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quarta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2013

Prata e Cera em 3D, um Arduino para a Fotografia, um Raspberry para jogos, e um Quadracóptero GPS pró Povo

Dois Materiais mais para mandar a imprimir em 3D, pela Sculpteo, Prata, e Cera!
Tanto um como o outro, bons para a Ourivesaria, a Cera serve para Moldes sacrificáveis, em que se insere em Gesso, por exemplo, seca o gesso, derrete e sai a cera, e fica um Molde.
Mas imagino que serão usados para muito mais...

We’re launching two new materials: Silver and Wax!

After a full summer of extensive in-house testing, we are happy to announce that you now can order your design in Silver and Wax! During the summer we learned everything there is to know about those two new materials, and we have to say the results are amazing!

We’ve integrated the new materials directly to our online quotation tools. If you want to order a print with these new materials, the process stays exactly the same. You just need to upload your 3D file and pick the material you want. You’ll be able to choose the size and finish, and the pricing will be automatically updated.



Para a Fotografia Time-Lapse, Fotografia Temporizada, eis um Projecto simples de construír, e fácil de depois usar, usando o Arduino:

Arduino Time-Lapse Controller

This project originally started out with a few simple parts thrown together to create a very simple time-lapse controller for a DSLR camera. After I was happy with the initial prototype, I wanted to make a final version which the programming of the "lapse time" was self contained into one single entity instead of relying on a computer to re-program and change the delay between shooting sessions.

After adding in a display, a couple of buttons, and a more complex program, the self contained Arduino powered Time-Lapse Controller was born!

I have tried to make the instructions as clear and user-friendly as possible, but if any questions arise, feel free to ask!


Este projecto, bem divertido, faz do vosso Raspberry Pi uma Máquina de Jogos, estilo Consola, em que se vêem os componentes, altamente bem-pensado, e assim vêem como se podem fazer coisas impressionantes, hoje em dia...
E reparem, foi feito usando uma simples Serra Tico-Tico, como a minha, e dobrando o Acrílico por calor! Categoria...

NaCade - The Naked Raspberry Pi Arcade Machine


Who doesn't like gaming? Having grown up playing arcade machines, as a kid you could only dream of owning one. Now with advances in technology, gaming is available to everybody. Sure, there is plenty consoles and handheld units even smartphones to choose from but what I wanted was the nostalgic feel of a standup arcade without the need for a large room to put it in. Oh yes and portability is pretty handy too.


E eis um Quadracóptero com GPS, que não custa uma fortuna, da 3D Robotics, e podem programar uma Rota com 127 pontos, ou até desenhar um trajecto num Smartphone, e lá vai ele, voando daqui para ali:

3D Robotics announces GPS-guided quadcopter for the masses

Jonathan Fincher
Autonomous UAVs may be all the rage these days among professionals, but unfortunately a lot of the GPS-guided quadrotors on the market are a bit too complicated for the average consumer to control. 3D Robotics is aiming to inject a little more simplicity into the equation with its recently unveiled Iris. Billed as a ready-to-fly, fully-autonomous, user-friendly UAV, the Iris supports simple GPS controls through any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
The drone itself is fairly average in size, with a length of 55 cm (21.7 in) diagonally and a height of 10 cm (3.9 in). According to the developers, the main body is designed to be aerodynamic, durable, and lightweight, while still providing enough lift to carry a payload. The arms and feet are made from Zytel Nylon and are built to withstand impacts, but they can be cheaply replaced if needed. The motors and electronics are powered by an 11.1V 3.5Ah LiPo battery, which brings the quadcopter's total weight to 1282 grams (45.2 oz) when connected. On a full charge, the battery provides enough energy for around 9-14 minutes of flight time.


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