make.

Hang it, thread it, wear it... the list goes on and on! Check out our expert Tips and Tricks for more.

Esta Multi-Ferramenta, é que dá mesmo para o Campismo...
Até cozinha!
E é desmontável, e tudo, por isso, eis algo para ter à mão, no próximo Verão:

I.C.E. multitool stove screws, opens, rules, saws ... and cooks
C.C. Weiss

The I.C.E. Stove puts a unique spin on the multitool. Not only can the wood stove cook dinner and boil water in the wild, it can saw the firewood and crack a beer. The stove then breaks down into four panels that pack flat and weigh less than a pound (0.5 kg) in your backpack.
We know that multitools come in many forms – from shovels, to hatchets, to snowboards and beyond – but the idea of a camping stove multitool would have never occurred to us if we hadn't stumbled upon the I.C.E. on the floor of this year's Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. The simple, smart contraption consists of four stainless steel panels that quickly assemble into a compact wood stove.

E eis uma Mota para Engenhocas, tem tudo para isso...
Tem um motor a Diesel que pode servir de gerador, categoria, um Farol que se pode desencaixar, e servir de Lanterna, e sobretudo, acarta com uma quantidade incrível de Tralha!

Hero's 2WD diesel-electric RNT radically rethinks the motorcycle as an all-purpose utility vehicle
Mike Hanlon

Hero Motocorp’s presentation of the RNT hybrid turbo-diesel-electric motorcycle prototype at Auto Expo in New Delhi last week might well begin a whole new phase in the development of the motorcycle as an all-purpose utility vehicle. Most significantly, the RNT offers a range of life solutions well beyond mobility – it's designed to pull a plow or a harvester, carry heavy loads safely and adapt to play a practical role, particularly in rural areas and the developing world.

segunda-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2014

Máquinas fascinantes, 3D Italiano, um Porta-Chaves engenhoso, e gráficos para os vossos Micro-controladores

Eis uma série de Máquinas de berlindes fascinantes, tanto pela sua simplicidade, como pelo seu movimento hipnótico... E que vocês podem construír! 

Marble Machine 4.0 

A Vectorealism vem-nos agora oferecer, para além do Corte Laser CNC, a Impressão 3D.
Atenção, para a Impressão 3D é preciso outra conta no Vectorealism.

Make things. Now in 3D!

Hi-quality 3D printing and rock solid laser cutting in the same cart
Discover the new Vectorealism store with big news: high-def 3D printing service and 48h delivery laser cutting. New account required!

Eis algo para as vossas chaves...
E para a vossa Bicicleta, Saca-Rolhas, e até USB!
Também serve para desmontar a parte melhor, da Sucata que vão encontrando, na Rua...
E temos de concordar com o Autor, as chaves, assim, não chocalham, o que enerva à brava!

Multi key + Bike Tools + USB Drive + Bottle opener + Screwdriver (~$15 ~1hr)

I have seen a lot of multi keys. From the expensive commercial Keyport and beautiful keygrip to the wonderful Leatherman mods on Instructables. After making this ible I found the KeySmart and two Instructables(Folding Key Chain and Friendly Folding Keychain) which are very similar.
The pictured set includes:
  • Bike lock key
  • Locker lock key
  • Work door key
  • House door keys
  • USB drive (16GB)
  • Bottle opener
  • Phillips screwdriver (No. 2)
  • Two Allen wrenches(5mm and 4mm)
  • Low Noise– Jingling keys drive me crazy
  • Ease of access, position of keys is constant
  • High Torque for my stubborn U-lock
  • Has some frequently used tools

E Da Designspark vem esta dica, podem fazer as vossas Engenhocas muito mais apelativas e flexíveis, com este fabuloso Sistema Gráfico, atenção também, Lojistas e toda a Sala de Exposição que haja...
Até Restaurantes!
Isto permite uma série incrível de possibilidades de Interactividade com o Público!

Eye Catching Made Easy

By Francis Lamotte
Chrom-ART Accelerator™ Opens New Graphics Possibilities for GUI in Microcontroller Applications
Thanks to the ease of implementing touch sensing and the improved price points for displays and 32-bit microcontrollers (MCU), graphical user interfaces (GUI) have become increasingly present in MCU applications.
In spite of this evolution, some technical challenges have persisted. Typically GUI implementations on microcontrollers (unlike higher end processors targeting mobile appliances) have been limited depending on how much of their processing power, peripherals and memory resources could be dedicated to managing the display and graphics in an application.
Complexity of coding, and relatively limited memory and processing power for graphics management all conspired to make implementation costly and responsiveness of the GUI relatively limited.

quinta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2014

Imprimir 3D em Fibra de Carbono! E de 2D para 3D, 3 níveis de Polimento, Ferro nos Cereais, e modificar as vossas Nerfs

Podem agora fabricar em vossas casas, peças em Fibra de Carbono!
E o que é melhor, pode-se ter a peça com um núcleo e camada exterior em nylon, o que abre um sem-fim de possibĩlidades, tanto estéticas, como mecânicas, visto que o Nilon é passível de ficar muito mais liso, e é auto-lubrificante...

US$5,000 for the world’s first 3D carbon fiber printer
Loz Blain

Auto and motorcycle enthusiasts with a bit of CAD savvy will soon have access to a remarkably affordable dream machine – the US$5,000 MarkForged Mark One. Touted as the world’s first 3D printer capable of printing in carbon fiber, the device could trigger an avalanche of aftermarket carbon fiber bolt-on parts.

Carbon fiber (CF) has long been a material of choice for automotive and aerospace applications due to its light weight and extreme strength – to the point where its trademark weave pattern has become synonymous with high performance vehicles. Carbon fiber bolt-on parts, or even plastic ones designed to look like CF, are hot items in the aftermarket auto parts industry, and the ability to 3D print such items will presumably open up all sorts of new applications in this and other areas.

Pode  não ser novidade para alguns, mas é para outros, a Dassault oferece-vos esta forma porreira de desenhar e modificar ficheiros em Dxf, adicionar medidas, etc.
E ainda, facilita-vos a passagem de Ficheiros 2D para objectos 3D:

2D to 3D CAD Design

Ease the transition from 2D drawings to 3D models

Se mandarem fazer os vossos objectos em 3D à i.materialise, saibam que agora o Aço Inox tem 3 níveis de Acabamento:

Material Monday: New Finishes for High Detailed Stainless Steel
Small, detailed and strong. There really is no better way to describe high detailed stainless steel. We introduced this material over a year ago and believed it might be just about time for some new finishes.

Nos Flocos de Cereais, haverá mesmo Ferro?
Com Ímanes de Neodímio, podem mesmo saber se há....


Magnets Reveal Hidden Cereal Ingredient!

Many cereals are fortified with added iron, one of many necessary vitamins and minerals.  These items are added to the mix when the cereal is are made, so it is a bit like taking your vitamin with the cereal.
Since iron is attracted to magnets, finding it can be a fun and instructive science experiment.  This is especially fun for kids, because we’re experimenting with new ideas using everyday stuff that they are already familiar with.

...E da nossa amiga Britliv, eis uma modificação para as vossas Pistolas Nerf, das eléctricas, isto é, movidas por motor eléctrico:

Ultimate Nerf Stryfe Mod


segunda-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2014

Rádio Raspi, imitar Materiais numa Impessora 3D, e o fabuloso Carro open Source!

Eis ainda mais um uso para o Raspberry Pi, um Rádio!
Usando o RuneRadio, um fascinante app que vos permite ter Rádio de alta fidelidade, com um Raspi, isto vai dar que falar!

Raspberry Pi as Hi-Fi player with RuneAudio 
This Instructable will show you how to turn your Raspberry Pi in a Hi-Fi music player with surprising sound quality when used in combination with an USB DAC.
We are going to introduce here RuneAudio, a free and open source software that we developed to replace the personal computer as digital source with a dedicated, cheap, silent and low-consumption board, running a custom-build Linux distribution. It's a new-born project but it already offers many features, it is under active development and it counts on a fresh but growing community.

Designers, Modelistas, Arquitectos, e Inventores, eis como podem fazer Modelos e Protótipos impressionantes, usando apenas uma Impressora 3D das baratas...

Model Making - From ABS to Ceramic and Wood
3D printed ABS objects can be transformed using some basic materials to look like various realistic surfaces. This cup and base were first printed in blue ABS and were transformed to look like a wood base and a ceramic cup.
(Access to) 3D printer
Sandpaper (dry or wet)
Plastic primer (white/light color)
Spray paint (Nutmeg satin/matte, white gloss)

Estão fartos de carros sem alma?
Eis como podem fazer um Automóvel para as vossas preferências e à vossa medida!
Monta-se numa hora, com o comprimento que quizerem:

Open-source DIY Tabby car can be constructed in 60 minutes
Bridget Borgobello

Italian open source enthusiasts Francisco Liu and Ampelio Macchi have teamed up to design the Tabby DIY car. In recent years we've seen a popular surge in open source furniture models, tricycles and even housing designs, but a build-it-yourself two to four passenger vehicle with a chassis that can be assembled in less than 60 minutes is pretty exciting stuff.
The OSVehicle project was launched late last year and aims to open the door to a new platform where an economic and road legal vehicle can be built by smaller organizations, or even by individuals who are happy to get their hands dirty. The OSVehicle open source platform has set itself up to create an "IKEA"-type of car, giving folks the basic design and mathematics to construct and complete their very own passenger vehicle.

domingo, 2 de fevereiro de 2014

Uma boa notícia, de Coimbra!

É para algo como ISTO, que se formam Estudantes no Ensino Superior...

Eis uma muito meritória iniciativa da velha, mas sempre activa Universidade de Coimbra, e se precisavam de boas notícias, cá vai uma, um Robot Detector de Minas, para salvar vidas, é um motivo de orgulho, sem dúvida alguma!

University of Coimbra developing minesweeping robot
Nick Lavars

A team from the Institute of Systems and Robotics at Portugal's University of Coimbra is developing a minesweeping robot to assist in the monumental task of clearing the millions of active land mines around the globe. Currently putting it through a series of field testings, the team is working to optimize the robot to automate the manual, and exceedingly dangerous humanitarian, de-mining effort.