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segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2012

Lagostas Mecãnicas, a Multimáquina, o Kenguru, e Instructables

Aqui vai a Lagosta Mecânica, um Robot simples, que é controlado por um chip simples:

Lobsterbot - a simple LM386 based robot

Quite some time ago I built a Herbie Junkbot mouse. I liked the simplicity of the op-amp chip and the relay to determine motor direction. I was also looking at six-legged robots. The original lego site with the leg layout has since disappeared. Here is the closest site I can find now. The design can also be seen in the six-legged kit addition to the Boe-Bot. Jameco and others carry the kit. There's just something about a multi-legged robot that is so cool! So I decided to combine the Herbie brain with the Boe-Bot six-legged body and throw in feelers.

A Multimáquina, uma adaptação da criação de Lucian I. Yeoman aparece-nos com o Site melhorado:

The new home of the Multimachine concrete machine tool project. 
Lucian I. Yeomans designed concrete machine tools that were used to produce most of the American cannon shells in the First World War. His techniques have been almost forgotten since then.

E o Kenguru, obra original duma Companhia Húngara, entrou agora em producção:

Kenguru, the first drive-from-wheelchair EV, enters production 

James Holloway

Though its undoubtedly true to say that mobility vehicles designed for wheelchair access exist, like AM General's MV-1 these generally relegate the wheelchair user to backseat passenger. Vehicles that do allow a wheelchair behind the controls are expensive made-to-order conversions of people carriers and mini-buses. The Kenguru is about as far from a people carrier as it's possible to get, being a small nimble electric vehicle, but one designed specifically for quick, easy access by, and driving from, a wheelchair. Its makers claim it is the first drive-from-wheelchair electric car. 

E dois Instructables porreiraços:

Um, é este Instructable sobre esta pequena maravilha que eu não conhecia, o ClampTite:
Os leitores sem tempo para nada, é melhor encomendarem logo a Ferramenta-Maravilha...
Mas sinceramente, qualquer engenhocas de meia-tigeja, com tempo, pode fazer isto, sem problemas;
Uma Porca de Orelhas, um Tubo de Bronze, uma peça com rosca, e 3 Pinos, um à frente, outros 2 de cada lado do Tubo??
Não é difícil!
E serve para muito mais do que só tubos...

Hose Clamp Magic


Hose clamps are ubiquitous in plumbing, and clamping a hose to a fitting tightly is critical in any plumbing system. Traditional hose clamps work great, but they can be bulky, and they don't work well around irregular shapes. Using stainless steel lockwire (also called safety wire) and a tool called a Clamp Tite, a custom clamp can be fabricated quickly and easily.

Using this pocket-sized tool with lockwire, lots of types of connections can be fabricated, not just pipe clamps. This instructable will illustrate a simple example for fabricating an easy pipe clamp for a rain barrel.

E para os Engenhocas dos Robots, mas também para todos os outros, "músculos" a Ar Comprimido, serve para de tudo um pouco, desde Aeromodelismo, a Inovação em Medicina, passando por Máquinas-Ferramenta feitas em casa...
E só a Imagem, desperta o Cientista Louco que há em todos nós, MUÁHÁHÁHÁ!

Air Muscles: Make an Artificial Muscle Robot Controller

Here are two ways to make a controller that can control artificial air muscles. The intro pic shows the more elaborate version that can control up to 11 air muscles using robot neurons. It is shown activating an air muscle robot gripper that is being developed.

Also explained in this instructable, is a more basic version that can control 5 air muscles with a more conventional circuit.

The air muscle controller can be controlled by infrared LEDs using a standard universal remote. In this way, individual muscles or sequences of muscles can be activated.

These air muscles are cast using layers of thin sheets of plastic and wood as molds. A laser cutter would greatly speed up the process and accuracy of creating Oogoo air muscle molds.

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