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sábado, 31 de maio de 2014

Mais uma Impressora 3D barata! E um Gerador de Biomassa para qualquer um

Qualquer dia, compram-se nos Supermenrcados, e nas lojas do Chinês...
Uma Impressora 3D por 249 Dólares, na Inddiegogo, e por isso já ultrapassou a quantia-alvo!

New Matter MOD-t: a 3D printer for everyone
New Matter makes 3D printing way easy. Low price. Wireless connectivity. And an online store full of cool designs that you can buy, customize, print, and share.

What if you could send a physical object to a friend like a text message? What if you could subscribe to a series of objects like you do with a podcast? What if adjusting a 3D model was as easy as Instagramming a photo?
Yeah, we thought that would be cool too. That’s why we created New Matter.

E aqui está um Gerador de Biomassa que pode fornecer Electricidade para localidades de todo o Mundo, cabe em cima duma Palete, e funciona a Biomassa com um mínimo de Manutenção.
Mais pequeno, e fazia-se um Carro a Biomassa!

Could this little-known biomass generator start an energy revolution?
Eric Mack

It could be the most important portable power plant you've never heard of. It's called the "Power Pallet" and it is essentially a combined biomass refinery and generator that fits on a single pallet and can kick out up to 20 kilowatts of electricity.

I came across the shiny yet unassuming contraption that looks like ... well, like a miniature refinery attached to a miniature power plant, while roaming the back lot at the Bay Area Maker Faire where many of the bizarre or vaguely steampunk Burning Man industrial art creations were also on display.

quinta-feira, 29 de maio de 2014

Foguetes nas Makerbots? E Tutoriais do FreeCad, e façam o vosso Robot de Tele-presença

Ora, se estes bacanos podem fazer Plásticos que propulsinam Foguetes, talvez um dia as Impressoras 3D caseiras poderão ter Bobines desse Material, e poder-se-há fabricar um Foguete, com propulsão e tudo!!!

SpaceShipTwo to be fueled by thermoset plastic similar to nylon
David Szondy

As the still-to-be-announced date of the first commercial flight of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo approaches, more and more of the technology involved is getting nailed down. A case in point is the company's announcement that it has decided which fuel will be used in the first passenger-carrying flights of the suborbital spacecraft. The solid fuel grains that will fuel the world’s largest operational hybrid rocket will be a thermoset plastic similar to nylon.


O Programa FreeCad, que vos permite fazer DISTO...

...Pode-vos também fazer previsões de Movimento, para simular Mecanismos, o que é bastante bom, para um Programa Grátis...
Está tudo sobre como o fazer, neste Turorial:

Tutorials for freeCAD

In this section, we have tutorials, using which you can learn faster and can model and simulate your own mechanisms with ease.
The best place to start freeCAD is Quick Start Tutorial video with sound: Four Bar Mechanism.

 ...E uma Fézada para as Fablabs, Dica da fantástica AppNeta,  eis como fazerem os vossos próprios Robots de Tele-Presença!

Introducing PETBOT: A node.js Telepresence Robot

Ari Rizzitano

Recently we added a new member to our engineering team. This is PETBOT, aka Providence Engineering Telepresence roBOT.
It’s a telepresence robot I built for our office, consisting of an iPad mounted on a lightweight chassis powered by an RC car. To operate it, you open up a video chat session with the iPad, then control the robot from your browser using the web interface.
PETBOT can see, move, talk, and, like any startup employee, play foosball. Or at least try to.

segunda-feira, 26 de maio de 2014

Littlebits à farta! E Casas de brincar em Cartolina, uma Antena Fractal, e um Veículo eléctrico feito em casa

Para criarem sem obstáculos, a LittleBits oferece-vos estes dois conjuntos de Peças, com que podem meter-se na Electrónica e Robótica, etc. sem mais problemas...
E se já têem uma data de peças, podem só comprar uma mala para as levar!

New ways to grow your littleBits library!
Two new ways to easily outfit your makerspace, classroom or workspace with the mother lode of modules.
Also new this week is our tackle box! This tackle box easily holds your growing littleBits library. Perfect for stowing away in the workshop and at home, or on the go! Available individually and also comes with the Workshop Set.

Uma coisa são as casas em Lego...
Outra, dica da Interesting Engineering, são as Casas de Brincar, onde a criançada brinca aos Cowboys, aos Piratas, e mais o que for.
Pois estas Casas de Brincar, em Cartolina, montam-se como os Legos, e assim, a Brincadeira nunca acaba!
É bom!

Engineers of the future could start off with the Buildies system - See more at:
Engineers of the future could start off with the Buildies system
May 21st, 2014 by
- See more at:

Engineers of the future could start off with the Buildies system
Engineers of the future could start off with the Buildies system - See more at:
Engineers of the future could start off with the Buildies system - See more at:
Allison Blackburn

Many children love to construct things and Lego is often one of the favourites of choice for toys. Children also like to make pretend forts, boats and houses, often using cardboard boxes, blankets and anything else they can lay their hands on. Now there is an alternative for all the budding engineers and architects out there in the form of the Buildies system. The system was designed by a dad for youngsters, or even adults, to build their own forts and houses. - See more at:
 Many children love to construct things and Lego is often one of the favourites of choice for toys. Children also like to make pretend forts, boats and houses, often using cardboard boxes, blankets and anything else they can lay their hands on. Now there is an alternative for all the budding engineers and architects out there in the form of the Buildies system. The system was designed by a dad for youngsters, or even adults, to build their own forts and houses.

Os Fractais são uma interessante forma de Matemática, mas sabem que também servem para formar...
E o que é melhor, Antenas mais pequenas!


Fractal Antennae

Fractals are more than just intricate shapes and appealing pictures. They encompass our lives, appearing in places as tiny as blood vessels and as widespread as the patterns of tree branches. Yet, what is a fractal? Mathematically, a fractal is described as a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.
As far as telecommunications, fractal-shaped antennas have greatly reduced the size and the weight of the antennas for a given frequency of use. Practical shrinkage of 2-4 times is realizable for acceptable performance, and has eliminated the need for the bulky antennas of the past.


E para o Verão que se aproxima, eis umm Veículo para as vossas voltinhas no Bairro, ou à Aldeia, ou onde vão passar Férias, ou mais prosaicamente, quando andam, como Engenhocas convictos, à cata de Sucata!
E estaciona em qualquer canto!

Light Electric Vehicle: One-Passenger @ 15mph, 210# Curb Weight

I designed and built this fun and successful light electric vehicle several years ago. I'm just now posting it on "Instructables" and will add more steps, detailing the construction, in the next few weeks.

Use the link to my webspace, for the details, for the time being:

I decided to build an electric vehicle from off-the-shelf components, using existing technology. The goal was to define auto transportation, down to the basic motor vehicle errand: One passenger plus a sizeable payload, to and from destinations of up to 5-10 miles away, rapidly, all at an affordable price.

quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2014

Nitrogénio Liquido em casa! E Moldagem em Resina, Um Super-Condensador em Grafene, e Lançar Bolas de golfe!

Hoje, têem muito com que se entreter...
A começar por esta maravilha Geek e Engenhocas, produzir Azoto Líquido, sim , o Liquid Nitrogen das Experiências malucas e shows de fumo! Qual será o Engenhocas que não quererá ter uma gigajoga destas em casa?
Isto  merece um grande MUÁHÁHÁHÁ!

Homemade liquid nitrogen generator

Did you ever think you could make liquid nitrogen in your own garage? This is an industrial process so how can an individual do this? Still doubt me? Intrigued? Read on.
As a lover of science I tried to think of a challenging project that was out of the ordinary. After going through the internet web and Youtube I realized that no one had made liquid nitrogen in his home. Yes, I did see some videos where some would use a Stirling Cooler from a cryorefrigerator and use this to condense nitrogen on the exterior of the cold-head. While one is making liquified gas, this is done using a prefabricated machine. I wanted to make the machine that liquefies the gas. Furthermore, a cryocooler has a very low production rate. You will only get about 500 - 1000ml per day. On the following pages I will walk you through the basics of how to build your own liquid nitrogen generator. Using easily obtained materials you can liquefy nitrogen or air. The unit cools to -320F in under 50 minutes. The production rate is about 350 cc/hr.


Moldar várias peças , a partir dum só Molde, feito numa Impressora 3D, ou cortado numa máquina Laser CNC, ou até a partir duma peça original esculpida à mão, é assim, na minha opinião, que se fabrica em casa, depressa e bem!
Ora este Instructable vai-vos dar um sem-fim de dicas, a começar pelo melhor, uma Resina para Moldagem barata!
É bom!
Ideal para Modelistas, Engenhocas, e Artistas que queiram vender Bustos, Brinquedos, etc...

Resin casting gears for power wheels
This is my very first instructable and I hope you will enjoy it.
Please any mistakes caused by my bad english. :-)
Some of you will ask me the question, why not just buy a ready to go gear from the shop or ebay for the usual $19,95. You don't need to ask me that, as I have produced these gears as POC for myself to know if it works this way and if I am able to it. Maybe some tim will come and I will need the procedure to make some gears quick and will not be able to buy any replacement parts. Also remember, these parts are much stronger than that you can get in your store.

Eis um Super-Condesnador feito em Grafene, para os Engenhocas da Electrónica, para sei lá que mais Projectos.
E é feito em casa, o que quer dizer que o podem fazer de raíz para os vossos fins particulares:

Make a Graphene Supercapacitor

This Instructable (loosely) follows the method of graphene production described by C&EN, who cite a paper published by Parvez, Wu, et. al. In the paper (Exfoliation of Graphite into Graphene in Aqueous Solutions of Inorganic Salts), it is explained that putting a graphite electrode and a platinum electrode into a solution of inorganic salts (ammonium sulfate works best, they say) with a 10V supply (graphite = anode, platinum = cathode) causes the graphite to be torn apart by electrochemical activity to become graphene! Graphene has attracted much hype and study recently. One of its near-term applications may be in high density supercapacitors.

E para atirar bolas pró cão buscar, para tiro-ao-alvo de jardim, para Foguetes, ou apenas para a brincadeira, eis como lançar bolas a partir duma Bomba de Ar, e algumas mais gigajogas feitas em casa, muito bom para a descontracção:

40mm Burst Cannon

This little cannon is powered by bursting a rubber diaphragm with a bicycle pump. I cut the diaphragms from an old bicycle inner tube. You can double them up or burst one at a time. It uses 40mm foam practice golf balls for ammo. You can also use it with just the pump but it doesn't fire with near as much force.
This is not my original idea. A few years ago I saw this rocket launching toy on TV. If you make this you could use the same replacement diaphragms.


segunda-feira, 19 de maio de 2014

Moldagem por Ultra-som! E um Inventor Brasileiro vende, mais uma bancada para o torno com rodas, e Objectos 3D à farta

Isto vai dar que Fabbar, porque muito Fab-Lab vai querer pôr as mãos nesta Máquina, um Moldador de Plástico, não por Injecção, mas por Ultra-Sons!
Resulta num método de fabrico muito mais eficiente, e capaz de mais detalhe que a Injecção de Plástico, e já imagino que um dia vá ser vendida uma versão caseira, ou algum Hacker vai imaginar algo parecido, Open-Source...

Ultrasonic medical molding machine reduces energy consumption 
Stu Robarts

Injection molding is the widely preferred method for shaping plastic medical components, but now a new type of machine promises to slash energy and materials costs. Ultrasion's Sonorous 1G uses ultrasound to produce highly targeted and efficient heating to melt its plastic base material.
The Sonorous 1G was on show this week at the Medtec UK, a trade exhibition for medical technologies and devices. Despite its uses in the medical sector, it has uses in a host of different industries.
Research into technology used by the Sonorous 1G began about six years ago, with European Commission funding and help from the Barcelona-based ASCAMM technology centre. ASCAMM spun off Ultrasion as a company to take the technology commercial.

É sempre bom ver um Inventor que vende, e este Colega Brasileiro vende mesmo, na Net, o seu Produto, um Abre Latas e Garrafas multi-funcional::


Ksplash o Abridor Multifuncional 8  em 1.

Ksplash o abridor multifuncional.
Desde de o inicio da humanidade, o homem vem observando o mundo que o cerca e, constantemente pensando em como facilitar sua vida, face as dificuldades o aflige.
É desta  busca por  soluções lógicas e praticas que evolui a humanidade.
Observem as grandes ideias que sacudiram o mundo, fazendo com que a vida na face da terra ficasse mais leve, agradável, simples, sem sofrimento.
E as grandes ideias não se traduzem necessariamente em produtos grandes, mas sim em grandes produtos, tais como garrafas Pet, embalagens Tetra Pak, latas de alumínio para bebidas, etc.
E, mais uma vez, a observação do dia a dia gerou uma ideia genial que se transformou em um grande produto, o Ksplash.
Neste exato momento, no mundo todo, milhões de pessoas estão abrindo uma lata de refrigerante suco ou de cerveja ou uma garrafa Longneck e tentando rasgar saches de catchup mostarda e maionese
Mulheres lascam ou estragam os esmaltes das unhas, homens ficam com marcas nos dedos e nas mãos abrindo Longnecks, utilizando ou as mãos ou outros processos mecânicos e as vezes não higiênicos. Saches muitas vezes tem que serem  abertos com os dentes, por não terem picotes eficientes .
É ai que entra o Ksplash, com toda a sua eficiência e simplicidade para facilitar de vez a utilização destes recipientes.

Esta Bancada permite-vos mover um Torno peloa Oficina, mas sem deixar de ser completamente sólida, como convém para um Torno... 
Bela ideia, fácil de executar, e ainda por cima, pode ser fácilmente desmontada!

Anti-Wobble Wheeled [Lathe] Table

When neither a 4-leg nor a 3-leg table will do, a simple suspension allows us to combine some of the best attributes of both: the wobble-free performance of the three-leg table and the high tipping energy of the standard four-leg.
We couple this suspension with a table built for stiffness, a table-top mini-pallet to make it easy to disassemble the thing into parts which can be carried, and a set of cheap, strong, drawers which will stay put while you wheel the whole thing around.
Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way the design has worked out. There's a few compromises (see Design) which you might want to reconsider, depending upon your facilities and needs.
The tables take about 10-15 hours to construct, including one drawer, using a circular saw, a table saw, a radial arm saw, a drill, a pneumatic staple gun, screws, glue, and staples. This time could be reduced substantially with a nice table to do the construction on, and a panel saw or big table saw.

A Traceparts oferece-vos uma Miscelânea de Objectos 3D, como sejam Móveis, Informática e muitos outros Objectos da Rua, nesta página:

Various content

sexta-feira, 16 de maio de 2014

Super-Tele-Raspi, Móveis modulares, um Tubo Laser, e uma tenda prós Gatos!

Podem adicionar algo mais do que a Comunicação Wifi ao Raspberry Pi, e ao Arduino, numa série de usos possíveis, e atenção, não é qualquer coisa, podem comunicar os dados, através do Planeta, com estas Gigajogas que comunicam bem mais longe que o Wifi, ou a tecnologia Bluetooth:

Bringing Cellular Networking Connectivity to Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Designspark Magazine 

California-based company that has come up with the concept of a tiny cellular development board that provides the opportunity to developers to add worldwide wireless coverage. Initially launched back in August via the Kickstarter crowd-funding programme, the CELLv1.0 enables worldwide wireless Internet access for projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms. Although Bluetooth and WIFI offer high-speed data transfer, relatively speaking, there are clear limitations in terms of distance, operating over a few meters or a few tens of metres; whereas cellular enables significantly greater range and is ideal for ‘small data’ projects that need to operate over distances such as a few streets or a town or even a country away.

L'air du Bois, notável site de Carpintaria Francês, é um site a subscrever, e já se vê porquê, neste maravilhoso Móvel Modular, que é a resposta aos sonhos de muito Engenhocas atormentado pela falta de espaço, e tralha por todo o lado!

Meuble à langer modulable

Meuble à langer modulable... enfin, c'est une commodulable. Bon, le désign est assez en vogue, j'ai rien inventé.
Par contre, je suis content du mélange de bois. De l'aulne pour les montants et les façades de tiroir, du merisier pour les plateaux du dessus. Du noyer pour les tiroirs et les étagères du milieu des colonnes. Un montant de chaque colonne est un assemblage aulne/noyer/aulne...
Au final c'est pas si mal toutes ces essences différentes...
La finition c'est vernis pour toutes les faces "extérieures", et huile dure pour les parties non visibles ou disons non soumises aux projections diverses.

Fiquei intrigado com um email que recebi, por isso, cá vai, para que os Peritos na Matéria analizem, e digam de sua justiça, nos comentários, se isto é uma boa compra para o vosso Cortador Laser CNC, e se estão interessados:

FL-690 Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine with servo motor and metal tube

E uma ideia simples e engraçada prós Tarecos, uma Tenda, a partir duma T-shirt, dois Cabides de Arame, e pouco mais:

DIY cat tent 
I kept seeing photos of cat tents on Pinterest and being shared on Facebook, but none of them had good instructions! I decided to make a cat tent for Luna and document it so you guys could make one too. :D
This cat tent is super easy to make - you really just need a t-shirt, some wire hangers and a piece of cardboard. As a bonus, it really only takes five minutes, so if your cat ignores it you didn't put too much effort in. ;)

segunda-feira, 12 de maio de 2014

Um Projecto meu, revisitado, mais um Kit de Robótica, Rob Ives e Genebra, e uma Forja a Carvão

Eis senão quando, as vendas insesperadas deste meu Priojecto, pela Ponoko, me obrigaram a revisitá-lo, juntando-lhe umas Instrucções decentes...

Claro que se há uma mania comum a todos os Inventores, é a de que basta uma Imagem para se compreender todo o Conceito... Não!
Por isso, cá vão mais duas, que não só mostram para o que é que isto serve, como mostram como montar as peças:
3D Styro cutter Buy files now › USD $ 10.00 
A Styro Cutter with a twist...
360º of it! :D
It cuts 12 facets from 12 parallel views around a 3d Object, then it's up to you to sand out the faceted edges.
Got the idea from here:

Sim, podem pegar na jigajoga, e reproduzir uma data de Objectos sem grande esforço, em Esferovite, ou Isopor, ou Styrofoam, bastando apenas juntar-lhe uma cortadora de Fio Quente, e 12 vistas em perfil dum Objecto, que transformam em Bitolas, como se explica tão bem aqui neste Instructable, onde me inspirei para a minha Versão topo-de-mesa...

A Mindsets volta a oferecer um Kit valioso, um Robot Programável, com tudo já lá dentro,e desvia-se de obstáculos:

The I.Q. Robot uses the IQ4 programmable controller which requires no computer to setup.
It is all on-board. 
The controller controls two gearboxes which can move the vehicle forwards, backwards, turn left, turn right, turn on the spot.
There is also a touch sensor on the front so that the vehicle can respond and move away from obstacles. The structure is all lasercut acrylic with carbon fibre effect wheels and rubber tyres.



Mais um fascinante Mecanismo, desta vez a Roda de Genebra, para vocês montarem em papel, obra do nosso amigo Rob Ives:

Geneva / Crank Mechanism

An interesting mechanism for you to download and make. The main handle links to a four-step geneva drive. The movement from this is an intermittent quarter turn rotation which is connected directly to a crank.
The result is this curious motion which can be used as the starting point for your own character based paper animations or made simply as a mechanical curiosity.  

 ...E para finalizar, uma pequena Forja a Carvão, que podem fazer por quase nada, e em pouco tempo, perfeita para projectos ocasionais, que não justificam grandes gastos:

Make a Small Blacksmith's Forge