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segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012


Começamos por um Instructable para Amigos-da-Onça, uma partida de mau-gosto, vidro de carro partido, postiço!
Bem sacaninha, hem?

Make Your Own Safety Glass and Other SHENANIGANS


You know how car windows don't shatter like normal glass windows? When they get smashed, they sag like fabric. What kind of sorcery is this? It's safety glass, and it's AWESOME!

Safety glass is made by laminating two pieces of glass together with a sheet of plastic in the middle. You heat up this little sandwich and press everything together, and the plastic melts and sticks to the glass. Once everything cools down, it looks just like a normal piece of glass, but if you smash it, the plastic holds everything together. The glass is now a composite, and it's notably stiffer than a single sheet.

As it turns out, it's really easy to make this yourself using just a bit of plastic, binder clips and a toaster oven. And once you can laminate glass, life just gets better and better.

Ready?  Go!

Ao mesmo tempo uma maneira barata de fazer Bio-luminiscência, e testar a pureza das àguas!

Bioluminescent Bacterial Lightbulb / Water Pollution Tester


Bioluminescent Bacterial Lightbulb

This instructable will show you how to grow and culture your own glowing bacteria and use it to reinvent the light bulb!

I"ll show you how to grow your very own Vibrio phosphoreum or Vibrio fischeri from fresh sea fish (squid work well) and culture it onto special agar gel that you can make at home or simply buy ready-to-pour. The gel can be formed inside all kinds of things that you want to make glow a cool greenish/blue color !!!!

The glowing vibrio bacteria are marine life forms that live alone or in a symbiotic relationships with fish and squid inside their light organs or as parastites. Alone the bacteria don't really glow but in groups of large enough number something amazing happens called quorum sensing ..... The bacteria upon realizing they have enough of each other around turn on genes that allow them to GLOW !!!! The light that is emitted is super efficient around 98 % meaning that only 2 % is lost through heat, thus the light is cool and that's very COOL.

Malta do Raspberry Pi, que é a meu ver, a re-incarnação do Commodore Amiga 1200, no que diz respeito aos Génios que esta máquina vai ajudar a despertar...
Pois aqui vai mais uma coisa porreira para as vossas Raspis, um Teste para testar a segurança do vosso acesso wifi!

MyLittlePwny - Make a self powered pentesting box out of the Raspberry Pi for around $100


MyLittlePwny is a $100 portable wireless pen-testing drop box running PwnPi or Ha-pi (Untested).  It is cost efficient, modular, easy to put together and, unlike PDAs and smartphones, the hardware is fully extensible.

AUTHOR EDIT:  It was requested that I explain exactly what "Pentesting" is.  Pentesting is short for Penetration testing and while it can refer to the process of testing inked writing implements, I am referring to the process of testing a wireless access point, and underlying network, for security flaws.
While I am not a network professional, I can tell you that there are MANY tools used for doing this; some open and some proprietary.  I also say that this is a Penetration testing platform because it refers to the lawful testing of your own access point against security flaws....Unless you work for a government agency, in which case you are the law and you can use it to steal network traffic from the bad guys.  Now, let's get pun intended.

sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

Sábado, dia de Artesanato

No Jardim do Campo Pequeno, vi este exemplo de Artesanato em Xisto, e cá vão as Fotos, destas Casas em Xisto, de Conceição Campos:

Para quem vê um Monitor todo o dia, é uma lufada de ar fresco...

sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2012

Raspberry Pi com Debian!

Isto é importante, uma notícia do DesignSpark, porque com o Debian, vem para o Raspberry Pi uma data de Software impecável, que se instala fácilmente, sem mais que carregar num ícone...

Raspbian Arrives!

Wednesday 18th July saw the first release of the new official Raspberry Pi Linux distribution, Raspbian. This post covers initial experiences with Raspbian and looks at the major differences between this and Debian.
A number of developer images of Raspbian have been around for a little while, but it wasn't until Wednesday that the first official release, “wheezy”, was announced by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The process for getting up and running with the Raspbian image is the same as it was for Debian and simply involves writing it out to an SD card. However, the Raspbian project are also working on an installer and if you prefer to start with nothing and build from the ground up then this may be for you. Although it's worth noting that they say that at this stage in development it can take 8 or 9 hours to set up a fully configured desktop system!

quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012

Dobrar metal, e uma Canoa impressa em 3D

Eis algo que dá sempre jeito a qualquer Engenhocas, um Dobrador de Chapa, para Metais Macios: 

Inexpensive Soft Metal Bending Tool


This project may not seem extremely exciting but it is very useful and satisfying to create other parts with once it is finished.  It IS exciting, get EXCITED!  If you are a true Maker, you are already teeming with excitement over the fact that you are reading another instructable and expanding your mind's quiver.

Recently, I needed 90 degree bends in aluminum stock to create brackets for a project I have going.  I grabbed $25, ran to Home Depot and after a few hours created my own metal bending tool.  Quick, dirty, simple and cheap.

E até onde se pode ir, em Impressão 3D?
Que tal, notícia do Blogue da Ponoko, uma Canoa?
E feita com Material Reciclado...

3D printed boat made from recycled milk jugs

WOOF (Washington Open Object Fabricators) made what may be the first functional 3D printed boat (any objection?). It was made with a 3D printer hacked together from a 4′ x 8′ plasma cutter and a homemade extruder. The material is #2 HDPE obtained by shredding 250 one-gallon milk jugs.
They entered the boat into the Seafair Milk Carton Derby. Apparently, their entry caused considerable debate and confusion, because the boats in this race are generally made from unaltered milk jugs strapped to a frame. The irony is that this 3D printed boat was the only entry made entirely from milk jugs without connection or support material.

quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2012

Mata-moscas do caraças! Um Case Study...

Tenho de confessar que esta é uma das tais ideias que eu gostava de ter tido...
Matar as Moscas e Melgas, etc... Só com Sal de Cozinha!
Notem que este Inventor  mexeu o Coiro, e lançou a ideia através do Indiegogo, depois de ir até à China(!) só para garantir que o Produto Final era mesmo o que ele queria, e como ele queria...

Pump action Bug-A-Salt takes down insects in a hail of table salt
By Darren Quick
We recently took a look at the InaTrap insect trap that lures insects into its designer-inspired form to quietly and efficiently send them to an early grave. But if you’re looking for something slightly more badass that provides a greater sense of satisfaction when taking out those pesky bugs then it’s hard to go past the Bug-A-Salt. The brainchild of Santa Monica-based artist Lorenzo Maggiore, the Bug-A-Salt is a pump action gun that takes out pests in a blast of non-toxic table salt.

The “insect eradication device” has an effective range of three to five feet (0.9 to 1.5 m) and holds enough salt for around 50 shots. Once filled via the loader cap on the top, the gun is primed by pumping the handgrip. This activates the pop-up sight for taking aim and the auto-safety, which needs to be manually disengaged before firing. This is because firing it into someone’s face is likely to sting quite a bit and could potentially damage an eye.

terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2012

Fotografia, Gremlins, a Multi-Máquina, e Um Mini-Carro especial...

Eis uma Maquineta impecável, fazer Fotografia Temporizada, ou Time-Lapse, com até um simples Smartphone!

Radian brings motion-control time-lapse to budget videographers 
By Ben Coxworth

If you’ve ever seen the film Baraka, then you’ll know just how magical motion-controlled time-lapse cinematography can be. For the uninitiated, the process involves taking a motion picture camera that’s capable of shooting time-lapse footage, then mounting it on a rig that slowly pans, tilts or even dollies the camera, as it’s shooting that footage. While such motion-control equipment has traditionally only been available to deep-pocketed professionals, California-based Alpine Labs wants to make it more accessible – that’s why it’s developing the Radian, an affordable motion-control mount for DSLRs or smartphones.

Uma data de Gremlins feitos em Papercraft, e sem cola:

Free Desktop Gremlins 
They are astounding! They are mischievous! They are yours for the taking! (If you dare.) But what exactly is a Desktop Gremlin? Desktop Gremlins are mischief-makers and magical creatures that sit on your desk and perform amazing deeds to assist you through your day. Discover the mysteries behind each creature of wonderment, build them and display them with pride. Treat the Desktop Gremlins with kindness and magical things will happen!

Já vos falei antes da Multi-Máquina, que permite criar tudo de quase nada, e aqui está ela, como um Projecto, no Make:

The Multimachine $150, 12" Swing, Metal Lathe/Mill/Drill

The Lucien Yeomans “secret” that was almost lost.
Your developing world school needs almost-free machine tools?
Your developing world factory needs unavailable spare parts?
You need a complex part that is too expensive to have made?
Need to bootstrap a factory but only have a few bucks?
No problem!
You just need a metalworking lathe. Metalworking lathes are necessary to the production of almost everything but are very expensive. In 1915, special lathes made from concrete were developed to quickly and cheaply produce millions of cannon shells needed for World War I. Lucien Yeomans, the inventor, won the nation's highest engineering award for it but sadly the technique was almost forgotten after the war. We re-discovered it as a way to quickly make inexpensive but accurate machine tools for use in developing countries and in trade schools and shops everywhere. We made modern construction practical by replacing the original poured, non shrinking metal with cement grout.

Eis um Mini-Carro diferente!
Entram nele de Cadeira-de-rodas, sem problemas, e vão à vossa vida... Por todo o lado!

Kenguru, the first drive-from-wheelchair EV, enters production 
By James Holloway

Though its undoubtedly true to say that mobility vehicles designed for wheelchair access exist, like AM General's MV-1 these generally relegate the wheelchair user to backseat passenger. Vehicles that do allow a wheelchair behind the controls are expensive made-to-order conversions of people carriers and mini-buses. The Kenguru is about as far from a people carrier as it's possible to get, being a small nimble electric vehicle, but one designed specifically for quick, easy access by, and driving from, a wheelchair. Its makers claim it is the first drive-from-wheelchair electric car.

segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2012

Instructables, Burros, e Notícias

Um Instructable para usar em várias ocasiões, todas elas bem-humoradas! 
Sim, também dá para usar em Política, Teatro, ou Futebol, há lá muitos destes...

Donkey Mask with Working Mouth (face puppet)


With a donkey mask you can:
  •   Promote the Democratic Party
  •   Play a practically-themed joke on a farmer
  •   Scare your dog
  •   Make an ass of yourself
  •   Portray Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream
  •   Rob a bank
  •   Reduce your entrance fee at a Furry convention
I make all my donkey masks at TechShop.

Como as Pistolas Nerf já fazem parte do Imaginário de toda uma nova Geração, abençoada seja, cá vai um truque bacano para começarem a ser Engenhocas bem cedo na vida...
Sabe-se lá o que não farão, um dia... Discos Voadores?


Nerf Maverick Air Restrictor, Barrel Lock Removal 


So, this is a basic tutorial on removing the Nerf Maverick's air restrictors, increasing power, and removing the barrel locks, which allow the barrels to slide out farther, making reloading easier, plus a few minor mods that help increase power.
What you'll need:

1x Nerf Maverick
1x Screwdriver
1x  Knife
1x Needlenose Pliers
2x Pennies
1x 19mm felt pad

Silicone-based lubricant (check and make sure that it's safe for both metal and plastic)

A pensar em construír o vosso próprio Computador?
DesignSpark ajuda-vos!
Aqui vão umas considerações sobre isso, resumindo, tudo começa na Motherboard...

The right motherboard, key to project success

Contributed by Mark BVM

Choosing a motherboard can be a bewildering process. In the old days there was little to choose from, today it seems endless. ATX, micro-ATX, ITX, mini-ITX, the list goes on. The likes of ATX may seem old hat, but where different types of expansion card slots are required, an industrial ATX or micro-ATX motherboard could be your only option. Since Taiwanese firm VIA created Mini-ITX as a vehicle to promote their CPU chips in 2001, the small format motherboard has become fashionable and adopted by many desktop producers and embedded system builders alike. Care needs to be taken to differentiate the desktop specification from the IPC offerings. A True IPC SBC should be expected to have a production life of at least three to five years. In contrast, the desktop requirement is often to chase specification, resulting in frequent changes and updates. Other popular formats on the Embedded or IPC stage are 3.5" and 5.25" and more recently, the Pico-ITX. Each has its place, dependent on the final application and the facilities required in the target system.

E, para acabar, por hoje, em beleza, vindo do Blogue da Ponoko, que tal uma Impressora 3D desdobrável? Óptima para CSIs e Arqueólogos, entre outros...

FoldaRap: portable 3D printer

A 3D printer suitable for secret agents?
This is the first 3D printer I’d consider worthy of Ian Fleming’s Q character in the world of 007. The FoldaRap is a derivative of the RepRap project, the first to be a truely portable 3D printer. It is designed to fit within a tough travelling case.

The machine was influenced by Emmanuel Gilloz’s frustration travelling to 3D printing meetups with his machine. The typical A-frame structure of RepRap machines are not particularly compact, nor efficient in their use of space. Gilloz originally put together the RepRap family tree, and after about 6 months of development on the FoldaRap, he’ll now be able to add his own portable creation to the replicator genealogy table.

sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2012

Inspecção CAD, Vacas azuis, Relés, e Fundição

Dos vossos desenhos CAD, para a Fábrica, sem mais, para vos facilitar a vida, exportar as dimensões, e tal...
É bom!

Simply brilliant: 
Inspection reports in minutes! Quickly balloon your CAD drawings, automatically export dimensions to your inspection reports: With InspectionXpert 2012!

And with two new add-ons you can now:
  • Enter measured values directly inside your InspectionXpert project.
    >> MeasurementXpert
  • Import data from almost any CMM program directly into your InspectionXpert project.
    >> CMMXpert
No more manual inputs required!

See for yourself:
Test it now for free!

O que é a vida, sem uma Vaca Azul? 
Eis a ùlima Aventura Criativa de Rob Ives, para vos lembrar que o Papercraft, criar Modelos em papel, é a forma mais barata e rápida de se exprimir uma ideia em 3D...

Blue cow!

Para fazer uma série de Máquinas, Mecanismos, até Shows de luz para Palcos tudo o que faz falta, é uma série de Relés, que ligam e desligam todas as coisas em sequência...

Ora aqui está como fazer isso!

Larson Scanner with Relay Module


Hello! This time I'll show how I used an Arduino to control a relay module with eight channels.

Arduino in offers several advantages such as:

- Open source;
- Easy programming;
- You can assemble your own board;
- Is supported on various forums on the Internet;
- Has several "shields" (facilitates the use of it with sensors, for example.)
- Among others.

E quem cá vem algumas vezes, sabe que pode cá encontrar, ocasionalmente...
Fundição de Alumínio!
Este Instructable está particularmente bem documentado... 

Aluminium Casting Foundry

Making a foundry for melting aluminium (Aluminum for the US) out of a 13kg propane gas bottle
why am I making an instructable that many people have already done? well I thought it was an amazing Idea but I feel there was some room for better documentation, and a few little changes such as a lifting mechanism for the lid and no fire cement for the refractory.

quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

Invenção Portuguesa, Mindsets, e Andon

A Inventiva dos Portugueses está bem, e recomenda-se...



Hacker português faz carrinho de mercado seguir cadeira de rodas com o Kinect

Postado por Daniel Pavani 

Em mais uma prova de que o Kinect é realmente multifuncional!
Por Daniel Pavani
O português Luis de Matos, do Departamento de Informática da Universidade de Beira Interior, em Portugal, criou um hack para o Kinect que permite que um carrinho de supermercado siga uma cadeira de rodas, possibilitando que deficientes físicos possam fazer suas comprar de maneira mais tranquila.
O projeto, chamado de wi-GO, visa romper com as “barreiras na sociedade”, melhorando a qualidade de vida, assim como conta o próprio Luis de Matos em sua página no Vimeo. Ele explica que o sistema consiste em um robô que tem como sensor principal uma câmera do Kinect, da Microsoft. Além disso, o carrinho é equipado com uma cesta para as compras e um notebook.
O carrinho segue a cadeira de rodas a uma distância segura, rastreando cada movimento da pessoa. Entretanto, Matos deixa claro que o wi-GO não é voltado apenas para pessoas que necessitam de cadeira de rodas, mas para qualquer pessoa que tenha algum tipo de dificuldade de locomoção, como idosos e gestantes, por exemplo.
Para mais detalhes, vale a pena dar uma olhada no vídeo do wi-GO no Vimeo, pelo link

Mais Materiais magníficos da Mindsets!
Nomeadamente, Material para Moldagem...
Resina, da que não amarelece, Borracha para Moldagem, mas também Borracha para Pneus! 

Crystal Polyester REsin

Extremely transparent resin for casting, which is perfect for encapsulating small delicate objects.
It remains clear and does not yellow.

The accelerator included allows castings of mass up to 300g in 30 minutes at a temperature of just 25ºC.
1Kg is provided.

A cold cure liquid rubber for casting non stick rubber moulds. It has high elasticity and can be be stretched without breaking. It reproduces a true likeness to the original to the finest detail. Suitable for the production of small moulds including opencast and two parts for the reproduction of cast pieces in polyester resins, epoxy resins or polyurethane resins like Sintafoam; in plaster or marmorina. The rubber is resistant up to 200°C allowing wax casting. 1Kg is provided.
SINTAGOM is a 2 part liquid polyurethane casting rubber. It is cold curing and produces an elastic compound like rubber which does not shrink. It is particularly suitable for making tyres, caterpillars tracks etc. 250g is provided.

Andon, fabrica Aparafusadeiras de Precisão!
Nem sabiam que as havia?
Sabem, sim, mas não as encontram?

Vão lá!

A Andon apresenta a Kilews Industrial, uma empresa fabricante especializada em aparafusamento de precisão há quase 30 anos.
Detém as técnicas mais avançadas no desenvolvimento e produção de aparafusadoras e a sua marca não só se tornou um símbolo de qualidade, como conquistou a confiança de clientes em todo o mundo. A Kilews é distribuída na Europa, América, Japão, India e Ásia, contando na sua carteira de clientes com empresas como a Lenovo, Sharp, Panasonic, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Fuji-Xero, Sony, etc…
Está agora também presente em Portugal através da Andon.

A Kilews oferece uma vasta gama de aparafusadoras manuais AC e DC, com e sem escovas, com as opções de arranque por pressão ou patilha (botão), com gamas de torque que vão desde os 0,08 Nm na versão mini Low Torque, 12 VDC até os 17,68 Nm dos modelos Power Torque e com velocidades variáveis ou fixas até as 2000 rot./min. Opções ESD, (anti-estática), e uma vasta gama de acessórios disponíveis, tais como medidores de torque, alimentadores de parafusos, bits, braços articulados, suspensores, etc.

segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2012

Abrigo, Mata-Mosquitos, e Vela

Eis mais Planos da Woodmarvels, desta vez, planos Á BORLA para construírem a vossa Arrecadação, Abrigo de jardim, Barraca de Férias, etc:

Shelter 2.0 CNC: 3D Assembly Animation (720HD) 

Build your very own home or outdoor work studio using these free Shelter 2.0 plans! We sell laser-cut kits, EPS, Adobe Illustrator, DXF, PartWorks files and measurement free PDF plans at

Os Mosquitos e as Melgas atacam, é tempo de construírem o vosso próprio Mata-Mosquitos:

How to build a portable bug zapper

This instructable shows you how to build your own bug zapper using recycled parts and is general in its suggestions. To see how I built my bug zapper, you can visit my website's bugzapper page here.

Now having said that, there are countless of ways to build a bug zapper. It all depends on the types of bugs you're targeting and the size of the bug zapper you want to build. Also the design plays a huge part in the effectiveness of the bug zapper.

Update! For more info about how bug zappers work, you can refer to this link

I am not liable if your shock yourself or injury yourself, working with high voltages is very dangerous!!

...E se estiverem por perto, ou quizerem ver na TV, irão ver em Lisboa, desde a próxima 5ª Feira até ao Domingo, uma data de Barcos à Vela, algo sempre porreiro de visitar, porque lá vão ver, desde uma caravela, até aos últimos Veleiros que a Tecnologia de hoje constrói!

OS MAIORES VELEIROS DO MUNDO EM LISBOA. Entre 5ª feira e domingo estarão em Lisboa 60 grandes veleiros de 49 países, com cerca de 5 mil jovens tripulantes a bordo. A APORVELA organizou a edição Tall Ships Races 1012 e esta regata vai ser um acontecimento. Um filme, mesmo, pois os veleiros são lindos e o nosso cenário é muito cinematográfico. A entrada é livre e espera-se 1 milhão de visitantes durante as fabulosas regatas.

sábado, 14 de julho de 2012

DAVID, PSP, e Fresa!

DAVID, os nossos amigos do Scanning 3D, voltam à carga com este Scanner que vos pôe tudo em ficheiros 3D, e com uma qualidade indiscutível:

SLS-1 Structured Light Scanner

We are finally offering a complete scanner package for Structured Light scanning!

Features and advantages:

The SLS-1 scanner combines the latest DAVID software with perfectly suitable hardware for comfortable and flexible 3D scanning at a great value for money.
With an industrial camera, a high-quality lens, a specially adapted projector and solid calibration panels, the SLS-1 is suitable for industrial applications, however still affordable for ambitious hobbyists. Tripod, mounting rack, cables - the package contains all you need (Windows PC required).

As you may know, SL scanning is really convenient: No manual scanning, only one mouse click, and the 3D scan result appears on screen within just a few seconds. The calibration panels are no longer required during scanning - the SLS-1 scanner is mounted on a tripod and can simply be placed in front of the scanned surface. As usual for all DAVID solutions, the scan size is very flexible, from coin (0.08 mm resolution) to couch (500 mm scan area), or more.
And 360° scans can be created easily: Just like with our laser scanners, you simply collect several scans from all sides, then let the well-proven Shapefusion software align and fuse them into one closed model.




E a PSP, a Polícia de Segurança Pública de Portugal, inova e bem, com a primeira encomenda duma Força Policial, duma frota de automóveis eléctricos.

Claro que Portugal é um País pequeno, com condições que exploram esses carros o melhor possível. E estes, vão ser usados para proteger as nossas Escolas. Mas exactamente por isso, é uma nova e boa tendência, por usar ao máximo o que funciona, e não ir em tecno-modinhas...



Portugal commissions world's first Nissan Leaf police fleet

By Chris Weiss

Portugal's Polícia de Segurança Pública (that'll be PSP from here on out) has put the world's first Nissan Leaf police car fleet on the streets. The eight-car fleet will help PSP in its goal to reduce its carbon footprint.
"We pride ourselves in being the first police force in the world to incorporate cars with zero-emission technology as part of our 5,000 vehicle fleet," Superintendent Paul Gomes Valente, National Director of PSP, said in a statement. "We want to continue contributing to the reduction in pollution in large urban centers and the introduction of the 100-percent electric Nissan LEAF sets a new benchmark for our fleet."



...E a Fresa CNC tem um novo Programa da MecSoft, que vos optimiza a Fresagem para o Séc XXI.
E é claro que têem um Download Grátis, para testarem antes de comprar...

VisualMILL for SolidWorks 2012
  • 5 eixos continuos
  • Novo algoritmo
  • Versões a 32 e 64 bits
Desde 1250 €!

Já temos o contacto da nossa Empresa de Artesanato usando corte laser, e já agora vai com uma foto de jeito:

sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Bué da muita 3D! Mais Educação, e Robots prá criançada.

Esta lista de links do MIT, divulgada por Shannon DeWolfe, no Forum multimachine, é fantástica, com uma data de Máquinas e Peças que eu não conhecia:

21 Links? É bom!

Machines that Make 
he Machine that make project at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms seeks to develop low-cost machines that can be made using CNC equipment, like available in fab labs.

Outra jóia, desta vez de Pat, do mesmo Forum multimachine, é esta Página de Educação Aberta, com uma data de outros Links, mas de Formação Online, atenção Engenhocas de toda a Lusofonia, tanto para a Universidade, como agora, também, para se ser um bom Técnico!

Do Opinionator:

Open Education for a Global Economy 

If you or your kids have taken an online lesson at the Khan Academy (3,200 video lessons, 168 million views), been enlightened by a TED Talk (1,300 talks, 800 million views), watched a videotaped academic lecture (Academic Earth, Open Courseware Consortium, Open Culture), enrolled in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course, now being offered by companies like Udacity and a growing list of universities, including M.I.T., Harvard and Stanford), or simply learned to play guitar, paint a landscape or make a soufflé via YouTube — then you know that the distribution channels of education have changed — and that the future of learning is free and open.
This is good news for everyone, but it is particularly good for the vast number of people around the world whose job prospects are constrained by their skill levels and who lack the resources to upgrade them through conventional training. It’s a problem that a company based in Ireland called ALISON — Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online — is helping to address with a creative model.

E para se começar nisto tudo, de pequeno, que tal um Kit para os vossos Filhos criarem os seus próprios Robots, sim, que eles mesmos imaginam?

Hummingbird kit lets children design their own functioning robots

By Ben Coxworth

Children generally love to create art and are fascinated by robots, so what if there was a way for them to turn their art projects into robots? Well, there is. Carnegie Mellon University spin-off company BirdBrain Technologies has introduced the Hummingbird kit, which contains everything kids (or adults) need to add powered movement and interactivity to their dragons, kitties or spaceships.
The kit itself includes a controller, power supply, cables, servos, motors, colored LED lights, along with light, temperature, sound and distance sensors. The idea is that users will create projects out of rigid materials such as foam-core or cardboard (or Lego, or wood, or whatever), and then rig them up with the motors, lights, and/or sensors. Once everything is assembled, the finished product is connected to a computer, where the controller is programmed using a free drag-and-drop application.
The company claims that no technical or programming skills are required, although the kit is recommended for children who are at least 11 years old.

...E saíu esta agorinha mesmo, mais engenhoquices com o Raspberry Pi, eis só dois Cabeçalhos:

In part 1 I went through setting up an SSH tunnel, and waking up machines on the home network. In this part I’ll run through how to use various protocols and clients to connect to machines on the home network.

Today saw the launch of the Raspberry Pi Cobbler, a kit to attach your Pi to a breadboard. It looks great, but I won’t be buying one as I made my own over the weekend.

quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2012

3D para ajudar o 3º Mundo, e Rob Ives

3D para ajudar o 3º Mundo! Que ideia bacana! 
Um Concurso, com um Prémio de 100.000 Dólares...
Para quem consiga utilizar a Impressão 3D de forma a ajudar os Países do 3º Mundo, anuncia-nos a Ponoko, e meus amigos, concorram ou DIVULGUEM!

Help the developing world with 3D printing in the $100k 3D4D Challenge

The 3D4D Challenge, a campaign to help the developing world and educate relevant social organizations, is closing to entries soon. Applicants have until July 31st, 2012 to submit their ideas on how to bring about positive change using 3D printing. The idea behind the challenge is to attract the best options, mentor applicants on possible social implications, and finally hold a pitch session to select the winner. That winner will receive $100,000 in funding that must be used to implement the selected plan. This video explains:

For full details (and how to enter your idea!), visit the 3D4D Challenge website here:

E Rob Ives, graças à colaboração dum seu amigo, Michael42er, traz-nos esta pequena maravilha, para que nada nos falte, quando queremos fazer um 1º protótipo no mais barato dos Materiais, na mais barata das maneiras de fazer algo, Papel,  e Cola!

Flex Joint - paper experiment  
In the previous blog post Michael42er used a flexible drive shaft to link models together. Inspired by his work I have put together a file of parts for you to try making your own flexible drive shafts. If you are a member you can download the parts file at the link.
Most of the project on this site use either an 8mm or a 10mm dirve shaft. I've put together parts for both. The ones in the illustrations below are for 8mm drive shafts. 
Print out the sheet onto a sheet of thin card. (230 micron/67lb) Score along the dotted lines then carefully cut out the parts.

quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2012

Mecãnica com Música, e Robots Portugueses!

Eis um Momento de Poesia, visual, dois, só mas há muitos mais:

E muito boas Notícias, sim, Boas Notícias, uma Empresa de Cantanhede, a Gene Predit, e a  Universidade de Coimbra criaram um Robot para ensaios em laboratório, ISTO é que é bom trabalho, parabéns!


Robô português processa amostras
Boa notícia do dia

Uma empresa de Cantanhede criou, com a Universidade de Coimbra, um robô capaz de processar amostras biológicas para ensaios em laboratório, libertando os investigadores desta tarefa, e prevê ter a primeira unidade produzida até agosto. Joana Branco, que, com André Faustino, criou a empresa Gene Pre- DiT, instalada no Biocant Park de Cantanhede, disse à agência Lusa que dois institutos portugueses da área das ciências biológicas e uma instituição norte- americana já manifestaram interesse no produto. A empresa espera que até ao fim de agosto seja produzido o primeiro robô a partir do protótipo prevendo vender a primeira unidade ainda este ano. A ideia de criar um sistema robotizado surgiu de uma necessidade da própria empresa, que usa a mosca da fruta como modelo de estudo para identificar genes importantes para determinadas doenças e desenvolver novas terapias para combatê-las.

segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Behance, virtualização, e molas de Cartão!

Os tipos da Behance, surgem com estes artigos com títulos intrigantes, como este, por isso, cá figuram eles:

Are You Ready To Be Lucky?
The new era of work requires us to constantly reinvent ourselves and our jobs in an uncertain world. Find out how to stay on top of your game.

Podem tentar a Virtualização sem despesas:



Experimente você mesmo.

Experimente a nossa avaliação grátis de 60 dias da solução de virtualização VMware vSphere 5.
A sua vantagem do mundo real começa aqui.

Aproveite a vantagem desta avaliação gratuita e irá ver em primeira mão como é fácil começar com a plataforma de virtualização mais fiável e fidedigna do sector.

Descubra por si mesmo as vantagens da fantástica gestão de TI, da redução de custose da continuidade do negócio que a virtualização fornece – sem custos e sem riscos.

E por último, porreiro para o Papercraft, como fazer MOLAS em Cartão!

Cardboard Spring

I've been playing around with mechanical things you can make from cardboard, and I made this cardboard spring. It's really simple, and fun to sproing, hop, or just wave around!


sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

Artistas do Laser, em Portugal?

Pois já há malta Tuga a fazer disto, PARABÉNS!

A Foto não faz justiça ao trabalho dos rapazes, mas quando a tirei eles não estavam ao Balcão, e eu cá, sem café, não dá...
O que interessa, é que estão estes trabalhos à venda na Feira que se organiza no Campo Pequeno, em Lisboa, por isso, enquanto eles não acabarem o Site deles...
Vão lá, à Feira!

Voltando ao Zazzle, deu-me para lá pôr uma Foto de Sintra que tirei, e deu nisto:

Como a Zazzle tem um App que nos permite ver um Poster nas nossas Paredes, a ver se fica bem, lá fiz o download da imagem-alvo, e plantei-a na parede:

E vira isto:

Por isso, acho que é de tentar, nas vossas casas...

O Link geral:*

E o Link da Foto: