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quarta-feira, 22 de março de 2017

Makerbot acelerada? E uma Multi-ferramenta, o Xilofone Mecânico, filmar a Estratosfera, e um Guia de Impressão 3D

Uma maneira de acelerar as Impressoras Makerbot?
Ora aí está algo de interessante...
Vão ter um modo de Impressão que vos vai facilitar muito a vida, digo eu:

MakerBot says its new print process reduces times and costs by around 30 percent

Brian Heater  
MakerBot’s MinFill arrived quietly last night as a firmware upgrade for existing customers, and the company is already calling it a “big benchmark in speed and widespread adoption of 3D printing.” Many are understandably a bit cautious around such grandiose proclamations from players in this space, particularly when it comes to something as unabashedly unsexy as infill — the support structures inside a model that keep it from collapsing.
At a bare minimum, however, the newly released MinFill setting boasts some potentially impressive numbers. The technology, designed in-house for the company’s Print software, runs an algorithm that determines the minimal amount of material required to create sufficient infill for a model, saving on material and print costs — both major sticking points in the technology’s adoption.
“You can imagine as you print a complex shape, you get a lot of interesting internal geometries that support the shape in the right places,” the company’s VP of Engineering Dave Veisz tells TechCrunch. “The net effect is that it’s going to reduce the amount of filament used and reduce the print time. So, you’re printing less to get your finished product.”
The time and cost savings varies, naturally, from project to project, owing much to different sizes and shapes of objects, but Veisz says the savings to both average out around 30 percent, effectively cutting the amount of material required to print an object by nearly one-third. Really geometrically complex objects, on the other hand, can have savings of upwards of 80 to 90 percent.

Eis uma Multi-Ferramenta, 7 funções, que podem fazer em casa, é algo de muito Geek, por isso, toca a fazer uma!

Multi ToolPricklysauce 
What every pocket needs...a Multi Tool
Follow along and make this easy to make multi tool...
M4 to M12 spanner
Hex screwdriver holder socket
Flat screwdriver bit
Set square
Tin opener
Bottle opener...for that well earned beer at the end of a hard working day..

Isto é uma maravilha, que faz a felicidade de qualquer Engenhocas, só de ver, e o melhor é se inspirar a Malta a fazer algo de parecido....

Mechanical Xylophoneneilmendoz 
This Instructable will actually show you how to make a mechanical glockenspiel as the keys are metal rather than wood (xylophone is a far better word though featuring very underused letter X). This instrument was a part of The Rock Band, composed of instruments that make music with rocks by throwing them through the air, slapping them and making them vibrate. The project was created at Autodesk's awesome Pier 9 digital fabrication workshop as part of their artist in residence program.
The rock parts of this instrument are the small pebbles that are launched at the keys. However, any small hard object would probably work. The aluminium keys were fabricated using a water jet cutter. If that tool is not available to you, then wooden keys could be used instead provided that the rest of the design is updated to accommodate their design. The xylophone will be controlled by MIDI so it is possible to control it to using most common music composition software, e.g. Logic, Cubase or Ableton.

Divertido à brava!
Mas que podem fazer, e fácilmente, com um Arduino, ora eis algo para todas as Universidades tentarem, um Balão de Altas Altitudes, para toda a espécie de Experiências e recolher toda a espécie de Dados...

The Easiest Arduino High Altitude Balloon Data Logger

High Altitude balloons are effective tools in conducting experiments and measuring data in the stratosphere. A successful launch can cost less than $200 and give insight and video of how our planet functions.
For hundreds of years, humans believed the Earth to be flat. High altitude weather balloons prove the Earth is in fact round. The idea of high altitude balloons or HABs is to mount a payload on a giant helium balloon. The balloons are then released, flying to heights of 100,000 feet. Once at these altitudes, the balloon pops and uses a parachute to float back to the ground often many miles from where it was first launched. HABs are great vehicles to get footage from the stratosphere, conduct science experiments, and collect data from high elevations. 

E se têem dificuldades em imprimir nas vossas Impressoras 3D, que tal, um Guia, para não perderem a cabeça, e apreciarem os vossos Objectos, mesmo bem-feitos?

3D Printer Buyers Guide

Alastair Jennings 
Frustrated with Fused Filament Fabrication? Read our 3D printing troubleshooting guide to the most common 3D printing problems and their solutions.
It’s amazing what your 3D printer can produce. But we’ve all had those infuriating moments when, despite everything, a seemingly simple model just refuses to print successfully.
You’ve checked the model, seen countless others make it without issue, but try as you might it just won’t print. What is it that keeps going wrong?
Here at ALL3DP, we’ve had our fair share of print failures. But the upside to those failures is that we’ve become finely tuned to recognizing and solving many common 3D printing problems. 

quinta-feira, 16 de março de 2017

Green tech! E Ferramentas de tornear baratas, fresem um Torno Moxon, mais uma Impressora 3D, e lavar sem Sabão!

Aroundinspire na Green Business Week!

Ainda podem ir hoje e amanhã à Green Business Week de Lisboa, vão que é grátis e têem lá muita Engenhoca para irem ver ...

E lá encontrarão esta Invenção do esforçado Inventor João Guerreiro, para pouparem litradas de àgua, Dinheiro, e os arrepios de tomarem Duche com a àgua ainda fria! 

Mais informações, peçam-nas aqui:

Cá está  o nosso amigo João, a receber o seu Pin da Inventarium, do Presidente da Inventarium, Fernando Ferreira Lopes...

...E uma quadrilha de Engenhocas numa Foto! O da bóina, sou eu.

Vão à Feira. 
Cheia de Invenções, e é de borla...

Dá-vos para tornear? Aproveitem esta Dica, para terem um sem-fim de Ferramentas, sem depesas excessivas...

DIY Carbide Lathe Tools for Cheap

I recently got into wood turning, and I wanted to have a nice set of tools. Most lathe gouges and chisels are high speed steel (HSS), but they require constant sharpening and leave something to be desired. The premium wood turning tools use replaceable carbide inserts that stay sharp considerably longer, but you also pay a premium for them.
Instead of paying around $100 per tool, I set out to make my own. After it's all said and done, I've got $53 dollars invested in two carbide cutting tools, and I've got 6 regular steel chisels and gouges left from the materials that I bought for the project.
Not too shabby - here's how it's done! 

Se têem uma Fresa CNC, ou mesmo se não a têem, façam este projecto, que é uma maravilha, e vos permite fixar o vosso trabalho mais delicado, na Bancada:

Mini Moxon Vise

Thomas Workshop ~ 
Hello everyone, in this project I wanna show you how to make a Mini Moxon Vise. I made a video and step by step instruction how to make it. This vise is very cheap and easy to make.
So, let's get started :) 

Eis uma Impressora 3D bem acessível, a 124,99 Euros, e que permite aos Iniciados fazerem-se Peritos, da melhor maneira...

STARTT 3D PrinteriMakr's Verdict 
The STARTT is a great introduction to 3D printing. It is supplied as a simple kit that can be assembled in around 5 hours. We have carefully produced a downloadable guide as well as a set of instructional videos to guide you along the way. Once built the printer is capable of printing objects up to 14 x 12 x 13 cm in size out of PLA.

Lavar, sem Sabão de espécie nenhuma?
Tem a haver com a Notícia inicial, pois não há Tecnogia mais Verde do que isto! 
Mais uma font de boas notícias, este site, IdeasConnection...

Washwow Cleans without Detergent 
The Washwow portable washing machine device replaces detergent with water electrolysis.
About the size of a bar of soap, the Washwow works by using the reactive oxygen generated by water electrolysis to decompose the dirt and grime on the clothing. Users simply place the device in a container with water and clothing and press the button, then return in twenty minutes to retrieve their now-clean clothing. 

sexta-feira, 10 de março de 2017

Bons exemplos: 3D para a Medicina! , Ponoko, Air-Ink, Forno a partir de Jantes, um Drone Portátil, e GetdatGadget!

3D para a medicina!
Eis uma Bomba Peristáltica, que se pode imprimir em 3D, para Situações de Catástrofe , e Países e Regiões desfavorecidas...

3D printed Peristaltic pumpMarco Arduino channel
A peristaltic pump is a type of positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids. The fluid is contained within a flexible tube fitted inside a circular pump casing (though linear peristaltic pumps have been made). A rotor with a number of "rollers", "shoes", "wipers", or "lobes" attached to the external circumference of the rotor compresses the flexible tube. As the rotor turns, the part of the tube under compression is pinched closed (or "occludes") thus forcing the fluid to be pumped to move through the tube. Additionally, as the tube opens to its natural state after the passing of the cam ("restitution" or "resilience") fluid flow is induced to the pump.

Isto, é um bom exemplo, da Ponoko, de como podem ganhar dinheiro, e depois vender as vossas Engenhocas, se forem feitas por meio da Ponoko...
Mas serve como exemplo, mesmo se não for feito lá, por isso, cá vai, como inspiração...

Spirograph-Inspired Maker Blasts Kickstarter Goals By 224%, Then 544%

Could a free toy in a package of candy change the trajectory of your life? For Aaron Bleackley, it did. 
It all started one day in early 2013 when one of his coworkers got a tiny geometric drawing toy when purchasing some candy. They passed it around the office and played with it. Never having a Spirograph® set as a kid, Aaron was enthralled.
This kind of drawing toy works using simple gear interaction. Just place a gear in a larger ring and use a pen to rotate the gear around the inside of the ring. The result: A multitude of interesting geometric patterns can be created.
That night, he bought a Spirograph kit. Throughout the next several weeks, he purchased several more geared drawing toys and spent his evenings admiring the beautiful designs that he made with them.
Eventually he became frustrated, however. There was a lack of variety of design options. He wanted more pieces. The plastic from which the pieces were made was fragile and imprecise. And the gears often slipped and hopped out of the rings.
“I scoured the internet for a really good Spirograph but didn’t find anything to satisfy me,” Aaron says. “So I concluded that I would have to make my own.”

Tinta, a partir do Smog?
Os vossos Automóveis, a produzir Tinta?
É uma iniciativa louvável e bem engenhosa, e mais uma vez, por Crowd-Funding...

AIR-INK: The world's first ink made out of air pollutionGraviky Labs 
While at the MIT Media Lab, we asked ourselves a simple question. How can we turn something as ugly as air pollution into something as useful as ink?
That’s how we came up with AIR-INK. 
Through this Kickstarter, we are offering AIR-INK for the first time––as safe, refillable, high-quality, water resistant markers and screen printing ink. By using 30ml of AIR-INK, you can negate 45 minutes worth of pollution.

Um Blogue a seguir, "I save A to Z", bem Polivalente, muitos Temas diferentes.
Da autoria da Blogger Jennifer, segue a minha linha de poupar usando o que está à mão, usando mais esta ideia genial, de usar Jantes de Automóveis para este Forno de Madeira de Jardim... 

DIY Wood Stove made from Tire RimsJennifer 
I absolutely love a good recycle project and today I have one that will blow your socks off.  My friend Ben created a DIY Wood Stove made from Tire Rims!  Yes, tire rims!  Sounds crazy doesn’t it?  Who would have thought you could take an old set of rims and turn it into something you can cook with?  Gives a whole new meaning to meals on wheels lol!  Way to go Ben!  You did an awesome job on this project.

Um Drone Portátil, para levarem para onde vão, eis mais uma ideia no Kickstarter, que merece menção, um Projecto muito sério, e não um Brinquedo:

Sprite: portable and rugged. A totally different drone.Ascent AeroSystems 
Sprite is a completely different kind of unmanned aerial vehicle. Portable, rugged, powerful, and easy to use. A tool, not a toy.
Introducing Sprite™
The world's most portable and rugged unmanned aerial vehicle
Whether you’re an active outdoor enthusiast, a serious professional photographer or a commercial operator who just needs to get a job done, Sprite™ is as portable and rugged as you are.
Enclosed, compact, rugged and water resistant airframe
Well-proven, fully autonomous autopilot with GPS and inflight telemetry
Wide range of sophisticated autonomous flight modes including waypoint navigation and “follow me”
1080P high-definition video with 2-axis stabilized gimbal
Push-button interface lets you leave your tablet computer or RC radio at home
Range of up to 4 miles (more than 6km), depending on mission, equipment and environment
FPV (First-Person-View) ready

GetdatGadget, um Site cheio de coisas boas, basta verem a imagem, que muitos de vós vão logo lá ter, só de verem este monte de Gadgets!
Da lavra de Roy Yap, um Engenhocas que adora Gadgets, e fez este Site onde tenho a certeza de que vão passar, muitas vezes...

Welcome to GetdatGadget
GetdatGadget was founded by Roy Yap, a die-hard geek and lover of all things tech and gadgets. Roy’s love for gadgets led to the creation of this site after spending most of his spare time writing tech product reviews for the past decade.
The main aim of this site is to highlight products that we find fascinating, unique, cool, awesome, drool-inducing, time-saving, space-saving, money-saving, state-of-the-art, bleeding-edge-technology, quirky, whimsical or just plain jaw-dropping.
Through this site we hope to share our love for gadgets with you, our fellow gadget connoisseurs.
Most of all, we hope that you enjoy reading about the products we feature as much as we enjoy writing about them.
We only add new products as and when we find them and are deemed worthy to join GetdatGadget’s hall of fame. After a decade of reviewing tech gadgets, it does take quite a bit to impress us, trust us. Therefore, we do not target a fix number of postings per day and neither do we post on a daily basis. It also means that on good days, we may post close to a dozen posts per day.

quinta-feira, 9 de março de 2017

A não perder - Important note!

A não perder - Save the date!

Vai ter lugar, mais uma vez, o maior Salão de Inventores, o de Genebra, por isso, é importante que quem quizer lá aparecer, se inscreva quanto antes...

Better save the date, your Inventions, Gizmos and Gadgets can better shine at this most important Inventor's Salon, so be there!

Inventions from institutional and private researchers on show.

Salon des Inventions - Palexpo - Genève
The exhibition is regarded as the world's most important event exclusively dedicated to inventions, and a unique marketplace for licences for industrialists, distributors and financial experts always on the lookout for new products. Furthermore, it enjoys not only the most extensive support but also the most distinguished patronage of any exhibition in Switzerland, with that of the Swiss federal government alongside the State and City of Geneva and – since 2009, in what is a special honour – also the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

quarta-feira, 1 de março de 2017

Raspi Compute 3! E Colunas Bluetooth em Cabono? Mais Qr Code com o vosso Logo, converter 3D, e cortar com discos... De PAPEL!

A Família Raspberry Py conta agora com este Compute 3, duas vezes o RAM, e quase 10 vezes o desempenho de CPU do Module original!

Way back in April of 2014 we launched the original Compute Module (CM1), which was based around the BCM2835 processor of the original Raspberry Pi. CM1 was a great success and we’ve seen a lot of uptake from various markets, particularly in IoT and home and factory automation. Not to be outdone by its bigger Raspberry Pi brother, the Compute Module is also destined for space! 
Since releasing the original Compute Module, we’ve launched 2 further generations of much faster Raspberry Pi boards, so today we bring you the shiny new Compute Module 3 (CM3); this is based on the Raspberry Pi 3 hardware, providing twice the RAM and roughly 10x the CPU performance of the original Module. We’ve been talking about the Compute Module 3 since the launch of the Raspberry Pi 3, and we’re already excited to see NEC displays, an early adopter, launching their CM3-enabled display solution.

Para se familiarizarem com o fabrico em Fibra de Carbono, nada melhor do que este Projecto que vos oferece esta coluna de som Bluetooth:

Carbon Bluetooth Speaker BuildSteve Willson Kujur 
Hey! everyone My name is Steve .
Today I'm going to show you How to make a Carbon Bluetooth Speaker Build as written on the tittle .
It is very interesting subject to work with I've spend many times in research and experiment finally i came with a New Project .
Since , Bluetooth Speaker are very Popular Today
I've been searching a Best Bluetooth Speaker for long year and years .
Finally i made it
Let's Get Started

Para terem a vossa página acessível nos vossos Cartões de Visita e Folhetos, têem esta Página impecável, e Grátis, em que podem até lá pôr o vosso Logo...
Como o Qr Code com o Link desta Página!

The free QR-Code-Generator to create QR Codes with Logo, Color and vector formats (SVG, PDF, EPS).

All generated qr codes are free for commercial usage. If you like our service we would be very thankful about recommendations and links to us. Thanks! 
  • QRCode-Monkey...
  • is a feature-rich QR-Code Generator
  • is free for commercial usage - do whatever you want with the generated QR-Codes
  • offers unlimited scans for every QR-Code
  • generates high resolution quality QR-Codes for print in PNG file format (up to 3000px width)
  • generates SVG, PDF or EPS vector graphics (currently without logo and effects)
  • changes the color of an QR-Code
  • includes logos from a predefined gallery in your QR-Code
  • includes logo from an image URL
  • includes own logo-images via file upload
  • generates QR-Codes for URLs, Text, SMS, Phone, vCard (Business Cards), MeCard, Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps Locations and more
  • prints generated QR-Codes directly on all kind of products (using
  • does not save your entered data - generated QR-Code images will be deleted after one day


É um Programa pequeno mas poderoso, que aqui aparece, e visualiza e converte-vos uma data de Objectos 3D, o que vos poupa tempo e chatices sem fim...

JNetCAD ...

... the Java-Application for viewing and converting CAD data. 
JNetCAD is a simple Java GUI for importing and exporting several CAD formats. Each im- and export module exists as JAR library and can be used separately in other projects. JNetCAD uses jRealiy for the visualization. Hence it provides a software renderer and a JOGL (Java binding for OpenGL) renderer. For the import libraries, exemplary Java3D and jReality renderer are included. At least Java version 1.5 is required. 

...Deixo-vos este Vídeo, que é um achado, de como podem cortar Plástico, Madeira, e outros materiais, com o vulgar Papel A4!
Bom em emergências, como quando se parte o último disco de serra Dremmel, ou para Materiais muito sensíveis ao corte...

Cutting with an Angle Grinder and Paper (Plasterboard, plastic, wood)

quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2017

Um Forno de temperar metal! E fotos da passarada, uma Serra de Fita portátil, o vosso póprio Aduino Nano, e uma Mega-Lanterna LED

Se quizerem temperar Metal duma forma científicamente controlada, podem agora fazê-lo, a preceito, com um baratíssimo forno de Toradas, e uns truques!
É bom!
Muito importante para obterem peças em Aço com a dureza e flexibilidade que quizerem, molas ferramentas de corte, etc. 

PID Temperature Controlled Oven

With this instructable, we will take a cheap toaster oven and turn it into an accurate, temperature controlled tempering oven that will be able to achieve a stable and accurate temperature controlled by a microprocessor.
We will combine some common and off-the-shelf components to easily and safely achieve this goal.
Why do we want to do this? After heat treating steel, it's in a very hard and brittle state. So we can use it with less risk of it snapping, we want to temper it. Tempering will slightly soften steel, but more importantly will restore flexibility to it. Most steel manufacturers specify particular temperatures to temper steel at so you can achieve a given hardness rating.

Para fotos da passarada do vosso Quintal, enquanto não lá estão, que é quando eles estão à-vontade, contem com esta Engenhoca, que detecta os vossos amigos de asas, e os fotografa, enquanto vão às compras:

Simple PIR DSLR Camera Trap


The biggest problem I have capturing images of wildlife is not getting close enough to the subject. I never have enough time to sit and wait for them to come to me or they are easily spooked, and fly away at the first sign of movement. Using an simple, widely-available PIR motion sensor, I can leave my DSLR in the yard to capture images while I run errands, cut the grass, or even leave it out overnight.

Uma Serra de Fita que podem levar às Exposições, Trabalho de Campo, Campos de Aero-modelismo, e o mais que queiram, já existe, mas o que fazem com esta adaptação, é terem uma base fixa que vos permite tabalhar duma forma precisa, como nos modelos maiores:

Portable Bandsaw Metal Stand

I recently got a portable band saw for cutting metal.
In order to get the full potential out of it, I built a metal stand so I can use it like a traditional vertical bandsaw.
My stand is essentially a metal version of this wooden one made by Honus, coincidentally made to use with the same model of saw (DeWalt DWM120 Portable Band Saw).
If you're looking to make a metal stand for your portable bandsaw, hopefully this will help you out. It's a great project to practice some welding as well as a bit of precision metalwork. Thanks for checking this out.

O Arduino Nano é um Chip bacano, e podem agora fazer um em vossas casas!
Por isso, se têem amor ao Hobby da Soldadura, mãos à obra:

Make your own Arduino Nano (DIY - Arduino Nano)

Pratik Makwana  
In this instructable, I will show you how to make your very own Arduino Nano. I'm using laminator for the toner transfer method.
What things you will need:
Copper - clad board (Dual Layer)
Ferric Chloride (FeCl3)
Acetone (Nail polish remover)
Glossy Paper
LASER Printer
Marker Pen
Plastic container
Sand paper
Safety gloves
Latex gloves
Saw - For copper board cutting
Laminator or iron
Let's Do it...

Esta Lanterna, é um Farol!
Podem ter assim uma Fonte de Luz LED que mete respeito, para as vossas Experiências, e tudo o que envolva uma actividade nocturna sem outas condições.
Ou uma Garagem ou Cave onde têem de trabalhar, mas sem Luz de Jeito!

Mega Torch - the ultimate guide
Mega Torch Build!
Welcome! This instructable has been 'written' mainly as a set of detailed videos (10 in total including the 'fake' advert above). As such, you will find the text is sparse but, this is more than made up for during the in depth descriptions in the vlogs.
I hope you enjoy this build and hope you can find the time to subscribe to my YouTube channel.
In this series, each video is between 5 and 15 minutes long and so its time to get a nice cuppa, sit down and lets get started!
Happy making!