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segunda-feira, 17 de julho de 2017

A Fiadeira eléctrica! E façam o vosso próprio Carro Eléctrico(!), uma bela Impressora SLA de bancada, Placa Barroca para Laser CNC, e um Gerador de Oxi-Hidrogénio

Quando pensamos que já vimos tudo o que é Fabber...
Aparece ISTO:
Uma Fiadeira Eléctrica!
E um projecto de sucesso, 10 vezes mais de patrocínio no Kickstarter, cortesia da Ponoko. Um Marido Engenhocas, e uma Mulher feliz.

Maker Reinvents Electric Spinning Wheel & Rolls Over Kickstarter Goals By 979%, Then 1,744%
Lisa Horn

If you think knitting and crocheting are only for grandmas or that macramé and woven wall hangings were just a fad in the 1970s, think again. Thanks in part to festival fashion, yarn arts are alive and well…and growing.
In fact, 38 million people knit or crochet according to the Craft Yarn Council—including celebs such as Cameron Diaz, Daryl Hannah, Julianna Margulies, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank and Vanna White. And the Association For Creative Industries says that the U.S. creative products industries are valued at $43 billion.
There are more craft-related blogs, websites and tutorials than ever before. YouTube has 12,000 woven hall hanging videos, 400,000 macrame how-tos, 2.6 million knitting tutorials and 3.6 million crochet trainings. You could spend days on Instagram getting inspired by #bohemianstyle, #yarnlove and #makersgonnamake. Pinterest is filled with DIY yarn craft ideas. Craftsy offers lessons in 18 types of creative arts.
While these kinds of artistic expression provide a creative outlet, reduce stress, improve mood and build confidence, many makers are finding there is a business opportunity as well. On Etsy, there are 13,000 listings for woven wall hangings, 228,000+ macramé items, nearly 700,000 knitted products and 1.18 million crocheted designs.
That’s a lot of yarn.

Querem ter um Atomóvel Eléctrico, mais assim, para o barato?
Eis uma boa ideia, arranjam o motor duma Empihladora, um Automóvel, com ou sem motor, e já está!
Com um pouco de Know-How e trabalho, ficam com a vossa carripana Eléctrica, mas esta, com toda a comodidade dum Automóvel a sério:

Build Your Own Electric Car!

(AUTHORS NOTE, July 9, 2017)
Hi Everyone, there' been a lot of views on this project lately! Thanks for coming by to read through it! Much has changed since I originally built this car, including the fact that there are a LOT of great commercially built electric cars available for sale, including used at good prices. When I built this car, pretty much the only electric car available was the $100,000 Tesla Roadster. Now, I'm driving a used Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car and power it with my Solar Garage! Please take a look at my other Instructables and at for the latest on my clean transportation adventures!)
The "Electro-Metro" Project.
Can't afford a Nissan Leaf? No Problem!
Build a cheap electric car yourself by removing the the car engine, replacing it with a forklift motor, and adding batteries.

Eis algo para os Joalheiros, Dentisas, e Inventores e Engenhocas abonados, (ou Clubes deles), uma Impressora 3D, que imprime com uma qualidade incrivel, ou não fosse uma SLA, obra dum Ex-Piloto de Caças, e Inventor com várias Patentes obtidas, que cobrem esta bela Máquina:


B9Creator SLA 3D Printer 

The B9 Creator has rapidly become the preferred desktop 3D printing machine of jewelers, dental laboratories and prototypers alike. The B9 uses stereolithography to convert liquid resin into solid objects of unbelievable definition and clarity. The B9 is the brainchild of ex-US Airforce pilot Michael Joyce.  With a degree in mathematics and a passion for technology, Joyce developed multiple patented inventions which provided the basis for the very first B9 Creator.

Brilhem, e aumentem as vendas, com estas placas de MDF com Padrões Barrocos, que fazem uma grande diferença no aspecto dos vossos projector cortados em Laser CNC.

Introducing Ponoko Originals – Printed Materials For Laser Cutting
Lisa Horn

5 Reasons You’ll Love Baroque Printed MDF

For the first time, we’re offering laser cut materials with full-color digital art printed both sides of the sheet. Whaaaat?
You read that right.
We’ve created baroque printed MDF in three colors—blue, red and green—available in both the USA Catalog and NZ Catalog. And to kick-off the big event, we’re even offering $50 Making Coupons (see details below).
And The 5 Reasons Are …
Creating materials that are Ponoko Originals has been super-duper exciting. Of course we love them, or else we wouldn’t offer them to you! But here are five reasons why you should love the new baroque printed MDF sheets:
  1.     Your products will stand out with these one-of-a-kind materials that bring full-color art printed to both sides of the material sheet. Your friends, family and customers will love it!
  2.     You can make products look amazing without heaps of laborious finishing because the pattern is all done for you in the digital print.
  3.     With a consistent 3mm thickness, this printed MDF is ideal for designing 3D products.
  4.     If you’re selling your designs, you should be able to drive up the demand because your products can now be more unique, fun and visually vibrant than ever before.
  5.     Because of the higher perceived value, vibrant full-color materials should gain superior profits from the new things you make.

Um combustível, a partir de àgua, com recurso à Electrólise, é o que fazem, se seguirem este Instructable.

Mas atenção, que isto não é para meninos, é uma mistura muito explosiva!

Mas também o é, a Gasolina, misturada com ar...
Já vi Automóveis a andar com esta mistura, na Net.

How to Convert Water Into Fuel by Building a DIY Oxyhydrogen Generator
The King of Random

Here's how to build a sexy looking generator that uses electricity to convert water into an extremely powerful fuel!  In this project, you'll learn how to build an OxyHydrogen generator from scratch.

sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2017

Uma Dremmel, do Aspirador? E Plasticina, Software para Corte Laser, um Lixadora de Disco, e Aulas de INVENÇÃO!

Pode não ter muita potência, mas também, uma Dremmel não é um Berbequim...

E é uma boa ideia para imprimir em 3D, uma espécie de dremmel, que aspira o lixo que cria...

Porque é accionada pelo Aspirador!

E talvez inspire algum de vós a inventar algo, usando a Impressora 3D para algo de utíl e inovador.
Vão ver, que o Vídeo tem lá os Links com os Ficheiros 3D.

3D Printed Turbine Rotary Tool - CR10 3D Printer

(3D Files on the Youtube Video's text space)

Algo para fazer em Família, para a Criançada, e como é Verão e tempo de Férias, aproveitem.

Plasticina feita em casa!

How to Make Playdough (Play-doh

Playdough (aka Play-doh) is easy to make at home, and fun for kids of all ages.  Here's how to make your own non-toxic toy with custom colors and fragrances.

This is the classic method that involves a bit of cooking on the stovetop - I prefer it because cooked playdough has a better texture than uncooked varieties.  If you want the kids to be able to do it all themselves, try this uncooked playdough recipe.

Warning:  Keep away from dogs and other pets.  Playdough smells like people food but contains lots of salt, and a hungry dog can eat enough to cause a dangerous salt imbalance.

Para cortar por Laser via CNC, é preciso fornecer à máquina um Desenho Vectorial.

Por isso, cá vai, através da Sculpteo, uma lista de 8 Programas que vos permitem criar um desses desenhos, cortesia da Sculpteo:

Top 8 Software for Laser Cutting
Nicolas Sadeghi

With the recent launch of our Laser Cutting service, it may be interesting to take a look at some of the software you could use to create awesome designs! As a reminder, the SVG format is the one suited for laser cutting, so be careful when creating your files. Without further ado, here is our top 8 of the best Software for Laser Cutting.

Continuando na linha de fazermos algo de bem útil, com as Impressoras 3D, eis uma Lixadora de disco, que podem fazer em casa, e assim, poupam tempo e dinheiro:

Benchtop Disc Sander

Disc sanders are extremely useful tools used for rough shaping wood. When I needed a dedicated sander that could take off a lot of material at once, I was less than impressed with what was available. After not finding any disc sanders with the size and power I wanted in my price range, I started thinking of other options. Looking at what others have made in the past, most did not include a tilting work surface. This was a great design challenge that turned out better than I could have hoped!
If you are looking for your own disc sander and not impressed with anything available for the price, a homemade disc sander may be for you.

Não que os Inventores precisem de ajuda para inventar, até inventam sem querer, mas de certeza que precisam de aprender a fazê-lo duma forma mais organizada!

Por isso, cá vai uma série de Instructables, que formam um verdadeiro Curso de invenção:



This class will focus on the process of invention and how to create quality designs (products specifically) through a straightforward series of steps that provide – even for those who consider themselves to be uncreative – a path to new, innovative, well executed ideas.
Using empathy, iteration, imagination, and a dedication to problem solving (let your inner Sherlock shine!), you’ll follow along with me as I design a portable smartphone amplifier to illustrate the concepts I’ll be covering in each lesson.
Inventing is by no means a mindless paint-by-numbers process, but a systematic way of thinking – both in and out of the box – to create meaningful products that solve problems and have the potential to change lives for the better.
Let’s design a thing!

segunda-feira, 26 de junho de 2017

SUREFLY! OOOOHHH, YEAH! E Engrenagens, a Roda de Genebra, um Instructable meu, 19(!) Programas CAD, e um Professor e seus Relógios

Desde que apareceu o primeiro Quadracóptero que andava à espera que isto aparecesse, e agora...
Já cá tá!

E atenção, este veículo, não é uma carroça que se pilota a ela mesma, o que seria extremamante perigoso, pois podia até aterrar calmamente num Edifício em chamas.
É pilotável, cabe numa Garagem, e estará à venda em 2019:

The Surefly is Your Personal Octocopter That Flies Like a Drone and Can Even be Parked in Your Garage

The time has come. After 78 years, the helicopter has been reinvented. SureFly is a personal helicopter/VTOL aircraft designed for safe and easy flight. With eight independent motors each driving a single carbon fiber propeller, a backup battery power system, and a ballistic parachute to safely land in the event of emergency, the SureFly provides unparalleled safety for a personal aircraft.
SureFly is changing the helicopter industry. Now is the time to discover the affordable, easy-to-pilot, safe answer to personal flight.

Ora aqui está um belo Mini-Curso, da Sculpteo, sobre Engrenagens, com a Teoria toda, e Links para onde mandar ou cortar a Laser, ou Imprimir a 3D, as ditas cujas.
Por isso, toca a aprender:

From 3D printed gears to functional mechanism
Boris Vaxelaire
In our previous blogposts, we explained how to create your own spur gear thanks to Sculpteo laser cutting service and to our 3D printing service. We now explain how to choose wisely between both technologies and how to succeed with each one.

Podem ver uma bela duma Roda de Genebra, na imagem acima, e se precisam de cortar ou imprimir uma, com N passos, pois não têeem mais do que seguirem este meu Instructable, que vos permite visitar um Site onde se calcula tudo para as rodas, e se cria um Modelo, que podem animar.

Daí, é um processo simples, que eu explico, para sacar esse modelo e transformar as imagens em desenhos Vectoriais, que podem depois mandar cortar por laser, ou imprimir em 3D:

Geneva Wheels À La Carte, to Sgv

What Gizmo maker won't, some day, need a Mechanism that will transform a continuous rotation into a move-pause-move one?
That's the Geneva Wheel!

And the question is, where do you get a Vector Drawing of the parts, so you can Laser cut/3D print/machine from a template/whatever?
I've managed to make these parts in sgv format, from an Online Geneva Drive Generator, great program, highly configurable...

But I've not got an Svg directly! No such luck...
I've managed it by snapshotting that page, and then using both Gimp and Inkscape, to make Vector drawings of those parts.
And that's why I've made this Instructable.

Podem escolher, desta lista de 19 programas CAD, não é pouco, outra dica da Sculpteo, o Programa CAD que melhor vos sirva...

E são todos Grátis!

É bom.

Best free CAD software: Top of 20 simple CAD program
Claire Chabaud 

To make a 3D print, you need a 3D file, but to get it you don’t need to be an expert or have a significant budget; you can download 3D files from dedicated marketplaces or try to create it by yourself using 3D CAD & Modeling software. One of the main advantages of free modeling software is that they are often more intuitive than professional software, and are user-friendly for all experience levels.
Today we are going to give you an update about 20 Best Free CAD software for both personal or professional purpose that can be used to assist you in the creation, analysis, manipulation or optimization of a design

Todos queríamos ter tido um Professor assim...

Ensina a fazer Relógios, dos antigos, feitos pelos Alunos, a partir de Cartolina!

Visitem este Site, convencidos que se vão fartar de aprender, porque é verdade, Mecânica, Autómatos, Relógios, tudo o que é Mecanismo:

Gears and Gravity: Finished Clocks (Day 13)
J. E. Johnson

Wow, took me long enough to post this. The last day of DEEP camp on June 28 and I learned so much from my students that I’ve been completely absorbed in revising the clock design that I haven’t taken time to post the photos of my student’s truly excellent work. Can’t wait for next year.
The video below shows six cardboard clocks running (mostly) all at once. What a lovely sound.



segunda-feira, 19 de junho de 2017

$99 3D Printer! Sim a impressora a 99 dólares não pára! E re-programar umRobot Industrial em MINUTOS, invólucros para a electrónica, Bits para a Dremmel, e ponhaam a 3D a render!

A Fabulosa Impressora 3D a 99 Dólares, está ainda melhor, agora, com a nova versão a uma resolução incrível, para o Preço:

You suggested. We listened.
Get ready for an even better STARTT.

The new batch of STARTT printers will be with us in three weeks and this is your chance to reserve your very own.

Improved STARTT features

Early buyers of the STARTT have spoken so we've made a few changes to improve your printing experience. 
    3D printed parts have now been replaced with injection moulded parts.
    The power supply has been replaced with a new, more reliable version.
    New, upgraded firmware improves usage.
New printing software profile
The new Cura for STARTT is now available! No more need to create your own profile. Download objects directly from MyMiniFactory within Cura for a streamlined printing experience!

Grandes Companhias por todo o Mundo começaram numa Garagem, agora, Grandes Indústrias poderão começar assim mesmo!

Estes super-bacanos, da TaskMate, vão-vos permitir comprar um Robot Industrial em 3ª mão, programá-lo em Minutos, como se estivessem a instalar um Sstema Operativo num PC...
E se um dia for preciso, re-programá-lo! 



Engineering the "Swiss-army knife of robots"
Kristin Hanson

The Cohen Translational Engineering Fund is helping promising startups like READY Robotics bring their innovative technologies to market as quickly as possible
"The Cohen funding allowed us to see how our product would solve problems in real-time, and how it could provide value, rather than just existing in the lab as a research toy," Guerin says.
Now READY Robotics' president and chief technical officer, Guerin calls the startup's product, TaskMate, the "Swiss-army knife of robots."

The company installs its software in a pre-made robot, making the machine easy to program and adjust — similar to how Microsoft made personal computing accessible to non-programmers with software like DOS and Windows. Once trained in the system, users can switch the tasks their robot performs in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks and cut out the cost of an outside programmer.
After using the Cohen grant to build and test a READY Robotics prototype, the technology earned a $100,000 Maryland Innovation Initiative grant from TEDCO — the Maryland Technology Development Corporation — and then raised $3.75 million in seed funding. Since opening for business officially June 2016, READY Robotics has grown to house 12 employees in its South Baltimore office, and Guerin and his team have kept busy testing prototypes with manufacturers and attracting more investors and customers.

Se andam às voltas com caixas para as vossas Engenhocas, aprendam com quem sabe, a desenhar os Invólocros de que precisam, e como precisam deles:

Your Guide To Making Electronics Project Boxes
DJ Harrigan

Introduction To Electronics Project Boxes
You’ve just made something great: It blinks, it whirrs, it speaks in tones, it’s voiced-controlled and it’s “cloud connected” (of course). And now this assembled heap of your own design is waiting on your desk for the final touch. If you want to keep your electronic creation alive for years to come, and draw fewer eyes as you ferry it through airport security, you’ll want to make a robust electronics project box to house and protect it.
The benefits of a small electronics case are clear: Your project will last longer, work more reliably and demonstrate a detailed attitude about showing off your work. It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to thinking about the insides of boxes.
But where to start? Where to finish? This post will guide you through the many different kinds of materials, joinery and aesthetic options for your electronics project enclosure.

Eis uma Ferramenta lixadora para a Dremmel, que podem fazer em minutos, poor quase nada, para acabamentos sem despesas:

$1 Inflatable Sander Replacement DIY

Inflatable sanders are problematic, leakage being a problem with anything full of air. I decided to make a replacement from a piece of dowel, some velcro, and a bolt. The cost is less than $1. I really like the resulting round sander, and I hope you find it useful too.

Compraram uma Impressora 3D, e querem-na a trabalhar, para complementar os vossos ganhos?
Não querem comprar, mas querem ver se arranjam quem imprima umas coisitas em 3D?
Cá está a Treatstock, para que, localmente, possam resolver o voso problema:
Duma rede Mundial de Impressoras 3D, um App escolhe a Impressora mais próxima, e trata de encomendar o trabalho.
É bom! 

About Us

Treatstock is an online platform where consumers can search and purchase anything made through 3D printing. With 3D print services located all over the world, Treatstock can deliver a finished product in a turn-around time of just about a week. We also have many partnerships with online platforms which provide a countless number of designs to get 3D printed. We realize the potential 3D printing has to offer and we are glad to be a part of this growing industry.
Our core values include offering the best possible customer service and providing a quality product. We recognize that Treatstock has many competitors, and by ensuring exceptional customer service, we can set ourselves apart. Every order matters, every customer matters, and we take pride in treating everyone equally as if they are our only customer at the time.

quinta-feira, 8 de junho de 2017

Faz-tudo CNC! One for all CNC! Aroundinspire, inspiração nacional, 3D scan da Câmara, Modelshop, e medir Campos Magnéticos

Yup, you'll have English intros to these posts, now
Hope you'll like it...

Tudo o que for CNC, é o que esta magnífica Iniciativa e Engenhoca nos oferece:
Corte e/ou Gravação Laser, fresa, Impressão 3D, plasma, etc. 
E por ser baseada num Braço Robótico, ainda por cima, pode ser a base para a vossa própria Fábrica Automatizada...
E como é tudo Open Source, podem fazer e vender umas tantas!

Anything CNC, that's about what this Gizmo can do...
Primarily a Robot Arm, so it can stack stuff and what not, the innovation is that it also can be fitted with a 3D Print head, a Laser Engraver and/or Cutter,  for Milling,  Plasma, etc...
And, it's Open Source, so YOU can build and sell one!
Or plenty of'em, and make your own automated Factory.


Evezor is a go-to tool for all your building needs

Cabe Atwell  
Evezor is an open sources robotic arm that can cut, etch, engrave, 3D print, and carry out various tasks for your project needs. This robotic arm can help take your product from the prototype phase to the final stages (Images&Video via Evezor)
Sometimes you have an idea for an invention or product, but don’t know where to begin getting it off the ground. Andrew Wingate has been there and wants to help fellow creators with his latest project, Evezor. Evezor is a new tool that aims to simplify the building process. The tool is an open sourced robotic arm manufacturing platform with the ability to pour, pick, cut, weld, engrave, grab and do other tasks you need to get to your end goal.
The robotic arm is powered by Raspberry Pi and boasts some impressive internal hardware with a 64-bit ARM Quad Core Processor and 1 GB of RAM. It’s also equipped with four USB ports, an HDMI outlet, Wifi and Bluetooth low energy connectivity. It even has a 7-inch multitouch screen and a wide-angle camera along with a toolhead to support a macro camera. Thanks to its open source hardware, the arm has the capability to share and automate hand tools you already own. You can even make your own toolheads to use with the machine. 

 Mais uma vez en destaque esteve esta ideia genuínamente Lusitana, obra de João Guerreiro, da Aroundinspire, permite-vos ter àgua quente a sair da torneira, só quando está MESMO quente, e isto, sem obras em casa..
Está à procura de Distríbuidores por todo o Mundo:

 Having your hot water faucets pouring only when the hot water is really hot, without any plumbing work needed, that's what João Guerreiro, of Aroundinspire, offers you, and he's now searching for Distributors worldwide:


Muita gente quer usar as suas Impressoras 3D para a primeira coisa de que eles se lembram, um Retrato 3D! 
E é o que se faz aqui, e com uma Câmara, por isso, aprendam:

A lot of folks wants to use their 3D Printers, for the first thing that comes to their mind, a 3D Portrait!
And that's what is done, and with a Camera, so learn:

3D Scanning Yourself in High Resolution With a Camera

shuang peng 
In this instructable, I'll share with you how to create a 3d model of yourself with a camera. Then clean up, fix the mesh make them printable models.
Things you'll need:
A camera (or a phone with camera function)
Autodesk Remake
Autodesk Mudbox
Geomagic studio (optional)
A 3d printer (if you want to print them)

Podem fazer valer a vossa veia poética, ou demonstrar Mecanismos, como neste excelente Site, Modelshop, se os fizerem em Papel, o que não é tão difícil quanto possa parecer...

Basta fazerem o Download deste App:, que vos forneçe planos para o corte e colagem em papel, a partir dum Objecto 3D, no formato DXF.

Por isso, contactem este Site, ou façam a vossa própria loja online!

A good idea and an Excellent Site, Modelshop, Models and Gizmos in Papercraft, and making those is not as hard as it seems...
Just download this App: will cough up Papercraft Plans, from a 3D Object in the DXF format.

The Pioneer of DIY Creative Models – Modelshop 
Paper automata are not just toys. They are works of art and demonstrations of science. A lot of thought goes into the design of every model. Each is marvelous on its own, and shines even more brightly as part of a collection.
All Modelshop automata are constructed from paper rather than plastic. Paper is lightweight, strong, easy to work with and environmentally friendly.
From Famous Ships and Cruises to Taiwan Vintage Model Houses and European Automata Art Masters Collections, all Modelshop collections recall poignant moments in history. They are equally appealing to adults and children.
Pull the levers, turn the crank and watch with delight as the model springs into life.

Um Engenhocas vai sempre ter de medir a força dos seus Ímanes e Electro-Ímanes, por isso, saibam como o podem fazer com precisão:

Gizmo Makers will all eventually get to need to measure Magnetic Fields, of their static and electro-mangetic Magnets, so learn how to do that accurately:

Measuring Magnets 
We like to use this blog to answer common magnetic questions in a bit more detail.  Here we can provide a fuller explanation than might be possible in an email or brief conversation.  It’s also nice to share this kind of stuff online so people can find it for themselves while searching!
In this installment, we’re going to focus on questions about measuring the field strength of a magnet.  Perhaps the most common question is:
I’m measuring the Surface Field of a specific magnet with magnetometer, and I’m measuring less than the specified Surface Field.  Why are my readings low?  Is something wrong with the magnet?
Let's dig down into the details and see how these measurements can be useful.  We'll also learn about what their limitations and pitfalls might be.