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Genebra 2014! E um Inventor Júnior, e Microestruturas

Aqui vai um slideshow sobre Genebra 2014: 


De vez em quando, surge mais um Engenhocas exemplar, para provar que o Talento de Fazer, dado por Deus, não conhece Fronteiras de espécie alguma. De reparar, no detalhe da pá da Escavadora, tudo feito à mão...
Querem sentir-se bem?
Vejam só isto:

Protótipo de Escavadeira!!!
Wesley Souza
Um artesanato de Escavadeira feita com madeira e seringa.
Feito por Wesley Souza com a ajuda de Lidio Souza...


Uma coisa a lembrar, por todos os Fabbers, a Micro-Estrutura permite maravilhas...
Neste caso, a Estéreo-Litografia, e técnicas adicionais de cobertura, produzem materiais mais fortes do que o Aço, e menos densos que a Àgua.
Comecem as vossas Experiências caseiras...

Microstructured materials as strong as steel yet less dense than water
Grant Banks

Researchers in Germany have developed a lightweight, high-strength material inspired by the framework structure of bones and wood and the shell structure of bees' honeycombs. Created using 3D laser polymer printing combined with a ceramic coating, the material is less dense than water but, relative to its size, boasts strength comparable to high-performance steel or aluminum.
Researchers in Germany have developed a lightweight, high-strength material inspired by the framework structure of bones and wood and the shell structure of bees' honeycombs. Created using 3D laser polymer printing combined with a ceramic coating, the material is less dense than water but, relative to its size, boasts strength comparable to high-performance steel or aluminum.

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Tinkerbots! E pancadas na Madeira, Sucata na Resina, e Moldes de Espuma.

Eis o que faltava para os vosso filhos aprenderem Robótica a brincar, um Jogo de Construcções que aprende!
Podem apoiar este projecto, e encomendar os vosso Jogos dentre vários já à vossa disposição:

This is Tinkerbots
TinkerBots is a toy building set with easy-to-add robotics that make it possible for children and adults to create an endless number of toy robots simply by snapping together TinkerBots’ patented Power Brain, kinetic modules and passive pieces, and even Lego bricks. No wiring or programming required. TinkerBots is like “living Legos.”
TinkerBots is the perfect hands-on introduction to the world of robotics. While experiencing hours of fun, children won’t even notice that they are actually learning something extremely valuable and getting a solid foundation in technology. TinkerBots is not only for children; it’s for the entire family. It’s a toy that fascinates kids and parents alike, engaging them in play together, and in sharing a learning experience. And with its Arduino-compatible microcontroller, TinkerBots is also the perfect tool for schools and all the makers out there.


Todo o Engenhocas tem Pancada...
E como não paramos quietos, dá-se pancadas ocasionais em Mobília e Bancadas. E as pancadas na Madeira, advêem de tanto mexer em tudo, de nós, ou da Família, que todos nós erramos.
Eis como reparar as Bossas na dita Madeira, algo para apaziguar as Patroas, e ficarmos mais bem-vistos:

How to remove a dent from wood


After moving some furniture, I inevitably damaged some of it by dropping a heavy tool on it. I'm going to show you the technique I used to fix it and remove the dent without using wood filler.
This technique works great for wood floors and dining room tables, too.
I did this at TechShop.

Podem fazer Moldes de Espuma de Poliuretano, sem dar barraca, e sujarem tudo, seguindo os conselho deste nosso amigo, de Lojistas, a Aeromodelistas, todos podem lucrar com aprenderem esta Técnica:

How to Vacuum Form Foam (Reusing the Same Mold, Many Times)thiagohersan
Styrene + Foam + Heat = huge mess of melted plastics and burnt foam.
This is how I prepare my foam to keep it from sticking to the styrene, and minimize the amount it shrinks with each casting.

E para encantar as Amigas, Patroas,  Namoradas, eis uma Prenda Geek com categoria, um Robot em Resina!
É bom!

Junkbot in Resin lonesoulsurfer

Mostly I've been sticking LED's into resin. The 'ibles for these can be found which can be found here, here and here.
You could virtually stick anything you wanted into the resin; I decided to go with a “junk robot”! In my dancing robot Instructable I also used a couple of junk robots so if you want some more inspiration check out the ‘ible here
Junk robots are really easy and fun to make. All you need is some old electronic hardware and circuit boards, super glue your imagination and you’re away. I find that the older the electronic components the better. My junk robots were made from parts I scavenged from an old video player and tape recorder, but really you could use just about anything to make them. Just type in junk robots into Google and you’ll see what I mean.
The following will take you through how to make a junk bot, stick it in resin and light him up.


segunda-feira, 14 de Abril de 2014

Uma Estação de Engenhocas, fazer um buraco quadrado, bolas de barro, e rodas pró vosso barco!

Eis uma Estação de Engenhoquice Caseira, que cabe a um canto, e vos permite fazer de tudo um pouco...
É bom!

Maker Station: The Portable Reconfigurable Work Station for all MakersMatt2 Silver
When I started this project I wanted to build a work station that I could use for a variety of projects and that I could take with me when I do demonstrations. I also wanted something that wouldn't be flimsy and something with a lot of utility in terms of usable surfaces and storage options. After a lot of sketching, research, playing around with 3D models, and good old trial and error I came up with the Maker Station, a re-configurable, collapsible, portable work station that has everything you'd want when your ready to set down and make something awesome.

In this Instructable I will be teaching you how to build a maker station of your own, I'll cover The various tools and materials you will need, I'll discuss the concepts and designs that influenced the final product, and then I'll walk you through the build process so that you'll have all the information needed to successfully tackle this project. Along the way I'll share tips and tricks I learned during the build so that you can hopefully avoid some of the obstacles I tackled while building my Maker Station. 

Eis uma maneira fácil e barata de fazerem um buraco quadrado, e sem gastarem muito dinhero, para as vossas maquinetas:

"drill" a square holearduinoversusevil
This is a short vid showing how to make a quick and dirty broaching tool to make square holes.

Bolas de Barro, ou Plasticina, etc. como as fazer depressa, vejam que é bem simples...
Quando se sabe como!

Fast Simple Bead/Boilie (fish bait)/Slingshot ammo rollerDrPeper
Polymer clay bead rollers seem a bit expensive to me. Plus they only make them in one size and a set of shapes. So I thought I could make a quick and simple one for cheap! First off I should make the disclaimer that "I made it at TechShop", so I had a lot of great tools at my disposal. One of the other members in the shop had some clay that he used for a project that had gotten plaster and dirt in it so he was going to throw it out, so I rescued it to make slingshot ammo out of. I'll be writing an instructable on making a slingshot soon!
The basic concept is you have a cylinder sawed in half lengthwise to give you two half cylinders. You put a measured amount of your medium (clay or polymer clay) into the center, rub the two halves together and you get a perfect sphere.
Now you can use these for making polymer clay beads for your jewelry project. You can use these to make perfect little spheres of fish bait, the English call these "Boilies". We in the States just call them dough bait balls. I also used this to make perfect ammo for my slingshot out of clay. It's biodegradable and non-toxic.

E querem levar o vosso Barquito para todo o lado?
Eis uma ideia fenomenal, para levarem o Barco de e para a àgua, sem despesas nem chatices:

Sealegs begins licensing its amphibious drive system to boat builders worldwide
Mike Hanlon
NZ-based Sealegs has begun licensing its patented amphibious boat technology. Already the world's largest amphibian manufacturer, Sealegs' first licensee under the "Powered by Sealegs" scheme is Dubai-based ASIS Boats, one of the world's top three manufacturers of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs). Sealegs current technology is suitable for boats up to 2.5 tonnes (2500 kg), but the company will launch a system suitable for boats up to 6.5 tonnes (6500kg) in June.

sexta-feira, 11 de Abril de 2014

Impressora 3D para todos! E façam o vosso próprio Filamento, e o Raspberry Industrial

300 Dólares, se têem 300 Dólares à mão, podem ter uma Impressora 3D!
E se querem saber QUANTO esta ideia agradou, que tal os Inventores, sim, porque tiveram de inovar comó caraças, pois eles apontaram para 10.000 Dólares...
E a campanha já vai em 2 MILHÕES!!!
Têem algo de Inovador, ou mesmo de curioso, ponham-no nalguma das várias Plataformas de Crowd-Funding. 
E mais nada!

The Micro aims to bring 3D printing to the rest of us 
Dario Borghino
After quickly meeting and surpassing its Kickstarter goal, the cheap and highly user-friendly 3D printer "The Micro" is expected to reach the market early next year. At only US$300 and with a highly intuitive user interface, this printer could make the attractive but foreign world of 3D printing much more attractive to consumers around the globe.
For all the tremendous amount of excitement around it, 3D printing today is mostly a complicated affair that requires knowledge of specialized software, and is still out of the financial reach of most people.
The Micro, a Kickstarter project by Maryland-based company M3D, tries to break the mold and promises a 3D printer that's not only cheap, but also compact, quiet, power-conscious, and highly user-friendly.


Filamento para Impressoras 3D, ele é caro!
Mas podem fazer esta Maquineta, que fabrica o vosso Filamento, e assim perdem o medo de gastar Material, que impede muita gente de experimentar e aprender, em todas as Artes.

Build your own 3d printer filament factory (Filament Extruder)ianmcmill
Too long, didn't read:
Make your own 3D printer filament !
Cheap and high quality at a decent speed of 150-190 IPM ! (4-5 meters per minute)
Long read:
3D printers are cool and they finally start to drop in price. Kickstarter campaigns like the one from QB-UP or M3D are popping up and they are finally "affordable". And with affordable I mean affordable like 200 $ and not "affordable" like 2.199$ affordable. However, once you are a proud owner of a 3D printer you will soon realize that your wallet is far from being let alone. No ! You need plastic filament of course to print those super awesome coat hooks and wheel chocks. Since the price for these filaments tend to top the actual material costs, printing before mentioned life savers is kind of expensive and could become a problem to the development of the ever growing 3D printer community

Dica da Designspark, se sonham em produzir em série, alguma Engenhoca que desenvolveram no Raspberry Pi, pois agora, podem começar, que têem tudo feitinho para isso. 
É bom para lançarem alguma Campanha de Crowdfunding, para toda a vossa Universidade, para algum uso nas vossas Localidades, etc, etc.

Raspberry Pi Gets Industrial 
Andrew Back 
A sneak peek at the brand new Raspberry Pi Compute Module and IO Board.
Yesterday the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a new addition to their hardware family, the Compute Module, which is targeted at business and industrial users. Designed from the outset to be incorporated into larger designs, this is packaged in an extremely compact SO-DIMM form factor.
ConclusionThere is no shortage of embedded solutions for industrial applications, but how many of them give you a moderately powerful Linux system with all that I/O and such a vibrant ecosystem, for a price tag of around only $30 (at quantity 100) ? And for those who have already been using or looking at using the Raspberry Pi in such applications, their prayers have been answered.
Strategically it's an interesting move for the Raspberry Pi Foundation and easy to see how industry adoption will lead to opportunities in both directions, not to mention providing a new source of revenue that will enable the Foundation to do even more to promote the study of computer science.

quarta-feira, 9 de Abril de 2014

Bial brilha. Um Satélite na FabLabEDP, Coflex, e uma Bancada de Trabalho Portátil

Eis uma Empresa Farmacêutica das nossas, que vai vender o primeiro Medicamento Português nos Estados Unidos, já é mais uma prova de que se vai evoluindo, por aqui:
Bial começa hoje a vender primeiro medicamento português nos EUA

ALBERTO TEIXEIRAO primeiro medicamento totalmente desenvolvido em Portugal chega hoje às farmácias norte-americanas. "É o culminar do nosso trabalho", sublinha António Portela, presidente da Bial, ao Económico.
O Zebinix, usado no tratamento da epilepsia, começa hoje a ser vendido nas farmácias norte-americanas, cinco meses depois de ter sido aprovado pelo regulador dos EUA, revelou hoje a Bial, farmacêutica portuguesa que desenvolveu o medicamento.

Não há quem fique espantado com a capacidade destes Míudos do 12º Ano, não querem ser "Famosos" de TV, antes, vão constyruindo um Satélite!
Parabéns a eles, e à colaboração e dica da FabLabEDP

ALUNOS DE ESCOLA NOS OLIVAIS CONSTROEM SATÉLITE PARA CONCURSO EUROPEUUm grupo de alunos do 12º ano de uma escola nos Olivais construiu um satélite do tamanho de uma lata de refrigerante. É um dos projetos portugueses a concurso nacional, que pode vir a representar o país internacionalmente, na Noruega. 

Mais uma variante do Sugru, para que façam sabe-se lá que Engenhocas...
Vem em várias cores, e Padrões, e serve para cabos de ferramentas, juntar provisóriamente Objectos, cablagem, e uma data de coisas mais, apresento-vos o Coflex: 

Coflex: Sugru and Duct Tape Have a Baby

Sugru rocks, but it can be expensive and permanent, duct tape holds the universe together but it's sort of permanent and not at all repositionable, and can be stiff and thick. That's where coflex comes in. Coflex is inexpensive, sticks to itself and you don't have to wait for it to dry or set. Also known as vet wrap, coban, flex wrap, cohesive bandage wrapping tape, sport wrap, and a bunch of other names, it's used in medicine for bandaging, holding things together and a bunch of other uses that aren't official.

...E Bancadas de Trabalho há muitas, mas portáteis, eis uma que merece ser vista com atenção, porque esta, fazem-na vocês, em casa:

Make a Portable WorkstationBenne
After having finished my CNC router (see my other Instructable), my workshop (a small shed in my backyard 3 x 6 m), became pretty full. The only other tools that I can fit in there are a small table saw, a drill press and some small powertools and handtools. So most of my woodworking happens outside. Next to woodworking and CNC stuff, I also like to work on smaller projects with electronics, which requires soldering etc. Since my 'workshop' is pretty full, I didn't have a proper place to work on these smaller projects. So I just moved some of my smaller tools (screwdrivers, soldering iron, pliers etc.) into my bedroom and worked on my electonics projects there. My parents were ok with the fact that I did some soldering in my bedroom, (better than in the kitchen or the living room), but didn't like the fact that my tools were laying all over the place. The table I was doing my work on also became pretty dented and full of glue and solder blobs.

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Genebra 2014

Cá vão as novidades da exposição de Genebra deste ano, o nosso amigo, o eng. Fernando Ferreira Lopes vai-nos relatando o que lá batalha pelos Inventores:

Caros Amigos,

Esperando que estejam bem, comunico que os Inventores Portugueses que vim acompanhar e promover nesta minha nova nomeação ganharam medalhas de ouro, prata e bronze em quase todos os produtos apresentados. Pela primeira vez tiveram alguém a lutar e a dar o litro por eles junto do Jury Internacional. ter-se-há, claro, que emitir um Comunicado de Imprensa, mas achei que lhes devia dar o gostinho que tanto bem sabe, de serem eles a dar as novidades. Vamos regressar na segunda Feira por volta das 22h. Entretanto reuni-me hoje com uma data de pessoas um "poukito" importantes tais como: uns 4 Presidentes, vários Embaixadores, outros tantos Ministros, o Presidente da Associação Mundial de Inventores, o Presidente da Associação Europeia de Inventores...
Se continuar fico aqui toda a noite, depois conto o resto. Sou capaz de ter fotos ou filmes de quase todos os momento.

O meu fato está a secar no wc, e o cheiro a champagne chega aqui, talvez porque uma das garrafas grandes foi agitada e despejada até à secura em cima do pessoal para refrescar as ideias. Mas digo eu… Porquê que alguem me ofereceria esta fartura toda? 
Talvez porque hoje ganhei mais uns prémiozitos, umas "coisitas sem importancia" tais como ter sido eleito pelo Irão, como Inventor do Ano, ter recebido o primeiro prémio do Salão, que normalmente vai para os Suiços, e ainda…
Um que ainda nem sei a que foi alusivo, mas é uma peça em cristal, espectacular, oferecida pela Arabia saudita. Talvez deva referir também que me deram a maior medalha de ouro que alguma vez vi. É tipo barra de ouro só que redonda. Por aquilo que me informaram são apenas 20.000 Euros em ouro maciço que não cabe na mão, e que também não é muito pequena... Umas "coisitas sem importancia" nos dias que correm.  ;)

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Cestos para àgua? E um Manual para Draftsight, Ferramentas no Windows, e Wix para o vosso Site

Eis algo que nos restora a Fé na Espécie Humana, dica do nosso amigo Alan Metcalfe, a viva prova de que a Necessidade desperta o Engenho, em qualquer lado! 
Retirar Humidade do Ar, com um tipo de Cesto muito especial...

A Giant Basket That Uses Condensation to Gather Drinking Water

Around the world, 768 million people don’t have access to safe water, and every day 1,400 children under the age of five die from water-based diseases. Designer Arturo Vittori believes the solution to this catastrophe lies not in high technology, but in sculptures that look like giant-sized objects from the pages of a Pier 1 catalog.

O Programa Grátis de CAD, Draftsight, pôe-nos à disposição este Manuais, para que aprendam como se faz...
É bom!

Download Your Free DraftSight Getting Started Guide 
Thank you for using DraftSight®, the professional-grade, free CAD product that lets you create, edit, and view DWG files. To help get you started, we hope you'll enjoy this guide. For beginners and experienced CAD users alike, the DraftSight Getting Started Guide has more than 180 pages of fundamental skills necessary for the efficient use of DraftSight. Download the guide now by completing the form.

Há Ferramentas de que podem precisar a qualquer momento, escondidas dentro das Linhas de Comando do Windows!

Tomem nota desta dica, pode-vos salvar, num instante,  de muita dor-de-cabeça...

The Best Tools Hidden in Windows' Command Line 
Walter Glenn 
While it may not always be the best choice in Windows, there are certain things you can only do from the command line. We've talked about a few command line essentials before, like using tracert to troubleshoot a flaky Internet connection and using recimg to create a custom Windows recovery image. Here are a few more you should probably know about (if you don't already). 

Querem brilhar?
Eis um sem-fim de Templates para terem uma Página na Web de meter inveja...
Cortesia da Wix, porreiro.

Pick the website template you love 
Wix is a free, do-it-yourself website builder that offers hundreds of designer-made templates to choose from, in tons of categories, for all types of businesses, like musicians, small business owners, photographers, artists, restaurants, online shops and more. The best part is that you don't have to know anything about coding or programming!