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Próteses acessíveis, Cycle Chaser, Guia 3D para 2015, e uma cadeira desdobrável!

Dica do nosso amigo Dave Addinsall, eis algo que é mesmo inspirador, as Próteses ficaram bastante mais acessíveis, graças à Impressão 3D!
Atenção, Países Lusófonos, isto é muito importante, dada a quantidade de Amputados de Guerra.
Faz-nos ter mais esperança na Espécie Humana...

3D Printed Prosthetics As Affordable Limb Replacements
Geoffrey Craig

As proof positive of the potential inherent in 3D printing prosthetic limbs can be produced at such a low price as to be within reach of millions of previously underserved populations. The use of the technology to manufacture bespoke prosthetic limbs is a revolutionary breakthrough for the millions of amputees of the world, in rich and poor nations alike. 



Doutro nosso amigo, Alan Metcalfe, vem esta Dica, uma divertida ideia para vos tornar as Noites de Ciclismo mais seguras...

Cycle Chaser
Matt Richardson
Project animations from the rear of your bicycle. The framerate depends on the speed you are moving at.

A couple years ago, I created a dynamic bike headlight with a Raspberry Pi and a small, battery-operated projector. I’ve been eager to explore what else I could do with a projector and a Raspberry Pi on my bike, so I created the Cycle Chaser.

Já não me lembro de onde veio esta dica, mas é uma boa oferta para o Ano Novo, um Guia para as Impressoras 3D:

Which 3D Printer should I buy?
is the most common question we at 3D Hubs are asked.
We reached out to our global community of Hubs to learn from their experience and see what they thought of the 3D Printers they own. The 2015 3D Printer Guide is based on the reviews of 2,279 verified 3D Printer owners. Their collective 1623 years of 3D Printing experience coupled with 317,000 prints completed on 235 different 3D Printer models, makes this the most comprehensive guide available.

E eis algo de bacano para Casa e Jardim, uma cadeira desdobrável, fácil de se fazer, e barata, também, sem cortar na qualidade...
Esta é que se pode realmente pôr em qualquer canto!

Folded Plate Chair #3B


This is a design for an "origami style" plywood chair. After doing some initial prototypes with various sheet goods and continuous hinges I settled on this design as a good balance of affordability and quality.

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Jacto de Areia feito em casa, OK Go, um Carregador USB, e uma Placa electrónica impressa em 3D.

Eis mais uma maquineta útil de ter na Oficina, uma Caixa de Jacto de Areia, e  feito numa hora, por menos de 50 Euros...
Uma maravilha para os Engenhocas que também são uns grandes Sucateiros, e que podem assim raspar a Ferrugem de tralha que vão encontrando! 

DIY Sand Blaster $50 in an hour

No long intro, get started and save $200 and 8 hours of assembly on the big red one you keep seeing.

It's a media blaster to prep your metal for welding or powder coating, prep your beer glass for awesomeness, remove unsightly body hair painfully, feel like you are at a public beach, and tear stuff up.


Ok Go é uma Benda, e fazem para além de Música Rock, coisas como transformar de tudo em Instrumentos Musicais, por meio dos Kits LittleBits:

OK Go Collaboration – Another Set of Objects

Toaster synths are a thing.

Today we are happy to share the results of a very fun collaboration with the band OK Go. We first started chatting around the time the Synth Kit was released in the hopes of finding a project to collaborate on. Unlike most rock bands, OK Go have the additional quality of having excellent visual creativity as well as an interest in emerging technology. On top of that, they have been involved in maker initiatives and DIY projects over the years.
In preparation for their most recent album release, “Hungry Ghosts,” the band put together a Pledge Music campaign to share their process and raise money by providing unique experiences for fans. This ranged from personal art critiques to disposable cameras filled with tour photos to a customized synthesizer. That’s where we came in.


Eis uma série de Carregadores numa caixa, para quando o PC está ausente ou desligado, para Telemóveis, e outra aparelhagem USB que precise de re-carregar:

Power Stacker: Stackable USB Rechargeable Battery System

Power Stacker is a portable, modular, USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. Stack them together for power hungry projects or separate them for smaller projects with this modular system. The Gerber, BOM, and .STL files are available below.

Power Stacker does what other USB rechargeable batteries have failed to do, and that's the ability to combine together for increased battery capacity or separate in to many small batteries for smaller projects. You can literally use the same Power Stacker batteries for many years across many applications!


E uma dica de Tozé Soares, pode-se fazer de tudo com uma Impressora 3D, até placas de Circuito Electrónico, com Caixa, e tudo:

Creating a 3D Printable Circuit Board for a Practical Application

Scott J Grunewald

We’re not to the point where a completely 3D printable circuit board is feasible – although we’re getting close – but that doesn’t mean that 3D printing can’t save makers and home builders plenty of time by allowing for the creation of custom shaped boards. Over on YouMagine, user JonnyBischof created a customized 3D printed circuit board (with enclosure) for his Ultimaker Heated Bed MosFET Relay Hack.


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Blacksmith uma 3-em-1 3D! E uma mono-lagarta, mais Enfeites 3D de Natal, e Fundição em Cera

Mais uma boa dica de Sarlett Jackson, da 3DPrinters Online Store, uma Impressora 3D que como as de Escritório, Imprime, faz o Scan, e copia, tudo na mesma Máquina!

E também acho que a forma COMO imprime, com uma Plataforma rotativa, é mais rápida, e parfeita do que o Sistema de Treliça, usado nas Makerbots, por exemplo...

Blacksmith Genesis: Compact & Rotary All-in-One 3D Printer/Scanner/Copier

3D Printers are amazing technology, at present 3d printers available in the market is not a complete solution. Creating a real 3d object from 3d design is a tough task for people with less technical knowledge. To use 3D printing software and 3D design software, one should have sound design skills.

Innovative Rotary Platform:

Blacksmith's advanced processing method combines functionalities of 3d printing and 3d scanning in to a single device. No need to waste money for purchasing two different systems as 3d printer and scanner. Our machine allows you to create 3d design files by scanning real 3d objects. The scanned 3d files can be altered and merged through Blacksmith Sorcerer to form a real 3d object.

E vejam só como podem pôr as vossas Invenções em destaque, fazendo-as funcionar no Mundo real, com um Protótipo feito de peças impressas em 3D!
Este Instructable responde a uma data de perguntas que me fazem, constantemente, sobre como desenhar as ideias, transformar os desenhos em Objectos, e simular o funcionamento, etc...
O homem até pôs uma série de Vídeos no Youtube, a ilustrar várias fases do projecto! 
APRENDAM, que se querem VENDER as vossas Invenções, ou arranjar Investidores, ESTA é que a maneira de o fazerem:

Steerable Continuous Track Concept
In this Instructable, we will go through my adventure of designing and modeling a steerable track/tread (as in tank track). I will try and cover as much of the modeling and simulation steps as possible, I will try to communicate all the important information in the text but there might be useful tips and information in the picture annotation. I hope you can learn something from me here and I can learn from you too! so please comment (especially how to do things more efficiently with motion simulator)
So a little background on this project. (no important instructions here)
I recently started my internship at a construction/agriculture vehicle company (Kubota) and after speaking to a few of the employees there and looking through the catalogs, I learned that tracks that can be retrofitted to tractors are in high demand. The problem is the good quality ones are too expensive and the affordable ones very unreliable. The usual approach is to have a set of tracks for the front wheels and another set for the back allowing it to steer as usual.
So i thought to myself, what if we could have a track system that will be able to span from the front to the back and still be steerable. after making a few quick sketches and quick googling, i proceeded to work on the CAD model in Solidworks


E para animarem o vosso Natal, eis uma catrefa de Enfeites que podem descarregar para imprimir em 3D, cortesia da Cubify:

Deck the halls with FREE Crafting 3D Printables!

Set the scene for all your holiday hijinks! Print your own customized stocking stuffers, festive tree toppers and dazzling décor. Whether you’re into cute, cutting edge or classic tree trimmers, our Cube printables help you design it and create new traditions for your homemade holidays.


E, mais uma ideia para Enfeites e Presentes de Natal, a Fundição serve também para isto, do princípio ao fim, eis como se cria um Anel, num Instructable que vai agradar aos Designers e Engenhocas de toda a espécie:

Casting Rings - From Startup to Finish
Sure Hacksalot
Who has the budget for a customized, unique engagement ring? I certainly don't, especially being a college student. Heck, I had no idea how rings were even made. It wasn't until a friend of mine told me about how he designed his own engagement ring for his wife. This really intrigued me and so I started doing some research on how this process is done. Pretty soon I discovered how relatively easy it is to make your own ring (or any other small metal part) using materials from the hardware store, jewelry supply shops, and a few online vendors. So here I've put together a comprehensive step-by-step Instructable on how to put together all the tools necessary (and quite inexpensively) for casting rings.

I am not a professional jeweler, nor am I going to school to be one. I am a mechanical engineering student, which gives me many benefits and insights into building the tools necessary to make successful castings; however, no part of this process requires you to have an engineering degree, or any prior knowledge in making jewelry.

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Magia de Natal! E ABelectronics, cortar Círculos com a Fresa, e um Kit da NASA

Com os antecipados desejos dum Feliz Natal, e Próspero Ano Novo, cá vai esta fabulosa realização de Fabbing levado ao máximo!
Dica do nosso amigo Alan Metcalfe, uma Micro-Fábrica faz-se assim, com coisas como este fabuloso Robot que, quando acabado, vai montando Chips todo o dia, entregue a si próprio!
É uma ilustração de como foi feito o Robot, o que vos espera neste Site, e com uns vídeos de fazer um Geek imensamente feliz!!!

DIY Pick and Place V2 Project Complete

The DIY pick and place machine project is now finally running and is able to place the components for our Raspberry Pi expansion boards. This project started in July 2013 when we began to order the various components, bearings, motors, drive systems, frame materials etc and we started to build the machine in September.
Various stages of this project have been posted in the DIY Pick and Place category on the blog and this post will be an overview of all the stages during the build and the problems and issues we had to overcome.

E no Site, tem várias Feramentas incríveis, que vos servirão, como serviram a estes Bacanos, como, por exemplo, um Parser de Endereços, para o vosso próprio Negócio de vendas online, para as Encomendas pelo Coreio, a solução para problemas de Interfefência nos vossos Computadores de Bordo de Bicicleta(!), e inúmeros outros tesouros que lá se escondem!

...Como o Link para a ABelectronics, com várias coisas Raspi para o vosso Natal, e etc...
É difícil não gostar deste Site.

About Us

AB Electronics UK was founded in 2012 by brothers Andrew and Brian Dorey who have had a keen interest in the electronics hobbyist market for many years.
Andrew has qualifications in electronic servicing and repairs and has worked in the past for companies repairing home entertainment items before moving into the graphical design market.
Brian spent his first working years repairing white goods and household electrical items before moving into the retail market and then into IT.
Since 1998 we have run a successful web development agency and have continued our love of electronics and hardware modifications with many projects for the home and play, many of which are shown on the project blog at
Over the past few years the emergence of the popular Arduino system boards and other hobby prototype boards and more recently with the Raspberry Pi microcomputer boards led to the development of a home monitoring system for our semi-off grid solar system at their home and office.
After one of the blog project posts was featured on the popular Hackaday website, lots of enquiries of where to buy the prototype boards started to flood in and so we decided it was time to start to sell these boards and other related products on our own shop.
We have several other circuit boards currently under development and we will be adding these to the shop once our initial test production runs and testing are completed.

A vossa Fresa pode-vos cortar Círculos em Placa, de vários tamanhos com este Acessório que fazem em vossas casas, passo-a-passo, com este Instructable sucinto:

Making A Circle Cutting Jig 

Hi, this is the design which I made for making circle by using routers. It is simple to make. This tool is used for cutting a large circle out of wood.

E agora, Eis um Kit da LittleBits, com divertidas Experiências criadas com a Colaboração de Cientistas e Engenheiros da NASA, que ensinam os vossos Filhos a fazer coisas que os vão ensinando coisas...

Space Kit
littleBits brings you fun and powerful ways to explore Earth + Space science in the classroom and at home.
  • Designed in collaboration with NASA SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS
  • Includes 12 modules, 5 NASA lesson plans and 10 STEAM activities
  • Learn scientific principles like Electromagnetic, Kinetic, & Potential Energy
  • Make a Mars Rover or an ISS; transmit music wirelessly and more!
  • Connect with the littleBits library to infinitely expand your discoveries

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    Experiência em 3D, Vegetais Hi-tec, LeFabShop, e uma Lente de Contacto 007!

    Do nosso novo amigo, Yurly Lvovo, vem este Vídeo, onde se demonstr que a reducção da temperatura da base da Impressora 3D basta para se retirar os objectos sem colas, adesivos, etc.
    Isto, neste Vidro que aparece anunciado no Video...
    Quem tiver mais experiências para relatar, e produtos inovadores para anunciar, é só avisar-me, também aparecem aqui.

    RepRap, Sitall Glass U3D ABS test. Printing without any kapton, blue tape, hair spray, e.t.c...

    Printing on Sitall glass U3D from good adhesion.
    Printing ABS, HeatBed 110с. Glass is not processed. Kapton, glue stick, hairspray or adhesive tape were not used.


    ...As dicas continuam, do nosso amigo José Soares, vem esta engraçada fonte de divertimento, e ampliação de brinquedos já existentes, ideia destes bacanos da Print4fun3D, de Aveiro, uma gama de add-ons para não importa o quê, virar um Brinquedo:

    Vegetais hi-tec
    Ninguém vai resistir aos vegetais e fruta!
    Temos disponível para impressão! Encomenda!

    Impressão 3D
    Modelação 3D
    Robótica Impressa a 3D
    Formação de modelação e impressão 3D
    Venda de impressoras 3D



    Hão-de reparar que o primeiro Link a aparecer, ali acima, é de mais esta Loja Online, Francesa, que destaco agora, a bem Francesa, e bem-disposta loja Online LeFabShop:

    Qui sommes nous ?

    Bertier Luyt a lancé l’activité du FabShop courant 2012 en tant qu’établissement de sa société, une entreprise bretonne basée aux environs de Saint Malo.
    Le FabShop est d’ores et déjà fournisseur de modèles 3D pour diverses institutions telles que le Château de Versailles ou la BNP. Le FabShop est également distributeur des imprimantes 3D personnelles Replicator™ et scanners Digitizer™ de MakerBot®, la marque de référence de l’impression 3D personnelle, ainsi que des imprimantes papier couleur de la technologie MCOR®
    Notre boutique en ligne, le FabStore, vous permet de vous équiper en accessoires en consommables sur notre site. Une ligne de lampes imprimées en 3D est en production. Un espace de co-working digital sera ouvert au second semestre. Autant d’actions et de projets au service d’une ambition : devenir le leader français de l’impression 3D personnelle.


    E desa outra nossa amiga, a Scarlett Jackson, vem esta ideia digna dum Filme de James Bond, uma lente de contacto com display LED!
    Um pouco invasivo demais para o meu gosto, mas há situações em que isto vai salvar vidas, de certeza...

    3D Printed Contact Lenses with LED Display

    Researchers at the University of Washington have announced that they have managed to include an LED display in a contact lens, a breakthrough that could exceed the capabilities of the Google Glass. Still it is not more than a prototype, since by the time this "LED display" has the size of a pixel, but its researchers have already indicated that they will show much more data, as for example the email.


    quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2014

    Imprimir Metal, em casa? E uma Salamandra de Bidões, mais um Mini-Aspirador de Usb

    Não quizeram sempre imprimir em Metal, nas vossas Impressoras caseiras?
    Dica do nosso amigo Tozé Soares, têem à vossa disposição mais este Filamento, e para imprimirem numa pasta Metálica, que vos dá peças em Metal:

    Proto-pasta Announces Addition of Two New Metallic PLA Filaments
    Andrew Wheeler

    ProtoPlant, makers of Proto-pasta, announced two new materials for its line of exotic 3D printer filament: Stainless Steel PLA and Magnetic Iron PLA.

    ​Engineered for printability on home 3D printers, Proto-pasta Stainless Steel PLA can be polished or brushed for a brilliant metallic shine, or left unfinished for a cast metal appearance. Great for making realistic terminator replicas or giving prototypes an industrial design feel and aesthetic.

    Está frrrrrriiiiio! Pelo menos em Portugal...
    Pois aqui está uma Salamandra tradicional, feita a partir dum par de Bidões:

    Stove from barrels
    Stefan Gales

    I made a sketch of the stove so that you see the look on the inside.
    With this stove I heat a space of 60 square meters (646 square foot) or rather 150 m (5,300 cubic foot).
    If outside is -16 degrees Celsius (3.2 Fahrenheit), inside are 19 degrees Celsius (66.2 Fahrenheit).
    The workshop I heat has plank walls of 2.5 cm (1 inch) and polystyrene insulation of 3 cm (1.2 inch). So it is not very isolated.


    Talvez estejam, como eu, sempre a mexer no Computador, ou apenas queiram um Teclado limpo, de qualquer maneira, há uma quantidade incrível de lixeirada que se acumula por todo o lado, e esta Gigajoga trata-lhe do caso:

    Make your own usb mini vacuum cleaner

    eric dirgahayu

    For enginering or workers who working on a desk with a computer, Sometimes we're perturbed with dust or small pieces of our work. Sometimes they are strewn on the table to even get into the sidelines computer keyboard and more, and we always forget to buy mini vacuum cleaner or just simply want to downsize. Now you need to make your own mini vacuum cleaner.



    terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2014

    Diesel a partir dos Fritos! E um Aspirador ambivalente, um Concurso com Monumentos Nacionais, e uma Forja com 2 Tijolos

    Quem tenha uma Carrinha dos Fritos, Um Restaurante, ou mesmo uma Família grande, poderá não ter de meter Combustível...
    Se for a Diesel.
    Eis como podem economizar que é um disparate, fabricando o vosso próprio Diesel a partir do Óleo Alimentar:

    Making Diesel from Waste Vegetable Oil - Biodiesel
    Tecwyn Twmffat
    Maybe if Walt and Jesse had taken to making biodiesel rather than methamphetamine they would have had less trouble with the Mexican cartels, less murders and violence and an altogether easier life? Also a lot more environmentally friendly! There have however been some moments of excitement in my biodiesel career - on one occasion I was raided and interrogated by the Feds on suspicion of processing 'red' diesel into 'white', but fortunately they went away happy that I was innocent.
    When I watched Breaking Bad there were quite a few actual similarities like, for example, always being wanting to perfect the product and taking a great pride in it. Some of the machinery in their industrial production plant looked a bit weird and unfortunately there was not enough pipework for it to actually work. It does however give some insight into what it is like to work with chemicals and in many ways making diesel (biodiesel) is a mysterious business and more akin to alchemy than science.

    Fazer Engenhocas, quer sempre dizer, criar muita Lixaria! 
    Por isso, aproveitem para fazer este Aspirador, que dá para Lixo grande e pequeno, por isso, vai-vos ser muito útil lá pela casa e Oficina...

    Big/Tiny Variable Dust Separator
    With my increasing interest in woodworking and the amount of dust created in the process I needed to find a solution for collecting the dust created in my garage without clogging up the filter of my shop vac. There are plenty of solutions posted in the web which vary from buying and assembling commercially available dust separator systems to making your own. Here I am presenting the solution I came up with, that is as usual based on all the good stuff I could find on the web and then some of my own ideas. I went for the simplest possible design which turned out to be able to handle a wide range of machines and dust/shaving volumes with 'Version2'.

    Podem ganhar uma Ipressora 3D, se tiverem a paciência de criarem um Modelo em 3D do Monumento Nacional que simboliza o vosso País!
    Cortesia da Traceparts, vejam como é e concorram!

    Invitation to all CAD designers! The 8th annual TraceParts competition has been launched.

    St Romain, France – November 18, 2014 – TraceParts, one of the leading providers in the world of 3D digital content for design and engineering, has announced today that it is launching its 8th annual competition. 
    The TraceParts engineer community, numbering more than 2 million CAD users, has been getting involved in this competition for eight years.

    This year, participants are invited to draw a place or monument in 3D that best represents their country, using CAD or image editing software.
    They can use as many CAD components as they wish, available for free on the portal.

    Entries should be submitted to before December 17, 2014 in a file no more than 1 MB in size.

    Uma Forja, é coisa bacana de se ter, se se é Engenhocas...
    Pois podem ter a vossa, feita a partir de 2 Tijolos, qualquer um pode fazer isto, e derreter Metal, Forjar, etc.

    2 Brick Forge

    I have been looking for a 2 brick forge design for a while and couldn't find any that met my needs. Most are 1 Brick Forges that are really too shallow for what I want to do.
    I am working on longer pieces of 1/4 and 5/16th stock at about 5"-7" lengths.
    This is my parts list:
    • 2 Fire Bricks 9"X4.5"X3"
    • 1" spade bit
    • 5/8th spade bit
    • 5/16th drill bit
    • Cold Chisel
    • 36" 5/16 - 18 threaded Rod cut into four even pieces 9" long
    • 16 5/16 - 18 nuts
    • 8 split washer
    • 4 one foot length 1"X1" steel angle stock
    • Power Drill
    I decided that I needed an 8"x3"X3" chamber, so I marked the brick with a permanent marker.