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quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2017

Um Forno de temperar metal! E fotos da passarada, uma Serra de Fita portátil, o vosso póprio Aduino Nano, e uma Mega-Lanterna LED

Se quizerem temperar Metal duma forma científicamente controlada, podem agora fazê-lo, a preceito, com um baratíssimo forno de Toradas, e uns truques!
É bom!
Muito importante para obterem peças em Aço com a dureza e flexibilidade que quizerem, molas ferramentas de corte, etc. 

PID Temperature Controlled Oven

With this instructable, we will take a cheap toaster oven and turn it into an accurate, temperature controlled tempering oven that will be able to achieve a stable and accurate temperature controlled by a microprocessor.
We will combine some common and off-the-shelf components to easily and safely achieve this goal.
Why do we want to do this? After heat treating steel, it's in a very hard and brittle state. So we can use it with less risk of it snapping, we want to temper it. Tempering will slightly soften steel, but more importantly will restore flexibility to it. Most steel manufacturers specify particular temperatures to temper steel at so you can achieve a given hardness rating.

Para fotos da passarada do vosso Quintal, enquanto não lá estão, que é quando eles estão à-vontade, contem com esta Engenhoca, que detecta os vossos amigos de asas, e os fotografa, enquanto vão às compras:

Simple PIR DSLR Camera Trap


The biggest problem I have capturing images of wildlife is not getting close enough to the subject. I never have enough time to sit and wait for them to come to me or they are easily spooked, and fly away at the first sign of movement. Using an simple, widely-available PIR motion sensor, I can leave my DSLR in the yard to capture images while I run errands, cut the grass, or even leave it out overnight.

Uma Serra de Fita que podem levar às Exposições, Trabalho de Campo, Campos de Aero-modelismo, e o mais que queiram, já existe, mas o que fazem com esta adaptação, é terem uma base fixa que vos permite tabalhar duma forma precisa, como nos modelos maiores:

Portable Bandsaw Metal Stand

I recently got a portable band saw for cutting metal.
In order to get the full potential out of it, I built a metal stand so I can use it like a traditional vertical bandsaw.
My stand is essentially a metal version of this wooden one made by Honus, coincidentally made to use with the same model of saw (DeWalt DWM120 Portable Band Saw).
If you're looking to make a metal stand for your portable bandsaw, hopefully this will help you out. It's a great project to practice some welding as well as a bit of precision metalwork. Thanks for checking this out.

O Arduino Nano é um Chip bacano, e podem agora fazer um em vossas casas!
Por isso, se têem amor ao Hobby da Soldadura, mãos à obra:

Make your own Arduino Nano (DIY - Arduino Nano)

Pratik Makwana  
In this instructable, I will show you how to make your very own Arduino Nano. I'm using laminator for the toner transfer method.
What things you will need:
Copper - clad board (Dual Layer)
Ferric Chloride (FeCl3)
Acetone (Nail polish remover)
Glossy Paper
LASER Printer
Marker Pen
Plastic container
Sand paper
Safety gloves
Latex gloves
Saw - For copper board cutting
Laminator or iron
Let's Do it...

Esta Lanterna, é um Farol!
Podem ter assim uma Fonte de Luz LED que mete respeito, para as vossas Experiências, e tudo o que envolva uma actividade nocturna sem outas condições.
Ou uma Garagem ou Cave onde têem de trabalhar, mas sem Luz de Jeito!

Mega Torch - the ultimate guide
Mega Torch Build!
Welcome! This instructable has been 'written' mainly as a set of detailed videos (10 in total including the 'fake' advert above). As such, you will find the text is sparse but, this is more than made up for during the in depth descriptions in the vlogs.
I hope you enjoy this build and hope you can find the time to subscribe to my YouTube channel.
In this series, each video is between 5 and 15 minutes long and so its time to get a nice cuppa, sit down and lets get started!
Happy making!

segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2017

Dobrar Metal? E extraír fumos, 3D do Smartphone, 507 Movements, e uma Prensa em Alumínio

Uma Ferramenta para dobrar metal, com qualidade e precisão?
Faz jeito, faz...
E podem agora ter uma em casa, feita de propósito para quem não tem muito dinheiro livre, mas quer resultados de qualidade:

Homemade Roller Bender
Make it Extreme 
The main problem that people, who are occupied with doing various metallic projects and generally constructions, face is the bending of metallic pieces. The reason that this problem is arisen during these projects is because the metallic pieces need a lot of pressure, strength as well as accuracy to be bent. There are many machines to be used to achieve this but the cost is high. Although, the metal roller bender has been already made once by the ‘make it extreme’ team, the particular construction was not affordable by anyone as more specialized machines were needed to be made than the ones that can be found in any home. Therefore, this our 56th construction is more user-friendly to everyone, is relatively affordable, is extremely useful and it will fill with feelings of joy and satisfaction the people who want to spend their time productively. 

Fumos, são um problema, tanto com a Soldadura, como em muitos processos, na Oficina.
Eis uma ideia bem bacana, que sai barata, e vos poupa na Saúde, também:

$5 Powerful DIY Fume Extractor
I love making projects from scratch whenever possible, so soldering comes in the process.But soldering needs to be done in a well-ventilated Environment or a Fume Extractor should be used.
But Why is soldering so dangerous?
Flux generates the visible fumes seen during soldering. Exposure to rosin can cause eye, throat and lung irritation, nose bleeds and headaches. Repeated exposure can cause respiratory and skin sensitisation, causing and aggravating asthma. Rosin is a serious occupational health hazard.
But Fume extractor are really expensive like 70$ which beginner like to skip because of the price.
In this instructable, I will share what I used for so many years.This project cost around 5$ but works like a charm.
Not only it can be used for soldering only it can also be used for 3D Printing ABS, as it fumes and also toxic in nature. 

Com este App, o Makerpad, podem imprimir em 3D, fazer um Scan 3D, Objectos 3D, e até cortar por Laser CNC, a partir do vosso Smartphone!
O que é uma forma porreira dum Engenhocas se poupar a muitas dores-de-cabeça...

Peter Smith 
Purdue University’s researchers in Indiana have collaborated with the National Science Foundation to start an innovative platform that enables your smartphone to assist in 3D printing, allowing you to create some unique designs. This new platform is known as Makerpad – an inventive and advanced platform specifically for beginners. The patents of this platform are presently pending by the Purdue Research Foundation’s Office of Technology Commercialization.
Karthik Ramani, project leader of this venture said that manufacturing and product design are the purviews of professionals and enterprises like artists and engineers. On the other hand, Donald W. Feddersen, a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University explained that many people have ideas but only a few of them have guts to implement those ideas into a reality. This is actually a waste of available creative human resources and the economic prospects of the world economy.
This platform can even be used by amateur users to create 3D prints, 3D scans, 3D models and laser cuts. With the network accessibility and free technology available, anyone can easily attempt to become a designer. However, 3D printing involves some fundamental skills as well as tools. Hence, many designers are simply not capable of using 3D printing technology effectively. But with the help of this platform, “Makerpad,” users can now easily 3D print several designs.

Quando se depararem com um problema mecânico, é sempe bom terem uma fonte de Mecanismos que poderão resolver o que vos está a empatar a criação da Engenhoca...
Já vos falei aqui duma data de Sites com Mecanismos, como os Museus Reuleaux, uma Colecção de Animações 3D, e os Vídeos de Thang, mas pode-se dar o caso de que nem nesses Sites esteja o que precisarem, por isso, cá vão mais 507 Mecanismos, neste Site, 507 Movements: 

This is an online edition of the classic technical reference Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements by Henry T. Brown.
This site contains the original illustrations and text from the 21st edition of the book, published in 1908. It also includes animated versions of the illustrations, and occasional notes by the webmaster.
The animated versions are not yet complete. They are identified by color images in the thumbnail pages. To keep up with developments on this site, use the Twitter Follow or Facebook Subscribe links below.
Animation system
The animations are implemented with a custom JavaScript library, which uses an HTML 5 Canvas element. You must have an up-to-date web browser to view them.
The JavaScript library is highly experimental and is proprietary for now. We may polish and release it as open-source at some point, but at present it’s far too specialized to be generally useful.

Para quem tem acesso a uma cortadora por Jacto de Àgua, e a um Torno, podem construír esta pequena Maravilha, e terem assim a vossa própria Prensa Manual:

Hand+Ink Letterpress in Aluminum
I recently had some time to revisit my mini letterpress project. After using the earlier design for awhile, I wanted to redesign the press to eliminate all 3D printed parts and make it out of metal for increased strength. This press can be made out of MDF or Aluminum with a few quick dimension changes. The files attached are for 5mm thick aluminium sheet. Almost of of the parts can be cut with a laser cutter/waterjet/cnc, although I did use a lathe to make the wood handles and the top cross bar. All dimensions are in mm since I have recently moved to Sweden. 

segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2017

Filofab, façam o vosso Filamento 3D! E um Termoformador, um Site de Circuitos, Moldes de Resina, e durmam no carro!

A Impressão 3D gasta muito Filamento, por isso, cortesia da  Kas' Embedded Projects and Review, aqui vai a notícia desta máquina que produz a vossa própria mistura de Filamento:

Kas' Embedded Projects and Review
Kasriel Lewis
Possibly the biggest growing technologie today is the 3D printer, this is partly due to its decreasing cost. This drop in cost of 3D printers is largely due to the standardization of the technology as more printers use the same base technologies. The cost of filament however, whether standard or exotic, still remain relatively high.
D3D Innovations has been working to change this. Their filament fabricators allow anyone to create their own filament using various plastics, combinations and fillers. While the Filafab is meant for plastic “beads” the Filafab has had no issue working with plastic regrind from recycling plants. 

A impressão 3D leva muito tempo, e gasta material que não é barato...
Imprimam 3D uma vez, e façam N Objectos, através deste Termo-Formador por Vácuo, obra deste simpático grupo de Designers Belgas: 

Hi !
Let me introduce ourselves
We are a group of Industrial Design Engineering students from Belgium. For our product engineering course we had to make a tool that can embed a pattern in a sheet of PMMA. After looking for the best method we came up with a home made thermoforming machine.
In this instructable we will show how we did it.
If you have any suggestions to improve our design or you have any questions
please let us know in comments bellow
Have fun building it !

Para responder a uma pergunta, encontrei um Site que vos faz a papinha toda, no que diz respeito a fazer parar um Motor, em fim-de-curso isto é, quando ou onde o movimento que vocês querem que uma máquina faça, tiver de parar...
É umSite com muito para lá pesquizar, vão lá:

Como usar micro-switches e chaves de fim de curso como sensores (MEC097)Instituto Newton C Braga 
Este é um artigo didático de 2007 mas que se mantém atual, pois os micro-switches sempre serão utilizados em projetos de mecatrônica. Pela maneira simples como o assunto é abordado , sugerimos sua utilização como texto básico ou mesmo apostila nos cursos de tecnologia ou mesmo técnico.
Micro-switches, deep-switches, chaves de fim de curso e até mesmo push-buttons podem ser usados como eficientes sensores para projetos mecatrônicos. Mesmo a sua limitação de fornecer apenas um contacto pode ser contornada em aplicações interessantes com o uso de circuitos eletrônicos relativamente simples. Veja nesse artigo como fazer isso.
Micro-switches, deep-switches e chaves de fim de curso com uma infinidade de tamanhos e formatos podem ser encontradas com facilidade a um custo muito baixo. Na figura 1 temos exemplos dessas chaves.

Voltando ao tema da Moldagem, aqui, neste Vídeo do Canal Mold3D Channel, são objectos inteiriços que se produzem, e não invólocros ocos, com este Produto de moldagem, o Oomoo 30, e estar Resina, a Smoothcast 325:

Molding and Casting from a 3D print
Mold3D Channel 
3D Artist Greg Perkins demonstrates his process of taking a design from concept to realization. Using 3D Printing, mold making and finally casting. 

Nas viagens de Exposições de Invenções, nãose sabe se se nãovai dormir no meio da estrada, ou os Hotéis estão cheios, por algum imprevisto, ou etc...
Por isso é uma boa opção, para nós e para todos, esta rede para Emergências várias: 

Conheça a rede de montar no interior do carro. Veja o vídeo
Se você já teve que dormir em seu carro, sabe que não é o lugar mais confortável mundo. Mas, às vezes, devido às circunstâncias, é preciso, nem que seja para tirar um cochilo. Mas uma empresa norte-americana quer mudar essa situação e lançou a Car Hammock, uma #Rede removível instalada no interior do veículo em 5 minutos.
Ela é presa nas partes traseira e dianteira do carro, ficando suspensa no interior. De acordo com a fabricante, a rede suporta o peso de dois adultos, ou seja, pode ser usada por um casal. Ela somente não pode ser utilizada em veículos de duas portas ou com bagageiro no teto porque não dá para montar. Outra exceção são os veículos mais antigos que não têm os bancos dianteiros reclináveis. 

terça-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2017

Polaroid 3D! E uma Cola-Solda, Esculturas animadas, uma Secretária-Computador, a SmartMachine, e SENSIble

Imprimir em 3D com qualidade fotográfica, é o que a Polaroid se propôe fazer! Não só Impressoras 3D, mas também Canetas 3D, a cores:

Polaroid launches new 3D printers and modeling pens at CES 2017

Anthony Thurston
Polaroid, the company that many of you still associate with instant photography, has announced several new products at CES 2017 with a very different focus — 3D printing and modeling. The new 3D printers and pens are aimed at making the technology easy to use and more accessible to the general public. 
Starting off with the 3D printers, Polaroid is launching three models to choose from, varying in size but with each of the units manageable in a home or small office environment.

Isto vai dar brado!
Uma soldadura em forma de COLA?
E capaz de fazer coisas inimagináveis, até agora, como ligar vidro e filamento...

Mesoglue - A cola metálica que pode substituir a solda

Igor Kipgen 
Uma startup nascida dentro da Northeastern University tem o objetivo um tanto quanto intrigante, por assim dizer. O professor Hanchen Huang e os seus orientados de doutorado, Stephen Stagon e Paul Elliot, pretendem colar algumas ?coisas? que para o senso comum pode parecer impossível.
Essas "coisas" são tudo, desde a unidade central de processamento de um computador e uma placa de circuito impresso, até o vidro e o filamento em uma lâmpada. O forma de anexá-los é, surpreendentemente, uma cola feita de metal que cura a temperatura ambiente e requer pouca pressão para selar. "É como soldar, mas sem o calor", diz Huang, que é professor e chefe do Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica e Industrial. O novo estudo foi publicado na revista Advanced Materials & Process. 

We bridge the gap between nanotechnology and real world applications. Meso is the space in-between.
MesoGlue was founded by Huang and two of his PhD students: They had a dream of a better way of sticking things together.
“Our first inspiration came from the desire to make dye-sensitized solar cells last longer, giving this technology the longevity necessary to become an important energy solution. We then heard reports of iPhones exploding, and realized that not only could we make devices safer, but could make them run cooler and last longer as well. We are excited to be using our expertise in nanotechnology to advance the state of technology and hopefully make the world a safer place.”

Isto é quase psicadélico!!!
Uma espécie de escultura nova, que, quando em rotação, e sob luz Estroboscópica, aparenta mover-se, num movimento infinito e fantástico, um Zoétropo 3D, mas com a animação intrínseca ao próprio Objecto! 

Blooms: Phi-Based Strobe Animated Sculptures

This instructable demonstrates and explains blooms, a unique type of sculpture I invented that animates when spun while lit by a strobe light (or captured by a video camera with a very fast shutter speed).
Unlike a traditional 3D zoetrope, which is essentially a flip book of multiple objects, a bloom is a single coherent sculpture whose ability to be animated is intrinsic to its geometry. 

Uma Secretária-Computador!
Fica fora de vista, mas pode-se mexer em tudo à vontade, quando for preciso...
E quando não é preciso mexer, tem-se uma secretária limpa e ordenada. 

Building A Computer Desk / DIY Desk PC
In this two part video and Instructable, I'll show you how to build your own computer desk / desk PC. What's a desk PC? Well, you take all of your computer components and shove them into your desk, negating the need for a computer case. More importantly, they're fun to build and trick out!
Make sure to check out the two videos above before moving onto the Instructable! There's a lot of detail that's hard to convey through pictures and text alone. Onwards! 

Mais novidades no campo da IoT, com estes Cips que transformam tudo em apps e aparelhos para ter acesso pela Net:

6LoWPAN devices designed for Network and IoT applications
The SmartMachine® and the SmartModule are flexible and reliable sub1GHz-devices, IPv6 natively with a powerful Cortex M3 onboard. 
The SmartMachine simplifies the creation of local network applications accessible by Internet, thus manageable from smartphones, and allows the data storage in the cloud.
The SmartMachine is addressed to Open Source World and to the Developers community: it meets the requirements of Contiki OS thanks to its own powerful ARM Cortex M3 Microcontroller, it enables the natively development of firmware with 6LoWPAN protocol to create star or mesh networks.  
The SmartMachine with Thingsquare turns traditional objects  into devices and applications for the loT, so designers can focus mainly on the characteristics of their project (marketing, deployment,…) 

Sensores, Bluetooth, e o que mais, conjugam-se com a ajuda destes Chips, para vos facilitar a vida, a produzir Protótipos sem programação complicada, juntam-se módulos como mum jogo de construcção, programa-se com um intrerface GUI, e já está!

SensiBLE IoT Module - When Bluetooth & Sensors come together
On the shelf integrated and certified “Hardware Ready” module, which gives you freedom from hardware development and production logistics.
SnsiBLE Hardware Ready enables integration of sensors with wireless connectivity, not requiring any RF experience or expertise for transforming into the final product.
It provides a complete RF platform to deliver Sensor reading over BLE to smartphone and to the cloud in a tiny form factor. Being a certified solution optimises the time to market of the final applications. 

quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2017

Gravar a 2D e 3D! E imprimir em METAL na vossa Desktop, 46 Sites para aprender, Placa cortada a Laser pela Sculpteo, e uma Mesa Lixadora.

Eis uma maneira engraçada de fazer uns trocados bem-vindos, uma pequena máquina CNC que grava por uma micro-fresa e por um Laser de 500 Mw, por isso, podem gravar tanto em 3D, como em 2D pequenas placas, e talvez algumas peças, com algum esforço, se usarem uma placa de acrílico, por exemplo, por cima duma uma placa sacrificial:

EleksMaker EleksMill CNC Micro Engraving Machine With 500mw Laser Module 
1.This product not only can be used as CNC Micro Engraving Machine, and with a 500mw Laser Module, can be used as a laser engraving machine.
2.Two functions can be switched with each other, allowing you to work even easier.
3.Make of Aluminum material,durable and solid,Adjustable focal length, to wood carving, you can use the NC and so on.
4.Main purpose: wooden plaque engraving, laser engraving, PCB sculpture, acrylic sculpture
5.Equipped with constant-current driver board ensure stable output optical power,low heat no external driver board needed,easy to use. 

Na vossa simpática e acessível Impressora 3D, já podem imprimir em METAL! 
Sim, estes bacanos já vos fornecem este Filamento em Cobre, e outros Metais se seguirão.
A coisa funciona em 2 passos:

-Primeiro imprimem num Filamento com uma elevada percentagem de Metal;
-E a seguir, levam o objecto a um Forno, donde sai um Objecto em puro Metal!


3D printing metal on a desktop FDM printer, exclusive interview with The Virtual Foundry founderMichael Petch 
Is 2017 going to be the year for 3D printing metal? Recently 3D Printing Industry reported announcements from Markforged about their forthcoming Metal X 3D printer, a drop in the price of metal additive manufacturing with the OR Laser machine and a decrease in the size of machines with InssTek’s DMT MS250.
I spoke with Brad Woods of The Virtual Foundry to find out more about his plans to bring 3D printed metal to a wider user group. 
3D printing with copper
“Suddenly every industry is starting to realize what 3D printing can do,” he tells me. Woods has developed a range of 3D printing materials called Filamet™. This material is sold in rolls and bulk pellets. It is currently available in copper, with more metals planned for release this year.
Filamet™ is a highly infused 3D printing filament and early adopters have found a range of uses for the product. The combination of FDM 3D printing and Filamet™ produces attractive and unique prints with a satisfying weight. Once printed, secondary processing using a kiln and The Virtual Foundry’s “Black Magic Powder” produces a pure metal print.
A photo sent to me illustrates the end result. “We leave the print layer lines in these so you can see the level of detail that is reproduced. It also helps with the skeptics, but I think we’re past the unbelievers by now.”

Podem aprender o que quizerem , agora, graças à Net, por isso, é importante este Artigo, onde apresentam 8 listas(!) cada uma com categorias diferentes, de vários Sites, para isso... 
E à borla!

46 sites gratuitos para aprender novas competênciasAlerta Emprego 
Antigamente, se queríamos aprender algo novo tínhamos de nos deslocar a um local específico e pagar.
Esses dias acabaram.
Atualmente, estão disponíveis um conjunto de sites, aplicações e instituições (tal como Harvard) que oferecem um alargado leque de experiências de ensino e às quais podemos ter acesso em qualquer parte do mundo, sem sairmos de casa. E muitas delas são gratuitas.
Neste artigo apresentamos-lhe uma lista de sites e aplicações onde pode aprender algo novo nas mais variadas áreas e actividades.

Já podem encomendar as vossas peças, de chapa cortada em Metal, à Sculpteo, oque é uma boa notícia para quem não pode perder tempo a mandá-las cortar aqui e ali, sem saber, de antemão, da qualidade final.
Vem em Alumínio, Aço, e Inox:

Sculpteo’s Laser Cut Metal Service is available!

Eole Recrosio  
In our quest to provide access, online, to the Factory of the Future, we decided four months ago to launch our laser cutting service in addition to the online 3D printing service. The purpose is to allow you to combine the best of the two technologies for your projects. Whether it is for 3D Printing or for laser cutting, we are constantly seeking new materials to expand our offer. We unveiled at CES 2017 our new metal 3D printing offer, with stainless steel, aluminium and titanium.
We are now launching laser cut metal! With our 3 new laser cutting materials: steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
For us, 2017 is the year of metal digital manufacturing.
Laser Cut Metal is now live!
In July 2016, we were announcing the launch of our laser cutting service in a beta program. Two months later, it was time for laser cutting to be available for all our customers, with more than 60 types of our 4 main materials: acrylic, MDF, cardboard and plywood. Since then, we’ve been expanding our offer to other materials, thickness and colors.
After our technical thermoplastic POM, we are now proud to announce the laser cut metal materials!
Metal is only the logical follow-up to widen our catalogue of over 65 laser cutting materials. With metals, we allow the completion of technical and engineering projects.
Accessible everywhere in a few clicks, you can now choose among 3 specific metals for your laser cutting projects. 

E eis uma maquineta bem útil para manter a Oficina num nível decente de limpeza, uma mesa Lixadora com aspiração incorporada, sem esquecer o Filtro de Ar!

Down Draft Sanding Table (On the Cheap!)*

I had a commercial down-draft sanding table when I had my own shop. It was great at keeping the dust in the shop at tolerable levels. But that table is long gone now. These days, I volunteer at our local SLO MakerSpace as the Woodshop “Guru.” We had a few “extra parts” sitting around, so I thought I’d build a new table for the Space because I really liked mine.