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sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

Halbach 12 Ímanes

Para quem tem seguido as minhas aventuras com o Arranjo de Ímanes Halbach, eis novidades, podem comprar uma Armação para os 12 Ímanes, de 10mm, porque já está à venda na Sculpteo, são 4 Euros mais envio.
Até tem engravadas as direcções dos 12 Ímanes, por isso, é só arranjar 12 Ímanes de 10mm, descobrir a sua orientação com uma Bússula, e encaixar os gajos:

Frame for the Halbach 12 Magnet Array  
by edgarinventor

A Plastic frame or the Halbach 12 Magnet Array.
It allows you to  have a much stronger Magnet, that just stacking 12 magnets...
Because this Magnet Cluster concentrates most of it's Magnetic Force on the inside of this ring, see the Magnetic Graph.
This array has engraved the Magnet's orientation, so you only have to buy the Magnets, see their orientation, with a Magnetic Compass, and embed the Magnets.

Inventores Portugueses, olé, olé!

Elas são a AJP Motos, com Renome Internacional, eles inventaram um novo Sistema de Distribuição, e não têem vergonha, como tantos Tótós têem vergonha, de dizer que INVENTARAM!

AJP Motos 
We are very pleased to announce that we recently apply for a provisional application for patent (PAT.PEND. PT106505) for a new DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM FOR A 4 STROKE ENGINE which we hope will allow a “small revolution” in the architecture of the cylinder head and considerable efficiency gains in the operation of 4-stroke engines. This invention will enable the control of the movement of the valves and the use of intake and exhaust springs with constant force / displacement lower than the traditional systems and the replacement of the dual camshaft. This technical advance results from the permanent commitment of AJP to develop new solutions which, when incorporated in the bikes that we produce, allow us to offer distinctive and technically advanced products. We will give here more news about this new system that, once the testing phase is completed, we hope to incorporate in the engines of our bikes. é mais um Site cheio de coisas boas...
Ímanes, Material didáctico, e estes dois Catrapázios que servirão para um sem-fim de Diversão e despertar de talentos:

Air Amplifier / Air Multiplier - £76.58
Air Amplifiers utilize the coanda effect, a basic principle of fluidics, to create air motion in their surroundings. Air amplifiers will create output flows up to 25 times their consumption rate

Vortex Tube - £109.99 
Vortex tubes are a type of heat pump. They have one inlet and two outlets. Compressed air is pumped into the inlet, where it is spun at high speed causing it to split into two streams, one stream giving kinetic energy to the other. The result is one outlet has hot air while the other is considerably colder

Improvisar é mesmo assim, notícia da Ponoko, não é que um Spray de LACA melhora e muito a Impressão 3D?


Improving 3D print adhesion with hairspray(!) 

Thingiverse user phineasjw had problems with his 3D prints not fully sticking to his MakerBot’s build platform. Then he noticed a can of hairspray… This is such an offbeat solution to a common hobbyist 3D printing problem that I just had to write about it. Making sure that the first layer of a print sticks to the platform is key to producing a high-quality object. If it doesn’t stick right, the edges can warp, or the entire object can come loose before the print is complete. With that in mind, phineasjw’s solution was to spray a light mist of Aqua Net Extra Super Hold over his build platform’s kapton tape. Since doing so, he and other brave Thingiverse users say that they’ve had excellent results with their prints!

E não me canso de divulgar Programas Grátis que servem como os profissionais, como este, o Zint Barcode Studio:  

Free Open Source Barcode & QR Code Generator

Zint Barcode Studio is a free utility developed by Robin Stuart, it allows to generate over 50 kinds of symbologies including QR Code, Code 128, International Standard Book Number( ISBN ), etc.

Com este Programa, até fiz um Código QR com o Link para a Página do Facebook da AJP, porque é importante que imprimam isto por aí:

quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2012

Avões Open_Source, Repoarar Madeira, e Tricorders

Porque não? Avionetas Open-Source, eis algo de novo... E recorrendo à Fabricação 3D, para ser ainda mais acessível!

Makerplane aims to create the first open source aircraft

By David Szondy

The idea of owning your own plane is the stuff of daydreams. It’s incredibly appealing, but despite some (relative) drops in pricing in recent years, it remains incredibly expensive. If you build your own plane from a kit, it’s a bit cheaper than buying one, but the odds are that you’ll never complete the job because kitplanes are notoriously difficult to build. However, that may be changing. MakerPlane is a project that aims to create an open source aircraft designed by contributors and built with digital manufacturing processes. You can’t download the plans into your 3D printer and fly away that afternoon, but it does hold the promise of making amateur aviation a lot more accessible.

Eis algo mais terra-a-terra, reparar as rachas na Madeira, de forma a que mantenham as tábuas as propriedades originais...

Repairing Split Wood


In an otherwise attractive piece of wood, an unsightly split or crack can run deep like family turmoil.  Most wood fillers are intended to be little more than aesthetic solutions.  Even the hardiest fillers are intended to withstand compressive forces but not sheer stress.  Here I will demonstrate my solution for when I don't want to give-up on a piece of wood.  This block was salvaged from a eucalyptus tree that fell on my grandmother's house (don't worry, I'm fine).  I want to be able to work on it without risk of further splittage.
  I do all my wood repair at TechShop.



Lembram-se do Caminho das Estrelas, Star Trek?

Eis um passo para o Diagnóstico em poucos instantes, de várias Doenças, e condições ambientais de Higiene:  


"Real-life tricorder" to be tested on International Space Station

By Darren Quick

While still impressive, the capabilities of early "tricorders," such as the Scanadu and Dr Jansen's tricorder, fall well short of the Star Trek device that inspired them. But new technology to be tested on the International Space Station (ISS) brings the age of instant diagnosis of medical conditions using a portable device a step closer. The Microflow could also make its way into doctor’s offices here on Earth where it might help cut down on the number of follow up visits required after waiting to get results back from the lab.
The Microflow is a miniaturized version of a flow cytometer, which analyzes cells suspended in a stream of fluid as they pass single-file in front of a laser. As the suspended particle passes through the beam, various detectors positioned where the stream meets the laser can analyze the physical and chemical properties of the molecules or cells in the stream. Because they work in real-time, flow cytometers offer diagnosis in just 10 minutes of everything from infections, to stress, blood cells and cancer markers. They can also identify bacterial pathogens in food or water.

quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

Robots em papel, robots de encher, e àgua limpa.

Um Robot de papel, que nos vem do Japão, será mais um Autómato, mas é impressionante à mesma!

E agora, através da Ponoko, um  Braço Robótico inflável!


Inflatable robotic arm for DARPA

It expands from a ball, weighs half a pound, and lifts five pounds.

Depending on who you ask, DARPA is either the monster under our collective bed or they are the masked guardians of civil society. Sometimes both. Either way, they have a history of funding some pretty cool projects. This robotic arm is no exception. It was made by the company iRobot under contract by DARPA as a next-gen combat robot for use in environments too small or too hazardous for human soldiers.
The video after the jump is definitely worth watching. It weighs less than half a pound, inflates from a small ball, and can lift up to five pounds. It’s difficult to believe, but it works.

E algo de bem útil para tanta gente, dois métodos de produzir àgua potável, um com o Sol, e outro, apenas através da Humidade do ar!

Através da Luz do Sol: 

SODIS method of creating drinking water. Everyone should know this.

Even though I already knew you could purify the water this way, I did not know that even if you have boiled the water before storing, it can still be contaminated. Everyone  should read and know this.

Só com a Umidade do Ar:

Safe Water Supply
Pure Distilled Water for Third World Village Residents
A High-Performance Natural Water Still, but with NO flame or fire!

You have noticed that when you have a glass of iced soda, that often droplets of water form on the OUTSIDE of the glass. There are people who think that water is seeping through the glass, but that is not true! What is actually happening is that the cold liquid INSIDE the glass causes the glass itself to get cold (which you know). THEN, when WARM room air happens to pass near that cool glass, the AIR cools down. IF it cools down enough, and if the humidity in the room is high enough, the air cools to below the Dewpoint. What that means is that the cooler air cannot then contain as much water vapor as it normally had, and so droplets of water MUST form on the cool surface as some of the water condenses. This is also why fog occurs (in that case, the water droplets condense around tiny specks of dust in the air) or why basement walls are often damp or why some windows can have water or even ice form on them in winter.


terça-feira, 28 de agosto de 2012

Brasil na onda, Neutrões à medida, e Arcos a partir de Skis

O Brasil é grande, ele é rico, mas as suas maiores riquezas, e inesgotáveis,  são a Inventiva, e a Iniciativa, Brasileiras!
Na Categoria da Ideias Ovo-de-Colombo, "Simples", mas só depois de alguém as ter, eis como aproveitar a Energia que nunca pára, a das Ondas...

Usina de ondas lançada na Rio +20

Na onda de fontes renováveis, País atenta agora para o oceano, cuja capacidade energética é promissora
A usina de ondas do Porto do Pecém, que transforma os movimentos do oceano em energia, será lançada, oficialmente, durante o evento Rio +20, a ser realizado entre os dias 13 e 22 desse mês. Pioneiro na América Latina, o projeto, inicialmente, irá abastecer o próprio Porto. De autoria do Instituto Alberto Luiz Coimbra de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa de Engenharia (Coppe) - vinculado à UFRJ - e financiado pela Tractebel, contando, ainda, com o apoio do governo do Estado do Ceará, o empreendimento instala, no Brasil, experiências conhecidas em outros países, como Portugal, Holanda, Japão e Reino Unido.

Os Detectores de Explosivos, Analisadores de maquinaria pesada, e tantos outros Aparelhos que dependem da emissão de Neutrões, eram grandes, caros, e Radioactivos, mas agora, já não!
Este é um Transistor!
Composto dos Materiais normais para Transistor, e Deutério, é barato, e inofensivo.

World's smallest neutron generator – it's not just for nukes anymore

By Brian Dodson

Neutron generators provide materials analysis and non-destructive testing tools to many industries, including oilfield operations, heavy mechanical production, art conservancy, detective work, and medicine. Many of these applications have been limited by the rather large size of current industrial and medical neutron sources. Now Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), whose main job is to develop and support the non-nuclear parts (including neutron generators) of nuclear weapons, has invented a new approach toward building tiny neutron generators called neutristors.

Querem aproveitar a Energia das Ondas, também? Podem fazê-lo, em pequena escala, adeus geradores barulhentos na praia:

Small-scale wave-power - free energy from the beach!


Wave power is a much-neglected source of renewable energy.  More consistent and reliable than wind, it is suffering badly from lack of investment.

There are two main focuses for wave-power; off-shore waves, where the rolling action is exploited by floating buoys or the proven Pelamis system, and on-shore systems, where waves are used to push volumes of air through turbines, like the Limpet system, currently running off the Island of Islay.

This project is a proof-of-concept for a micro-scale system, based on the general concepts of the Limpet, that could developed into a useful source of power for remote beach communities, or exploited commercially to charge tourists' gadgets at the beach.

E quem veja um Par de Skis abandonado, fica a saber que tem ali o Material para fazer um Arco recurvo de qualidade!
Atenção, primeiro, à Legislação local, quanto ao Arco... 

Re-curve Bow from Skis

mr magic

During my most recent skiing outing and I flexed my skis in such an extreme manner that Glenn Plake himself would have gone white as snow,my brain retained this idea that skis must be unbreakable.

So without much ado,I dug out the old vokle skis from the shed and got stuck in with a grinder and.............. that's pretty much the only tool you need.

I've made various types of bows over the years and this has been the simplest and most powerful by far and can also be dismantled for ease of storage or transport.

length and width of finished bow is personal preference and I imagine different eras or skis and models could be stronger or more flex.You could probably use a snowboard as would have benefit of having both ends re- curved or a freestyle ski ( but could be too long)

Like most sports you can set yourself up fro the whole sport at a garage sale for about 20 bucks, but whats the fun in that? 

segunda-feira, 27 de agosto de 2012

Super-Ímanes, 3D Grátis à farta, Lança-bolas pós canitos, e etc

Querem aumentar a força dos vossos Ímanes?

Apenas empilhar Ímanes, não faz o mesmo efeito ESTRONDOSO, que este conjunto de arranjos Halbach, consegue;
Não só concentra a potência de vários Ímanes, como quase toda a Força magnética vai para um lado!

Arranjo Linear;

Vejam o Gráfico de Força Magnética...

Arranjo Radial;

Mais uma vez, o resultado:

Malta da Energia Grátis, dos Motores Bedini, e dos Canhões Gauss, MÃOS À OBRA!

Build a Halbach Array

And a one-sided refrigerator Magnet!

The late Klaus Halbach of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories discovered an interesting permanent magnet configuration that concentrates magnetic flux on one side of the array and cancels it on the other. He originally designed it for focusing the beams of particle accelerators. LLNL scientists Post and Ryutov developed the idea into a model Maglev train, the only one so far that uses permanent magnets--it floats over a series of short-circuited coils at only 5 mph or so (the 'Inductrack' system). Maglev trains, motors and generators using circular Halbach arrays have already been patented--the advantages include minimized drag from eddy current effects (drag decreases as speed increases), reduced power consumption (no giant electromagnets needed), reduced exposure of train passengers to high magnetic fields, and other things that we haven't even begin to explore yet.
Our only result from experimentation so far has been a one-sided refrigerator magnet. Though it seems trivial at first, this magnet array seems frighteningly close to a magnetic was enough to freak out the entire staff!
...Claro que eu TINHA de fazer a experiência! MUÁHÁHÁ!
Notem o barulho e a velocidade da atracção, dum lado, e a fraca atracção do outro!

Objectos 3D Grátis... É bom!
Já vos falei dum Site, que vos oferece mais de 30.000, mas aqui, são quase 60 Sites. e digo QUASE, porque à mistura, vão 2 ou 3 sites onde pagam, mas o resto é grátis, MESMO.

60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites

By Kay Tan
3D models represent a 3D object using a collection of points in 3D space, connected by various geometric entities. A free 3D model definitely can save your budget and deadline. On average, a modeler saves over 2 hours of modeling time when they could get a free 3D model. 

O que é certo, é que os vossos Cães, e até alguns Gatos mais façanhudos, eles cansam-se de brincar a apanhar a bola, muito depois de vocês se cansarem...

Bem, com esta Gigajoga, é só comprar uma Bola, juntar os Materiais, e assim, divertem-se todos, porque é só escolher um Parque mesmo grande, e vai de lançar a bola a 50 Metros de distância, de cada vez!

MAKE A SPRING-ACTION MORTAR WITH ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT (using a plastic beer jar and discarded stuff)

M.C. Langer

A few months ago, I had to help a cousin of mine with a college homework about the physics of parabolic trajectory. He's really good at math, but very bad at crafting. It was my turn to save the day!! I had only one night to build a machine capable of launching an anti-stress ball, with adjustable height. So, I combined a plastic beer jar (marketing stuff from a colombian beer named "Costeña"), a toilet tree for the elevation and other stuff for the frame. It works with two spings, like some type of slingshot. You charge the mortar, lock the trigger, push the trigger and it launch the ball.
LEARNING OBJECTIVE: By building this Spring-Action Mortar, students will be able to build a educational project reusing stuff and analize the physics of launching a projectile with parabolic trajectory.

E depois de demonstrar as trajectórias parabólicas duma maneira divertida, porque não, sacar Imagens de satélite duma forma barata?

Custa pouco, e serve para uma data de coisas, no campo Didáctico, Meteorologia, Astronáutica, etc, e até, apenas pela Imagem...

Tudo isto, com uma Engenhoca de 20 Dólares!

Downloading NOAA satellite images cheaply and easily


This will show you how to download weather satellite images really cheaply and easily using easy to obtain parts.
For this you will need:
RTL SDR USB software defined radio. It costs around 20 pounds.
get it here:
SDR Sharp. You can search Google for this.

APT Decoder
this is a free program.
There are many places to get it
2 metre long piece of wire
long pole to hold the wire
A small laptop computer that you can hold for 15 minutes at a time.

You can connect your radio to a USB extension cable and just hold the radio in your hand rather than having a laptop under your arm. If you do this, the USB cable sometimes causes noise and signal loss so it is best to have the radio plugged directly into the laptop.

sexta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2012

Futi, o Automóvel eléctrico Português

O Automóvel eléctrico Português da silva!

Foi já avistado um em Leiria, pelo nosso amigo João Marcelino... 


Mais Criações da Anabela, uma Varina, e uma Fadista...

Em fuga dos “fofuchos”

Na continuidade da fuga à simpática figura dos “fofuchos”, e sem chegarem ao ponto de “magrelas”, duas peças mais ou menos recentes. :)
Para venda e também com preços de revenda.

Precisam de Objectos 3D, e não estão para se inscrverem, etc?
Eis um site com uma data de Objectos Grátis, mais de 30.000 Objectos, e sem chachadas:

quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Instructables. Lego em Alumínio, e um Tanque Flutuante!

Lego em Alumínio!
Nem é preciso dizer mais nada...



Hello world!
Ever since I was very very small I love Lego. Those sweet memories of me and my mom sitting together on the floor surrounded by Lego's, following instructions and building our Lego city together. I have been playing with Lego since my first memories.
As I grew older I promised myself, like any other tinker person would. That one day I would make my own Lego's.

E como agora apertaram a Legislação para as Bicicletas, eis como podem andar de noite, com este Farol de 500 Lumen, por menos de 10 Euros:

BIKE LIGHT 500 Lumen "Mt.Bike" for under 10 bucks NOW W/ LED TECHNOLOGY  
by Veggiecycle

Most good rechargeable tungsten halogen Bike Lights that put off a good deal of light (200 to 600 lumen) cost a ton of money 75 to 200 bucks. I took my really expensive light apart and found that its just a bulb you can buy anywhere for $ 4.00 and some rechargeable batteries. So here is a CHEAP way to build your own with part that you can get from Home Depot (mostly) This is a no frills light. I didn't put a switch on this one. I have been adding switches to my new ones.
........................NEWS FLASH.. I have added an LED for better energy management  See the last step for LED upgrade......................................

E um Tanque, tanto para a Guerra, como para a Paz, e uma ideia GENIAL! Já viram o que se pode fazer com Veículos como estes, nos Países Tropicais?

DARPA releases video of floating tank-like CAAT vehicle

By Brian Dodson

So the year is 2015, and you're in a serious disaster – one that requires the immediate provision of food, water, medical care, and shelter for a hundred thousand people. In other words, not something that a few airlifts will handle. If there is navigable water anywhere nearby, you could be saved by a future version of one of DARPA's new toys: the Captive Air Amphibious Transporter (CAAT).

quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2012

Patentes em Moçambique, Carrões no Brasil, e Universidades porreiras

O Instituto da Propriedade Industrial de Moçambique, não desfazendo dos outros, está bem e recomenda-se, agora lançou um Boletim, tanto em Papel como em CD.
Por terem percebido que a maior Riqueza dum País, e uma que nunca se esgota, é  a Criatividade do seu Povo, PARABÉNS!

O Brasil que se convença, também, disso em vez de andar à procura do Ouro que "já nao têem", do qual 1/5 foi para Portugal, e 4/5 ficaram no Brasil... Cadê?

Eis o Ouro que nunca acaba, Brasileiros com Ideias, e é claro, Parabéns, também:

Amoritz GT apresenta seu supercarro brasileiro

Por - Leonardo Contesini
 Talvez você não se lembre dele, mas no começo de 2010 o anúncio da criação do primeiro supercarro brasileiro ganhou destaque nosprincipais sites automotivos do mundo. Não, não estamos falando do desaparecido Vorax, e sim do ambicioso projeto conhecido inicialmente como Amoritz GT DR7, que prometia algo do nível dos Koenigsegg e Pagani, usando chassi próprio e o vitaminado V10 do Dodge Viper. Depois de dois anos o carro mudou de nome e, segundo o Carsale, finalmente foi apresentado na noite de ontem (28) em São Paulo.
O DoniRosset foi idealizado pelo designer Fernando Morita em parceria com o empresário William Rosset como um presente para seu pai, Donino Rosset. Além do nome, a potência também mudou, e saltou dos sugeridos 650 cv para 1007 cv, gerados pelo V10 de 8,4 litros do Viper com um sistema twin turbo, que será montado em posição central e queimará apenas etanol.


Continuando nos Super-Carros, a Eslovénia também os faz... Vejam só:

Slovenia's supercar: The Tushek Renovatio T500

By C.C. Weiss

In the future, every nation on the globe may just have its own home-brewed supercar. We're getting closer every year, one country at a time. We've seen a 1,100-hp electric supercar from Croatia. Brazil and Poland have chimed in with their thoughts on supercar design. The Netherlands and Denmark have represented. Now, Slovenia has a little something to say.

Outra coisa que não acaba nunca, são estes Tubos, ideia da Universidade de Arizona:

Ilustração da Universidade do Arizona

University of Arizona professor invents lightweight infinite pipeline

By David Szondy

A University of Arizona professor has invented a theoretically infinite pipe that promises to bring down the costs of laying pipelines while reducing environmental damage. Developed by Mo Ehsani, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona, the new pipe, called InfinitiPipe, is of a lightweight plastic aerospace honeycomb under layers of resin-saturated carbon fiber fabric put together by a new fabricating process that allows pipes to be built in indefinite lengths on site.

Abençoados Estudos, reverter a Cegueira, através da manipulação do Código Genético da Retina:

Researchers restore vision to mice by unlocking retina’s neural code


Retinal prostheses such as the Argus II, Bio-Retina and the Retina Implant AG microchip all work – more or less – by stimulating the retina’s ganglion cells with light-induced electrical signals. The images produced in the patient’s visual cortex tend to be quite rudimentary, however. This is partially because the rate at which the signals are sent isn’t the same as the rate of neural impulses normally produced by a retina. Now, researchers have deciphered the neural code used by mouse ganglion cells, and used it to create a prosthesis that reportedly restores normal vision to blind mice. They have additionally deciphered the neural code of monkeys, which is close to that used by humans, so a device for use by blind people could also be on the way.

terça-feira, 21 de agosto de 2012

Gizmag, e Trabalhos Manuais Ecológicos

Hoje, está tudo por conta da Gizmag...

Começa por um Sofá, que é um Briquedo pró Tareco! Deve ser um fartar de rir!

Cat Tunnel Sofa features a built-in playground for your cat

By Bridget Borgobello

South Korean designer Seungji Mun has created a sofa concept that is designed to keep your cat happy as you sit back and relax. Dubbed the Cat Tunnel Sofa, the concept tries to provide a fluid harmony between the daily activities of pets and their owners. “For humans, the cat tunnel sofa is just a comfortable sofa, but for the cats, it is their playground and a comfortable bed,” Seungji Mun told Gizmag.

Salvar vidas é sempre bom, e este Robot desmonta Bombas, e preserva as peças dessa Bomba, para Investigação!

Device takes pipe bombs apart, and preserves the evidence

By Ben Coxworth
While improvised explosive devices are certainly not designed to be “safe,” pipe bombs are particularly notorious for being unstable. When police forces respond to calls regarding such bombs, they usually utilize a remote-control bomb disposal robot to disable or detonate them. Unfortunately, this process often results in a loss of forensic evidence, that could be used to track down the bomb-maker. That’s where the Department of Homeland Security’s new Semi Autonomous Pipe Bomb End-cap Remover (SAPBER) comes into play. It’s a device that dismantles pipe bombs, leaving all of their components intact. 



Este Estudante é de Categoria, inventou um Aparelho que vai facilitar muito as Suturas, numa Intervenção Cirúrgica complicada! 

Student-designed surgical device could be the "future of suture"

By Ben Coxworth

Just about every major operation on the chest or abdomen requires surgeons to cut through the fascia, which is a layer of muscle located immediately beneath the skin. Closing these wounds can be very difficult – sewing up an incision in the fascial layer has been likened to trying to push a needle through shoe leather. If proper care isn’t taken, however, potentially lethal complications can result. Now, a team of undergraduate students from Johns Hopkins University have created a device that should make the procedure easier and safer.

E querem auxiliar o Progresso da Aviação? Estes nossos amigos precisam de Fundos para a sua Invenção, a Empresa em fase de lançamento, Martin Aircraft:

Martin Aircraft seeking funds to get Jetpack off the ground

By Darren Quick

When we first covered the Martin Jetpack back in March, 2010, the creators were hoping to get it on the backs of buyers sometime in 2011. While 2011 has come and gone, the New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company is continuing test flights and is now seeking investors to help bring the manned Jetpack to market in mid 2013.

Eu seja cão, se me esqueço da contribuição impagável dos nossos Professores, para a vida de cada um...

Como paga, cá vai uma dica prós Setôres de Trabalhos Manuais de Portugal, pelo menos!

Uma boa ideia foi a de inventarem o Rolo de Papel Higiénico Aquatube,

Está sem papel higiénico? A partir de agora já não há necessidade de estar rodeado de todos aqueles rolos de papel higiénico vazios! O Aqua Tube™ é o único tubo de papel higiénico que pode ser deitado na sanita. Quando puxar o autoclismo o Aqua Tube desaparecerá, tal como sucede com o papel higiénico e começará a desintegrar-se imediatamente nas canalizações. Agora existe uma solução cómoda para manter as coisas a rolar!


Mas o melhor, é que serve para Trabalhos Manuais!

Todos experimentaram a técnica de Papier Maché, pois agora, é muito mais rápido... E divertido!

E quantos mais Rolos, melhor!

segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2012

10 Notícias!

São demasiadas para grandes conversas, por isso, lá vão 10 duma assentada!

Um Marco na Fotografia, digo eu, Fotos que refletem a Luz como os Originais, dependendo da origem da luz QUE INCIDE NA FOTO!


Reflectance paper displays photographs in a new light

By Brian Dodson

Recently the public has become aware of the potential of light field photography through the introduction of the Lytro camera. Light field recording allows an enormous degree of post-processing, letting you create just the image you want to print and display. A print, however, expresses only one aspect, no matter how carefully chosen, of the recorded light field. Can light field information be somehow encoded into a print, so an object can be examined from this side and that, or with different lighting conditions? A team of researchers at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, and 3M have made the first steps toward a positive answer by developing reflectance paper.

Para arrumar todo o tipo de Tralha, no Escritório, ou na Oficina:

Serving/Organizing: 3D Assembly Animation

Organize things in these very strong shelves... both in the kitchen and in the garage! We sell laser-cut kits, EPS, Adobe Illustrator, DXF, PartWorks files and measurement free PDF plans at 

É assumido como uma Engenhoca feita para pura Diversão, mas olhem que a ideia de usar Magnetite aproveitada das estradas, para Núcleo dos Geradores, pode ser o primeiro passo em muitos locais do Mundo, para uma auto-suficiência energética, onde falta de tudo...

Um Alternador quase todo em Madeira! 


This page is all about a rather silly, quick project where in about 1 day I built a small wind generator using the following items, and nothing else....
(1) Wood
(2) Copper wire
(3) Surplus Neodymium magnets
(4) Dirt
(5) 10" piece of 3/8" steel shaft
(6) Two bolts, but these are optional.
...and that's all, unless we count glue, and linseed oil which I used for finishing. Initially the project started out to simply be an alternator experiment. Once I had the armature finished and a couple of the coils wound on the stator, I realized it was definitely going to be a successful one, so I decided to build it into a small wind generator. Mostly simple tools were used, although a band saw, wood lathe, and drill press came in pretty handy.

A RS-components aparece duas vezes, e por boas razões; Primeiro, cá vai o Boletim deles, e o destaque para uma notícia::

Raspberry Pi joystick

After getting MAME going on my Raspberry Pi so that I could play old arcade games. I wanted to hook up a proper joystick. Back in the 80′s I had the excellent and ubiquitous Competition Pro 5000. As mine (foolishly) got sold with my Amiga stuff I got one on eBay, and it came in the original box:

Pegue-se num Ar Condicionado, inverta-se o aparelho, e temos Geração de Energia Grátis, e ainda Frio para conservar!

MIT develops new "reverse air conditioner" solar power system for the developing world

By David Szondy

 Solar power would appear to be an obvious choice for the developing world, but as impoverished regions need systems that are simple, self-operating and cheap to build and maintain, this is generally not the case. The ability to provide heating in addition to electricity would also be beneficial because many communities need hot water has much as they need lights. An MIT team has developed a solution that meets these needs with a solar power system that is an air conditioner built backwards.
Mention of the developing world brings up images of deserts, jungles, veldts and other hot climates, but some poor regions lie in the temperate zone. In southern Africa, for example, it can get very cold in the winter time. MIT graduate Matthew Orosz noticed this while working for the Peace Corps in Lesotho where local clinics needed not only electricity, but access to hot water. “We’ve had nurses tell us they avoid washing their hands in the winter, because the water is so cold,” he said. “So hot water is very welcome.”

E que tal poderem-se manter os Micro-Satélites em serviço por tempo indefinido?

Microthruster ion drive gives tiny satellites a boost

By David Szondy

Small-scale satellites show a lot promise, but unless they have equally small-scale thrusters they’re pretty limited in what they can do. Unfortunately conventional thrusters are heavy and take up a lot of valuable space, but a penny-sized rocket engine developed at MIT holds the prospect of not only increasing the capabilities of miniature satellites, but of combating space junk as well.

Para descontraír, cá vai algo com Sentido de Humor, uma Caixa de Twitter, que pia, MESMO!

Twitter Box!
Shake the box back and forth and the internal weighted piston powers the two pipes on top of the box making a twittering sound! Download and make this project for free in either colour or in mono for your own twitter address. Feel free to convert it for your own use as long as you leave the url visible in the file.

Também há Mulheres bem Habilidosas, eis algo de fantástico, em Miniaturismo, para toda a gente, e para a malta do Steampunk:

Pipistrelle Dolls and Miniatures

Lembram-se da RS-Components, mais acima? 
Eis da sua Ezine, DesignSpark um Mini-Arduino, que daria para robotizar um Envelope!

Meet Digispark, Arduino's little brother

By Adam Williams

The open-source Arduino micro-controller is a very useful piece of kit which has been implemented by hackers to power countless endeavors from Musical Umbrellas to Angry Birds Slingshot Controllers. For some projects however, the flexibility of the Arduino can be overkill and it's this issue which prompted Digispark to create a simpler, cheaper alternative - a tiny Arduino-compatible developmental circuit board that costs as little as US$12.