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segunda-feira, 29 de abril de 2013

Dragsters para a Filharada, BeagleBone, Leds&Chips, e um modelo da Torre Eifel em grande.

Uma ideia um pouco maluca, mas há Filhos, e Pais, que andariam nesta Bizarma, sem Acidente nenhum, e há outros, que se matam num Skate, a direito, sem Inclinação, e sem Trânsito...

Jet-powered junior dragster for sale on eBay

David Szondy

If you’re the parent of a junior drag racer who thinks that an ordinary quarter mile blast of nitro-fueled acceleration is a bit “samey,” there’s an item on eBay that may interest you. TransTurbine is selling a Jet Powered Junior Dragster, which, as the name implies, is a junior drag-racing car that’s powered by a Boeing turbojet engine.

A Placa BeagleBone volta à carga, na luta pela melhor placa de Computador minimalista, que carrega o Sistema Operativo Linux em 10 segundos, vem com uma  Placa Gráfica 3D, uma data de placas adicionais, para de tudo um pouco, e isto tudo, por 45 Dólares!
Vejam só:

BeagleBone Black flies faster than the speed of Pi for just $45

Paul Ridden

Developers, makers, and hobbyists looking for a beefier alternative to Gizmag favorite the Raspberry Pi will be delighted to learn that has taken the wraps off a 1 GHz ARM-based board named the BeagleBone Black. Though it may look like a slightly more expensive outlay, its manufacturer says that by providing everything needed for display, keyboard and network connectivity right out of the box, the Black provides "a lower total cost of ownership than the nearest competitor."

Leds&Chips, vem-vos oferecer uma data de coisas boas para o Raspberry Pi, como esta Raspi compatível com o Arduino:

We've just added awesome new products for your Raspberry Pi!

E eis um dos muitos Planos à venda pelo Site do nosso amigo Jon Cantin, CNCKing, feito à grande e à Francesa, para uma Exposição, abrindo as portas do Papercraft, e da criação de atracções para os vossos Stands, em Exposições:

Testimonial: Chris’ FULL SIZED Eiffel Tower (UK)

Jon Cantin

Chris from Radecal Machine Sales & Service, uses his massive format Aristomat GL 2032-8 to cut a full sized Eiffel Tower in 6 hours using an oscillating blade. 


"We used fomex plastic sheets as we wanted to print our logos on the sheets first using our Roland LEJ640 UV Printer. We are extremely pleased with the results… It took approx 6 hours to cut on the Aristo, we did have a few issues with vacuum holding down the material when cutting the really small detailed stuff but we managed to local the vacuum to that area after we realised the problem. The assembly didn’t take long at all, maybe 1 hour. Everyone loves it, and Im sure it will get a lot of attention at the show."

In my opinion, this looks awesome… I never even considered having projects cut with anything but a CNC laser, table router or 3D printed but this opens-up a whole new area for sales here on… CNC machines are amazing, one design, endless possibilities across a whole range of them! With a laser you are looking at a whole day using, with an oscillating blade that time is cut in half! Impressive!

sexta-feira, 26 de abril de 2013

Computação paralela, ligações desalinhadas, e Laser CNC da China

Da Designspark, vêem-nos notícias frescas da já anteriormente mencinada Paralella, uma placa para Computação Paralela a preço acessível:

A Parallella Update
Andrew Back

As the first Parallella beta boards arrive this post takes a look at recent project developments.
There has been a great deal of progress since I last wrote about Parallella back in January, and what follows is a selection of milestones and highlights from over the past three months.

Zynq SoC upgrade

Initial board layout and expansion details were provided in a blog post on February 10th, which also included the exciting news that thanks to a generous offer from Xilinx, Kickstarter boards will use a Zynq-7020 instead of a Zynq-7010. An upgrade which in terms of programmable logic provides:
  • 28,000 → 85,000 logic cells
  • 240KB → 560KB block RAM
  • 80 → 220 DSP slices
This means that there will be yet more scope for implementing interfaces and “glue logic” for daughter cards, and even custom and special purpose additional coprocessors.
It is planned that the Zynq 7020 upgrade will be available as an option for post-Kickstarter orders.

Da Inventables, como novidade, vem-nos esta Ligação que permite transmitir um movimento de rotação entre dois eixos desalinhados:

     Flexible Coupler

Connect shafts together with lateral misalignment

Clamp lock style flexible motor coupler. Made from aluminium to reduce inertia. The clamp lock provides an extremely tight grip without marring the shaft. The coupler also includes grub screws for shaft flats.

E já pensaram comprar uma Maquina de corte CNC, mas mais barata?
Eis, da Hackaday, um exame a uma, Made in China, a 2500 dólares, com envio!
Para a além da análise, leiam também os comentários...

Buying a Laser Cutter From China
Jesse Congdon

We here at Hackaday have been pining over these cheap laser cutters on the e-bay. They are, however, just outside of the price range to make them worth ponying up for.  [Stephen Hobley] however seems to have taken one for the team in his three part series, and is allowing us to live vicariously through is experiences.
Not surprisingly the price point leads to the potential for headaches. The units ship directly from China, and see their fair share of rough handling from package carriers. Broken/misaligned laser tubes are not uncommon (replacement tubes are prevalent). Shockingly the laser tube managed to survive the seven thousand mile journey! That only leaves a couple crucial modifications and careful cleaning and aligning to get the unit up and running. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?
To top off all the modifications adjustments and cleaning steps [Stephen] found (in part three) that his controller board was on the fritz. With a new one on the way from China, [Stephen] is debating either reverse engineering the included controller board or coming up with his own CNC solution. We could suggest quite a few alternate solutions ourselves.
We will be glued to [Stephen]‘s blog for updates.

quinta-feira, 25 de abril de 2013

Uma Impressora 3D de alto detalhe, e notícias da Comsol

Da Itália, vem esta nova Impressora 3D de Secretária, e promete uma muito maior resolução, reparem que ao lado do Objecto impresso, está uma moeda de 1 Cêntimo!

Desktop 3DLPrinter offers high resolution at a high price

Jason Falconer

Digital Light Processing (DLP) is the method of choice for the next generation of personal 3D printers. The DLP process prints objects with a very fine resolution that surpasses that of typical Fused Filament Fabrication (RepRap) printers which extrude molten plastic layer by layer. An Italian company called Robot Factory has created the latest prosumer printer. If judged by appearances alone, the 3DLPrinter would be one of the more attractive 3D printers we've seen – but can it measure up to its competition? 
Like most 3D printers, the 3DLPrinter outputs sliced STL files at a minimum X/Y resolution of 50 microns, and a minimum Z resolution of 1 micron. However, this is somewhat difficult to verify as the example objects have a layer thickness of 50 microns and 100 microns. If it can actually print at 1 micron in the Z axis, it would qualify as one of the most accurate printers available today.

E a COMSOL realiza em Roterdão, em Julho, uma Comferência sobre Multi-simulação em computador, de vários aspectos da Física e Electricidade, dos vossos Modelos, por isso, cá vai a notícia:

COMSOL Conference 2013 Rotterdam

The premier event for Multiphysics Modeling & Simulation. Connect with the makers of COMSOL Multiphysics and participate in over 50 training opportunities and events explicitly designed for the engineering community.

terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

Algodão doce, Projet, Amido a partir de Folhagem, e Lattice

Alguém tinha de pensar nisto, uma Máqina de Algoidão Doce, feita a partir de Sucata caseira!

Easy Candy Floss (Cotton Candy) Machine from Junk

Candy floss (or cotton candy) is great, but expensive to buy and hardly worth investing in a dedicated machine.

This is a quick project using an existing kitchen pot (unharmed) and a handful of junk that you probably have lying around to make your own candy floss from ordinary table sugar.

Essentially all you need for a candyfloss machine is a container of sugar with tiny holes in that you can heat (to melt the sugar) and spin around (to throw out the little threads of sweetness).  We'll put this inside a big pot because you don't necessarily want strands of re-solidified sugar all over your kitchen.

I'm entering this instructable in the Jury-Rig It contest 'cos it's a treat-machine rigged up from junk bits I had lying around.


A Impressora 3D Projet, oferece-vos mais, agora, por isso veja esta página:

ProJet® x60 3D Printers 

Perfect for office, classroom and production environments, the new ProJet x60 Series Professional 3D Printers help you to bring products to market faster, win business and prepare our innovators of tomorrow. Delivering full, high-definition color, high-throughput and affordability, 3D Systems’ ProJet x60 printers cater to the most demanding applications. Enhance communication and collaboration using millions of color combinations Optimize throughput by printing up to 96 baseball sized models in a single build Shorten product development cycles by creating quick, iterative designs for review Cut costs by recycling eco-friendly materials Start integrating ProJet full-color 3D printing into your daily workflow today.

Será uma grande ajuda para a Alimentação em todo o Mundo, estes abençoados Cientistas criaram um método para transformar a Celulose da folhagem, plantas que houver e restos da Agricultura e Indústria da Alimentação...
Em Amido, e como sub-pruduto, Glucose!
Mente Brilhantes, é assim que são. Parabéns!

New process could allow any plant to serve as a food source

Ben Coxworth

Although the causes of world hunger are numerous, it certainly doesn’t help that factors such as arid conditions and limited land space make it difficult to grow food crops in certain places. If people in those areas could eat foods derived from plants that are hardy to the region, but that aren’t considered nutritious, it would go a long way towards addressing the problem. Well, that may soon be a reality, thanks to a newly-developed process that allows cellulose to be converted into starch.

A Lattice oferece-vos muitas vantagens, se forem Fabricantes, usando 3D como ferramenta, vantagens como trabalho em colaboração de vários empregados, Instrucções nos planos 3D, para a oficina, etc.

Lattice Technology 

Lattice Technology supports manufacturing companies with powerful, yet affordable tools that leverage 3D design data across the entire product lifecycle - for the enterprise and beyond. 
Lattice Technology tools can benefit the manufacturing company in numerous ways: enabling collaboration during product design modeling the manufacturing line with human interaction and tools such as work instructions that are linked to the parts in 3D creating interactive service procedures attached to parts list in 3D for service personnel or customers The 3D XVL format, the foundation for Lattice Technology 3D models, is the industry's most compressed 3D format with no loss of data accuracy. This lightweight footprint allows complex 3D data and assembly information (modeling of human interaction and tooling) to be viewed on iOS devices and low-end PCs locally or streamed across the network. 

segunda-feira, 22 de abril de 2013

Solidworks 3D em Video, uma forja duma lata de Sopa, e rebuçado que muda de sabor!

Se querem ver um Vídeo sobre os Fundamentos do Design em Solidworks, vão a este Link, da Traceparts, e carreguem na imagem:

E que tal uma Forja, duma Lata de Sopa? Eis um Instructable que vos mostra como o fazer:

How to Make a Soup Can Forge 

The above video details the process I used to create a simple and inexpensive propane forge from commonly available materials. In the video below this forge is put to use for the first time making a small fixed blade knife.


E algo de inédito, Doces... Que mudam de sabor!
Uma ideia bacana da nossa amiga BritttLiv, que podem experimentar neste Instructable:

Taste Changing Candy 

In this instructable I am going to show you, how to make candy, that will change your sensation of taste. This candy will start tasting sour at first and then gets a more sweet and cherry like flavour. The interesting part about it is, that your senses are tricked into believing, that the candy changes its flavour, even though it actually doesn't. It blocks out the taste bud receptors which are responsible for sour, bitter and acidic flavours.

You might have heard of the protein miraculin (wikipedia). It is a natural sugar substitute which can be found in the miracle berry and causes sour fruit to taste sweet. Its plant is difficult to grow and so the easiest way to get the protein is in the form of tablets. For its effect to take place it has to stay in contact with the tongue for as long as possible. Therefore the tablet has to slowly melt on the tongue and should be rolled around to get the best result. So I figured that there should be a better way to ensure that the protein stays in contact with the tongue for as long as possible without having the annoying corn starch taste in the mouth. The result is this candy.

sexta-feira, 19 de abril de 2013

Alibre é agora Geomagic, limpar os vossos Vectoriais, imprimir 3D em translúcido, e imprimir 3D com Mindstorms!

Alibre design mudou de nome, para Geomagic(?)
Eles lá sabem, e eis mais informação acerca disso:

Alibre é agora o Geomagic Design - CAD 3D Paramétrico
Temos o prazer de anunciar a nova versão 2013 do Alibre Design com imensas novas ferramentas e funcionalidades. Mas em complemento às novas funções da melhor versão de sempre, há uma mudança significativa que irá reparar – O que era Alibre Design agora é Geomagic® Design.

Veja os que há de novo nas funcionalidades da nova versão, Geomagic Design 2013:

Para que os vossos Desenhos Vectoriais em formato SVG, da Inkscape, sejam legíveis e se carreguem para Sites como a Ponoko, sem problema, experimentem este Programa bacano, pela minha experiência pessoal, transformou um Ficheiro SVG de 900 Kbites, cheio de problemas, num de 500 Kbites, que carregou num instante:

Introducing SVG Cleaner 

If you do a lot of drawing in Inkscape, you know that unused elements tend to accumulate and blow up size of SVG documents. This is where recently released SVG Cleaner 0.2 comes to rescue.
Basically the application does two things:
  • removing elements and attributes that don't contribute to the final rendering;
  • making those elements and attributes that are actually used more compact.
While Inkscape's Vacuum Defs command only cleans up unused gradients and suchlike, and Scour-based exporter provides some additional options, SVG Cleaner provides far, far more options and works in batch mode.
Besides, you still need cleaning up files from Adobe Illustrator and Corel DRAW (Inkscape can do it for the former, btw).

Caso queiram fazer algum Projecto com Luz e Som, como as Colunas que vos mostrei ontem, eis um novo Material para imprimirem em 3D, translúcido, à vossa disposição pela SeeMeCNC:

E ainda na Impressão 3D, desta vez, imprimir em 3D, com Pistola de Cola, atenção, de barras coloridas, e que brilha no escuro, e com um exemplar devidamente programado da Lego Mindstorms!!!

DIY Glow 3D Printer
If you  read my interests, you probably know that I love studying the 3D printer we have at school to see how it works. If anyone wants to know more about 3d printing, there is a really cool article here. Anyway,  I spent about a month (as an engineering student I know how important research is) sketching designs and building prototypes. After that I finally found a design that fit my needs. This printer is based on the brain of a mindstorm NXT because it is easy to program and my arduino chip is burnt out and I'm still trying to save up to buy a new one. This printer only prints as accurately as you program it, but I will show you the best method of programming. The design includes x-axis and  y-axis movement as well as z-axis movement used to pump down the printing material.
Time to make: about 4 hours if you have all of the pieces in front of you

quinta-feira, 18 de abril de 2013

O Torno Fonly-ish! E arrumar a cablagem, Colunas coloridas, e Zamzar!

Como ninguém o tinha feito, ainda...
Eis o Torno Fonly, em versão de corte de placas por CNC.
Tirando partido das possibilidades do Desenho Vectorial, e do Corte CNC, é convosco arranjarem uma Placa de 79 por 38 Cm, de 6 mm de espessura, e arranjarem um Fablab ou outro sítio para a cortar...

É que é mesmo um grande Projecto, uma data de peças...

Fonly-ish Lathe basic parts
A CNC plate-cut take on the glorious Fonly Lathe.
Hey, since we can, let's make use of every aspect of the Fabbing Revolution, to improve our Workshop...
Use one cut for 6mm plate, or 2 cuts for 3mm.

Instructables vem ao auxílio daqueles Engenhocas com fios e Cabos por todo o lado, ou seja, todos nós...

Wire Management Accessories from Inventables!
Nobody likes a rats nest of wires cluttering up their beautiful project. To help tame your wires, we now offer everything you need to keep those cables in order and looking as great as you.

Eis um Projecto para quem queira usar a Impressão 3D para fazer umas Colunas à maneira, com efeitos de Luz, e tudo...

3D Printed Speaker Enclosures (With Lights!)
Evan Atherton
This project was a demonstration of the potential of 3D printers to create high-fidelity, finished products. We wanted to create something that could only be created by means of additive manufacturing. The ultimate goal was to create a functional, consumer-ready piece that took advantage of the strengths of 3D printing. This project was also an exploration in the role of digital design tools in the 3D printing world, and how we could combine digital tools in new ways to create unique objects.

Já me tinha esquecido disto, mas voltei a precisar, quando quizerem transformar um documento Pdf, num ficheiro editável, ou milhentas mais conversões, não percam tempo e espaço no Disco a instalar uma data de programas, vão a este Site grátis, o Zamzar!

About Us 
Zamzar is dedicated to helping you transform your songs, videos, images and documents into different formats. Our mission is: "To provide high quality file conversion for as many file formats as possible" 
We are intent on bringing order to your filesystem by offering you a one stop solution for all your file conversion needs. Like others we were fed up with having files in all sorts of formats, and no easy way of converting between them - the quest to find a better way led to the birth of Zamzar. 

quarta-feira, 17 de abril de 2013

Dicas porreiras, Impressão 3D com gravação a Laser, e o cruzamento do raspberry Pi com o Arduino!

Do Site do Practical Machinist, vem-nos esta dica sobre uma maneira de aprenderem uma data de coisas para a Tornearia e Maquinação, tradicionais e CNC, num Site fantástico...
Vejam só o vídeo...

In This Month's Chatter...

Below we have compiled interesting and relevant threads from around the site. We hope you enjoy!

O nosso amigo Jon Cantin teve esta ideia impecável, e imprimiu uma Pirâmide em 3D, para depois, a mandar gravar por Laser, uma ideia que vai ser muito seguida, atenção, Estudantes de Arqutectura...

Laser Engraving a 3D Printed Model

The amazing guys over at used their Trotec Laser to engrave my 3D printed pyramid – I wanted to see what kind of results they could achieve and I have to admit… it’s looking good!
The reason I requested this test was because I’m exploring mixing and matching the best of all CNC machine worlds – a little 3D printing here, laser over there and routing elsewhere… creating a project that uses the best of all technologies to produce wickedly awesome work!

E esta é do caneco, o Udoo um Cruzamento do Raspberry Pi com o Arduino, para uma Máquina fenomenal...

Udoo mini computer combines best of Arduino and Raspberry Pi

James Holloway

What do you get if you cross a Raspberry Pi computer with an Arduino microcontroller? It might be an awful setup for a joke, but it's an enticing question if you're an electronics hobbyist or Internet of Things doer. Happily, thanks to Udoo, this is now a question with an answer. The mini PC combines the best of its predecessors in a compact PC-on-a-board with four times the power of a Raspberry Pi with all the functions of an Arduino Due microcontroller. The tinkerers of the internet have made short work of Udoo's Kickstarter target with 53 days remaining.