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quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2013

Abancador! E uma Câmara para scan 3D, uma Sauna em Madeira, o Gyro-X, um Hexapóde, um Material todo Bóbi, e uma Prótese que promete.

Querem muita coisa? Este Post está cheio de Novidades!

"Abancador", é a melhor denominação que encontro, para esta ideia que transforma tudo num banco!
Ideal para Quintais, e/ou Arrecadações, a abarrotar de Sucata, hum, material que PODE ser útil, um dia, heh, heh...

The Stooler turns almost anything into a chair

Dave Parrack

Upcycling is an often overlooked method of creating something worthwhile and usable from things most people would happily bin. Thankfully a select few designers are taking the practice seriously, and incorporating it into their work. One of the best examples comes from Andreu Carulla, the Spanish designer behind The Stooler, a simple tool which enables almost anything to be turned into a chair.

O Scanner 3D DAVID arranja-vos esta impressionante Câmara Video especialmente concebida para, é claro, o Scan 3D, mas desconfio que nos Laboratórios, Oficinas, e Garagens dos Engenhocas, vai ser usada para muitos outros fins:

DAVID USB CMOS Monochrome Camera with Lens

The brand-new DAVID USB CMOS Monochrome Camera captures 25 frames per second at a resolution of 1280 x 960 px. This camera works with a self-developed firmware including concerted functions for Structured-Light-Scanning. It is perfectly suitable for detailed 3D scans with DAVID-Laserscanner. A high-quality Computar lens (12mm focal length) is included.
Since the monochrome camera does not require any color filters, scan quality will be even better than with a CMOS color camera - however you will be able to capture colored textures with DAVID as well when using a color projector.

Com as imagens de Neve que se vê, eis algo que salta à vista para construír num instante, e tirar as Toxinas do corpo, é uma Cabine em Madeira, e queima Madeira, portanto é uma Sauna de Madeira, em Madeira!

Wood Burning Sauna DIY 

This is my first Instructable but I have used so many for ideas and love the community input!

I live in downstate Michigan and went to college in the UP met a whole crew of Finlanders and was introduced to the Sauna! and its pronounced SOuna not SAWNA but i still slip from time to time if you arnt a yooper it takes time.

I graduated and moved back downstate for work but my life was lacking because i no longer had access to the "poor mans medicine box" so naturally i want to fill that gap. Research began to see my options for having my own sauna. Student Loan debt is a mother sucker and takes up a large portion of my income so $$ was tight so building looked better than buying and of course is much more rewarding.


Algo para inspirar mais Engenhocas, este projecto de 1967, o Gyro-X, um Automóvel de 2 rodas, que se equilibrava por via dum Giroscópio:

Bizarre self-balancing 1967 Gyro-X car to be restored

Ben Coxworth

Back in 1967, California-based Gyro Transport Systems built a prototype vehicle known as the Gyro-X. The automobile had just two wheels, one in front and one in the back and, as the car’s name implies, it utilized a built-in gyroscope to remain upright when not moving. Although its developers hoped to take the Gyro-X into production, the company went bankrupt, and the one-and-only specimen of the car became an orphan. For much of the past 40-plus years, that car has passed from owner to owner, its condition deteriorating along the way. Now, it’s about to be restored to its former (weird) glory.


São os Quadracópteros, e os Hexápodes, duas categorias de Engenhocas que estão na Moda agora, por isso, cá vai disto, mais um Hexápode...
Mas atenção, ESTE, é excepcional!
Destaque para o Método de Fabricação das Patas, sim, senhor, isto vai ser usado para N projectos, uma Fabricação que promete ser Viral:

Hexapod Robot based on FPGA 

  This is a hexapod robot which consists of twelve DC servo motor controlled by a FPGA chip.The framework  is programmable and extendible.we can design different programs to make the robot react in different ways.   
    I was inspired by the Kondo KMR-M6 Robot .(Kondo is an Japanese company makes robot models) I like this kind of modern toys but they are always too expensive to afford . Then just make one by hand  ,I thought.
    The general idea is to carve every part of a single leg with plywood ,which takes a long time, and then try to copy it with PU glues since the robot gets six legs.
    Now let's begin.


Eis um Material da Inventables, para quem queira brilhar, no que diz respeito a acabamentos, e Joalharia, um Acrílico estilo Carapaça de Tartaruga: 

Tortoise Shell Acrylic

Cast sheets good for use in laser cutters

We now offer tortoise shell acrylic sheets. It is great for making jewelry. 

Porque isto é importante, eis uma Prótese que vai ajudar à vida de tanta gente, com Eléctrodos implantados permanentemente, uma bênção, para quem perdeu um membro:

Electrodes for prosthetic arm permanently implanted into patient for first time

It took some time, but the age of the cyborg is upon us. For the first time, neuromuscular electrodes that enable a prosthetic arm and hand to be controlled by thought have been permanently implanted into the nerves and muscles of an amputee. The operation was carried out recently by a surgical team led by Dr Rickard Brånemark at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Goteborg, Sweden.

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