sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

Um Torno por quase nada? Mais Papercraft, Ímanes em Folha auto-colante, e sensores para tudo!

Acabadinho de descobrir, eis um Torno que se constrói por quase nada, impecável para tanto Sítio onde falta de tudo...
Ou para Sovinas, como eu! LOL

Meritória Obra do Site engineeringforchange.org, podem ver, e descarregar, no Link abaixo este maravilhoso Pdf, que vos mostra como se faz:

Multimachine Concrete Lathe Ver 1 10 by engineeringforchange.org

The Multimachine OpenSource Concrete Lathe Project
An almost free metal lathe, drill and millingmachine
● Accurate, and scalable to almost any size
● The technology used has been proven for almost 100 years
● Easily made from scrap, steel bar andconcrete mix
● Built with common hand tools, a drill and afew small welds
● Simple screw cutting without gears
● Easily converted to drilling and milling
Anyone is welcome to translate and sell this.pdf in the Developing World. Contact us for the free Open Office files.
The basic machine tool, the basis for anymanufacturing or industrial production

Mais uma obra de Mecânica em Papercraft, de Rob Ives, esta Manivela de deslizamento duplo, para juntar às outras pequenas maravilhas, em breve:

Co-axial Crank-slider coming soon 
I'm almost done with this co-axial crank-slider, just the assembly photographs to process. A crank slider mechanism uses a crank, the rotating bit at the bottom, and a slider tube hinged onto the top of the box to convert rotary motion into an up and down, back and forth motion.
The co-axial part means that two sliders share the same axis to make a more interesting motion.


Ainda da Supermagnete.de, estas Fitas-Ímane, auto-colantes, para sabe-se lá mais que usos todos os Engenhocas não acharão para elas...

Magnetic tapes

You can use these magnetic tapes in various sizes and colours to label steel shelves and metal cupboards. You can cut the tapes to the desired size with scissors and they are easy to write on.

Magnetic tapes with self-adhesive backside come in handy when you want to attach a non-magnetic object (e.g. a sign) to a magnetic surface. The self-adhesive tapes also stick together, so you can connect two non-magnetic objects with each other.


Para uma data de fins, eis uma data de Sensores, que não me lembrava, nem a mim, do Blog da DesignSpark...

A lista destes 6 Sensores, é impressionante, podem detectar, desde Cores de luz, a Eventos Nucleares!!!


Six less ordinary sensors
Andrew Back  
This post looks at six slightly more esoteric ways of sensing the environment.
So many projects use commonly available sensors to detect heat and light levels along with pressure and movement etc. However, these represent only the tip of the iceberg and there are many more ways of sensing the environment and that range from useful, through unnerving to surprising.

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