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Um Arduino feito em casa, um Programa Online para poupar Chapa, mais uma Màquina CNC Arduino, e um Maçarico que se faz em casa.

E se quiezerem um Arduino, e só tiverem 5 Dólares?
Pois FAÇAM um, e com muitas capacidades, e ainda, sem necessidade de um programador externo, que já já está um dentro!

Gduino-No Programmer Required!! for 5$,Programs Multiple AVRs

Gursimran Singh 425 

 Arduino is familiar to anyone who loves to build tech.It is very common in project makers.But why 25$ For this board!! We can make our own!! In this instructable I am going to show you how to build an arduino at home that doesn't need any external programmers like USBASP or serial communicators.USBASP is already embedded inside this circuit!! I was impressed by bjkayani's instructable Beeduino ,the tutorial is well detailed and also Thomas Fischl's USBASP.I decided to make both these circuits on one board.Not by soldering a perfboard or on breadboard but on our very own built PCB!! Yes we can make it at home!! I will show two ways of etching PCBs and also tell which one would be better!! The other interesting thing is that I made it in just 5$ 5 times less than that of original arduino. And also we can program many other programmable ICs like ATtiny45/85 etc.Enjoy!! 

Alinhar os vossos Desenhos Vectoriais para o Corte CNC pode ser um problema, mas este Programa Online, e Open Source, faz esse trabalho por vós, para poupar tempo, e Material:



SVG Nest 
What exactly is "nesting"?
We have some (2d) parts to cut and a piece of material, we want to arrange the parts to use as little material as possible. This is a common problem if you use a laser cutter, plasma cutter, CNC machine etc.
In computer terms this is called the irregular bin-packing problem
How much does it cost?
It's free and open source. The code and implementation details are on Github 

Poderão talvez aproveitar o tal Arduino acima mencionado, para fazerem mais esta máquina CNC, e fica tudo em casa! 

How to Make an Arduino Powered CNC Machine


Step-by-step instructions on how to build a low cost CNC machine controlled with an Arduino Uno! 
Roller skate wheels will be used to create the X-Axis sled. A combination of 2in and 1in steel tubing will form the base of the machine. 

...Com meia-dúzia de coisas podem fazer este engenhoso Maçarico, que já alcança uma Temperatura respeitável, e vos facilitará muito a vida de Engenhocas: 

How to make a mini Gas-jet (up to 1000ºC)

Roman UrsuHack

Gas-jet (up to 1000ºС) with your own hands!
With the turned on blowing the gas-jet has a good heating power, it can set alight a plumbeous pellet in a few seconds (up to 1000ºС)!
In conclusion I'd like to say: this gas-jet may be improved by installing an ergonomical (pistol) handle and add the piezoelectric element for lighters for the facilitation of firing. 

E aqui está uma Tecnologia mesmo à espera de ser trazida para o Universo dos Fabbers, dobrar Chapa por controle CNC, até ela ter a forma que desejem, para o que quizerem... 
O exemplo é de Chapa de Aço, mas imagino que Folha de Latão ou Alumínio estará ao alcance de máquinas caseiras: 

Ford's Advanced Prototyping, Personalization and Low-Volume Production Technology

Ford Media 
Ford engineers are developing a highly flexible, first-of-its-kind, patented technology to rapidly form sheet metal parts for low-volume production applications. Once fully developed, the technology (Ford Freeform Fabrication Technology, or F3T) will allow for lower costs and ultrafast delivery times for prototypes -- within three business days versus conventional methods that take anywhere from two to six months.

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Um Torno para Madeira, um Gerador de Engrenagens, uma Onda Mecânica, e uma Mão Biónica!

O melhor trabalho até agora, que eu tenha visto, para transformarem um Engenho de furar num Torno de Madeira sólido e práctico!

Homemade Woodworking Lathe

WoodCrafts 67 

This My Homemade Lathe I made Last year. It consists of An old drill press and Off cuts I had Leftover in the shop. Rails are from An Old louvre door some pine and for the rotating centre I used the bit/ collet end from an old router that was broke. I use this quite often and it still works great. 

Já vos mostrei outros Geradores de Engrenagens, mas este é mais completo, com engrenagens complexas, de rodas dentadas múltiplas:

Gear Generator is a tool for creating involute spur gears and download them in SVG format. In addition it let you compose full gear layouts with connetcted gears to design multiple gears system with control of the input/output ratio and rotation speed. Gears can be animated with various speed to demonstrate working mechanism.
Why this tool was created? Just for fun. I'm working on a hobby project, a scale construction machine, which needed some spur gears, and i quickly made a simple spur gear creator script in Javascript with SVG output. As it was done, i couldn't stop, and i added more and more features, and finally i got this tool. It was a pleasure to code the whole thing, i'm a bit sad it is already done, so if you have any idea, what would be a helpful feature, just let me know by sending an e-mail (I couldn't have done this tool without Pageflip, my main project).
Notes about browser compatibility: all new major browsers are supported (i didn't tested IE), but unfortunately Chrome can't render SVG circle correctly. The winners are: Opera for the best performance (shame on me, i never use it) and Firefox for the best looking SVG render. 

Didáctica, simples, mas engenhosa, esta Onda Mecânica mostra-vos como funcionam as ondas, ou seja, o mecanismo ondulantário, e o que ancontece quando a Onda começa no meio, ou nas extremidades, etc:

Mini Wave Model
The Oakland Toy Lab 

A little wave goes a long way!
The mini wave model is small but mighty. With just a few minutes of set-up, it's just as good at demonstrating as its bigger siblings. This is a great model for waves that move, reflect, stand, and wiggle, perfect for a starter project in classrooms learning about waves and motion.
What: Mini Wave Model
Concepts: waves, propagation, physics
Time: ~15 minutes to set up
Cost: ~$1.50
Bolts x 2 (with nuts that fit)
Nuts x 40 (or so)
Sticks (I used candy sticks, but cut dowel or other sticks work great, too)
Block of wood (2x4 works great)
Hot glue gun / hot glue
Hop on the wave! 

Uma ideia que nos faz sentir melhor com a Humanidade, aqui está Ada, uma Mão Protésica, que pode ser feita para qualquer um, em qualquer lado, tudo Open Source, Bravo, Inventores do Grupo Open Bionics! 

Ada Robotic Hand - Open Bionics

Open Bionics 
This is a step by step guide on how to make an Open Bionics Ada robotic hand. This is derived from the Dextrus robotic hand, by the Open Hand Project. It assumes you have either ordered the Ada robotic hand kit or have access to a 3D printer are planning to print 3D parts from YouMagine or thingiverse. The list of required 3D printed parts, components and tools are stated below. If you have ordered the Ada kit, you can skip the first step and start straight from step 2.
This hand would provide an excellent research platform for robotics or a test platform for prosthetics research. It has been designed to be easy to build and repair and should be a great project for someone with interests in robotics or prosthetics and wants their very own robotic hand! 

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Imprimir em 3D, Ferro-Magnético, Gravar em Laser, Impressão em Papel, MAS, em 3D, e Engrenagens Cónicas no Tico-Tico!

Podem agora imprimir nas vossas Impressoras 3D em Material Ferro-Magnético, o que abre toda a espécie de novas possibilidades, como Sensores, relays, e Motores magnéticos, tanto dos rotativos, como dos Lineares!

Functional 3D Printing Looking Attractive with New Magnetic Filament from Graphene 3D Labs
Graphene 3D Lab Inc. has already demonstrated some success with the release of their Conductive Graphene Filament, which at least one of our team members thought was fun to play around with. Now, the Canadian company is introducing yet another functional filament and, this time, it’s sure to attract some attention. Currently for sale on the company’s online store, BlackMagic3D, and on Amazon is Graphene 3D Lab’s all new Ferro-Magnetic PLA filament. 
As must as one might like to create fridge magnets with the material, the new magnetic filament from Graphene 3D Lab can actually be used to make functional objects like sensors, mechanical actuators, and motors.  I won’t pretend to know how to build these, but there are plenty of tutorials online describing how to make magnetic motors, sensors, actuators, and more.  Combined with conductive filament, we are slowly approaching the day in which all the parts necessary to reproduce a 3D printer will be 3D printable, fulfilling the dreams of RepRap founder Adrian Bowyer.

.. Para cpmeçarem a vossa Fabriqueta de Engenhocas, eis uma Máquina CNC só com um Arduino, e capaz de gravar em Madeira, e cortar Papel e Cartão.
Com o dinheiro que fizerem, bem podem comprar depois uma máquina mais potente!

Arduino Laser Engraver Wood Design!
Hi everybody, my name is Michiel and I am going to show you how to make an awesome looking laser engraver!
A couple of months ago, there was a CNC challenge here at instructables, while checking out the entries of that contest, I saw some pretty cool engraving machines and I thought: "Why shouldn't I make my own?". And so I did, but I didn't want to make someone else's project, I wanted to make my own. And so my story began... :)
This laser engraver uses a 1.8W 445nm laser module, of course, this is nothing compared to the industrial laser cutters who use lasers of (a lot) more than 50W. But this laser will do well for us. It can cut through paper and cardboard and it can engrave all kinds of wood. I haven't tested other materials yet, but I'm sure it can engrave many other materials. l will let you know! It has a large engraving surface of about 500x380mm.
Who can make this laser engraver? Everybody, if you are an engineer, a lawyer, a teacher or a student like me, you can build this thing! All you have to do is follow this instructable. 

Para Modelos e Maquetes bem realistas, mas numa máquina acessível, esta nova Máquina da Mcor vem-vos ajudar, agora ainda mais, porque vem com uma data de truques novos!

This 3D Printer Builds Full-Color Paper Models!


Traditional desktop 3D printers use melted plastic as their build material, but Mcor's printers layer sheets of paper on top of each other to create their models. We check out the new Mcor Arke, a printer that cuts from a large spool of paper, glues those sheets together, and then prints color on them to turn digital files into large paper models!
Shot by Adam Isaak and edited by Joey Fameli

..E ainda mais uma Impressora 3D por quase nada...
235 Dólares, e feito em 7 horas, não há razão para não tentarem!

How to assemble very cheap 3D printer
3D printing is great tool, you can print almost everything that you need. For example my lamp was broken since few weeks but now I design part that I needed to fix it and it works!
Cheap printer maybe mean for somebody bad printer. But I think that for this price ($235)it works great. It can print offline, has heated bed (without glass table but I will show you how to make it). Assembling it is very easy. I made it without instruction (I didn't check SD card, on it you can find some video tutorials). It took me 7 hours to build, calibrate and print first thing (small 1cmx1cmx1cm cube). 

..Mais esta, como, com a vossa humilde Serra Tico-tico de Bancada, podem fazer Engrenagens Cónicas, as tais a 90º!
Para quem queira fazer maquinetas em Madeira, isto é indispensável... 
E até vem com os Planos para o Helicóptero que aqui vêem!
É bom! 

Making Bevel Gears on the Scroll SawJEPLANS 
Making wooden Bevel Gears on the Scroll Saw. In this video I go through how to make Bevel gears that go with my wooden helicopter plans.
Available at

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Sculpto 3D em Inglês! E Perfis em Alumínio, aprender a desenhar, Motores na Robótica, e um Carro de Imanes

A Impressora Sculpto3D, já mencionada antes aqui, por ter um revolucionário Sistema de Impressão 3D a partir de esboços em papel(!), vem agora, a pedido de várias Famílias, numa Versão em Inglês, o que nos facilita imensamente a vida!
Vem com um Link para encomendar.

Sculpto 3D Printer &App
Ordering Link 
Sculpto is the future of toys, making 3D printing for everybody, kids as well as adults. Print your own toys, a new unique bracelet, decorations for the holiday, the spare part you were missing or perhaps a new bowtie.
The stage is set for many hours of fun, play, learning and companionship with a Sculpto 3D printer in the family. The only limit for what you can create together is your imagination.
With a Sculpto 3D printer in the house everybody can print whatever they want. The kids no longer have to wait for mom and dad to drive them to the toy store, no, they can just print their own.
Sculpto’s family friendly 3D Printer and App is not in the stores yet, but you can already secure your own now as, and get it as one of the firsts.

Incrívelmente ùtil por todo o lado, na Oficina do Engenhocas, para construír de tudo um pouco, de Protótipos a Impressoras 3D, passando por toda a espécie de Máquinas-Ferramenta de que se lembrem, eis uma loja de Perfis, com um Blogue porreiro:

About APM 
Alu Profiles Manchester was founded in 2015, the web store serves as a platform, by where designers or makers have access to materials to prototype a range of different projects.
We like to think of products we sell as modern day Meccano, but much more sturdy, versatile and perfect for prototyping 3D automated machines. 

..Um Ebook bem bom, para aprenderem a desenhar, façam favor de APRENDER, que é, ainda por cima, GRÁTIS!
Parabéns, Ivan Querino, parabéns, Brasil!

Chegou a hora de realizar o sonho de Aprender a Desenhar o que você quiser sem sair de casa!
Acredito realmente que a arte pode salvar vidas e quero compartilhar isso com o maior número de pessoas possível. Essa é minha missão.
Ivan Querino Ilustrador, Professor e Palestrant 

Não se é Engenhocas, sem se acabar por acumular uma série de Motores Eléctricos, e eis que vem este noisso amigo, Taifur, ajudar-nos a encontrar o que fazer com eles, no campo da Robótica, e não só:

Complete Motor guide for Robotics

Robot is an electromechanical device which is capable of reacting in some way to its environment, and take autonomous decisions or actions in order to achieve a specific task.
Roboticists develop man-made mechanical devices that can move by themselves, whose motion must be modelled, planned, sensed, actuated and controlled, and whose motion behavior can be influenced by “programming”.
This definition implies that a device can only be called a “robot” if it contains a movable mechanism, influenced by sensing, planning, actuation and control components. Motors and actuators are the devices which make the robot movable. Motors and actuators convert electrical energy into physical motion. The vast majority of actuators produce either rotational or linear motion.
In this instructables I will explain more common types of motors and actuators, their basics and how to control them. 

Sugerido por mim, a eles, e em boa hora, eis que a KJMagnetics nos oferece mais um simpático Instructable, sobre como construír em minutos este carrito, que é tanto Didáctico, quanto divertido!

Magnet Car

Here is a quick, easy way to create a self-propelled car using simple household items! All it takes is some magnets, a AA battery, and some aluminum foil!
As previously mentioned, you only need three things to complete the project-- a few magnets, a AA battery, and aluminum foil. 

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Façam o vosso próprio Micro-PC! E Motores a partir das Impressoras, um cartão de Visitas Digital, e uma Base para Fresa Dremmel.

Com muito pouco, fazem o vosso próprio Micro PC, daqueles que carregam directamente dum Chip, usando este Instructable:

Make your own 'Home Computer'

Many of us learnt to program on a Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, BBC Micro or similar - 8/16 bit Home Computers. These computers booted straight up to a command prompt and encouraged you to write code and play with them.
You can now make your own (that runs JavaScript) in a few hours using a Espruino Pico microcontroller!

E que tal fazerem um Quadracóptero a partir das vossas Impressoras? Ora aqui está uma ideia mesmo bacana...

Upcycle Brushless DC Motors From Printers


If you are at all interested in robotics and electronics you will probably have disassembled an old printer or two (if you haven't, I highly recommend it, there are always interesting parts, and you can learn a lot about how the experts put electro-mechanical machines together). If you have taken a laser printer apart, you will likely have come across brushless DC motors, which range in size.
These motors have some pros and cons, obviously it varies between printers, and the functions of the motors within the printers, but I have found the following to be true most of the time 

Aqui, explica-se como vocẽs podem ter o vosso próprio Cartão de Visitas Digital...
Pois não é que esta gigajoga transfere o vosso Contacto, para o Smartphone de quem vocês conhecem?
Simplesmente... Fantástico! 

Digital Business Card with NFC
NFC is found everywhere these days from credit cards to door locks, but must importantly: your smartphone! With a few simple steps and relatively low costs you can create a digital business card that uses NFC and can be read by a smartphone to transfer contact information. This high-tech solution makes exchanging your contact information not only fast and easy, but also makes you look very cool!
(this Instructable was made for the TfcD course @ TU Delft)

E se têem uma Dremmel, ou uma Maxcraft, etc. podem agora fazer um brilharete, com trabalho de Fresa, o que é sempre mais uma funcionalidade para estas pequenas maravilhas...

Notem o genial uso duma Pré-ferramenta em Cartão, para fazer uma Ferramenta final, em Madeira!
O Génio Inventivo, está vivo, ainda!!! 

Wooden precision mini router base for rotary tool (with cardboard prototype)
I have a Dremel like rotary tool and I wanted a mini router base for it. It can be bought from Dremel or Stewmac e.g.
but I decided to make one. Made an initial research and found some good and nice examples:
I decided to make it 3 legged to increased stability and wanted to try it, so I made a prototype out of cardboard.
Let the fun begin!